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The other dayColumn mentioned by KidaI am Mamiya, the blouson of the Tokyo Universe, who has taken over.

I'm sorry m(_ _)m
An article from the top of the world by all means!Oh, I'm not dissing. .
I think it's quite different from the Japanese culture where people usually do their best to avoid being rude from the bottom up!
So here, with the help of Mr. Blouson, I hope you will enjoy the overseas article column with a little bullish feeling, "Thank you! Efficient work, fulfilling private life... I'm a career woman!" think.

How can you meet potential people if you have no means of transportation?

If you're a new sugar baby and don't have a car, this column will give you ideas for car-free dating.

Should I have someone pick me up by car?
No.Not at all.
He's still a stranger and we need to know more about him.
Do not give out your personal address.Also my work address.Safety comes first, even if it's inconvenient.
Instead, hereI'll give you 7 solutions to dating without a car.

1. Apps
Uber or Lyft. (Taxi dispatch app)
Be sure to download and use these easy-to-use apps.

→ It seems that there are convenient apps such as Uber and LINE taxi in Japan!Download now

2. Public transportation
Familiarize yourself with public transportation routes and times available where you live, such as buses, subways and trains.

→ It can be said that it is the most realistic means in the city center!

3. Requests from friends
Ask a female friend or roommate you can ask to give you a ride.To share with her the rewards she has obtained.

→ I don't think I would openly tell my roommate in Japan that I'm a dad. .

4. Comfortable boots
Travel by bicycle, rollerblades, or skates.
I change my shoes and clothes in the restroom of a coffee shop with a slightly larger bag.
Otherwise, just walk.
If you live in a city with lots of meeting places nearby, you can keep your address hidden.

→I wear sneakers.I think I'll just give up Crocs. .

5. rent a car
Rent a car if Uber is more than reasonable due to distance and traffic.
If you are over the age of 21,EnterpriseIf the location is conveniently located in the city, rent a car.
I will pick you up at your house for free.I rented one the other day and the total cost was $1 plus the gas I filled up before returning the car.

If you live in a city where it's available, join a car-to-go or similar car club before using it.
You can get in and out of your car at different locations and you don't even have to pay for downtown parking.
My city has introduced a startup trial to try out the service, so I think the first use will probably be free.

Should I ask for the cost of going to a place to meet potential people?

But pretend it's an internship or a job interview and he might pay.
You should get in and out by yourself.
Sugar Daddies hear all sorts of stories from successful Sugar Babies.

Even if not having a car is justified, your potential man is willing to allow you to meet without making additional work or logistical arrangements for him. I need to know what to do.
His time is limited and if he organizes a meeting, I want you to be there for him at that time.
There is no excuse for this or that when it comes to cars.

→ Occasionally, there are women who own luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz as a prize for daddy life!However, if you include parking fees in Tokyo, it may not be realistic. .

How is your strategy? !

Let your potential ones know that you have no transportation at the time
(But don't worry about it becoming a firm one) and hint that you can meet more easily.

If he finds the suggested meeting place inconvenient for you, he may offer to arrange an Uber ride for you to another nearby location.
Take the offer gracefully and send him something like an address from somewhere else you can safely get to.
But make sure you have the money and the means to return home properly if the relationship doesn't work out.

Think of it as a wheel that's clever enough to replace heels.Invest in transportation first when you get your first reward.
Don't think about luxury dream cars or anything that fits your style.Your first $1000 reward should be a used car with cash.
Craigslist has some used cars that are in working condition.

Not quite there yet?At least buy an electric scooter for adult commuting like the Laser Ecosmart that helps.
For about $300, you can ride at 18 miles per hour for up to 20 minutes at a time.

If you have a job, you can get something more reliable and less expensive.
Here's a real life example.If you're working, in college or not, and have a regular job, I think you're eligible for a loan.
I looked online for a 2009 Aveo on the dealer's website and found a 50,000 mile, accident free car selling for $5,900.If your credit score is good, you can pay $125 a month.

I'll buy it with a reward from your daddy.
Along with that, don't be afraid to do chores for just a few hours, like carrying restaurant meals or groceries.Pizza chains and food delivery services are everywhere.

Tip: Pretty girls who knock on Daddy's door with food get a sweet tip.Never wear dirty clothes!

How do you captivate sugar daddies overseas? !There are a lot of hints here and things are a bit different from Japan, aren't they? !There are various ways to think about it, but I would like to study in light of this daddy life situation where there is still little information!

For women who often shout "Oh, I'm glad I was born a woman!" !No no.
I want men to understand the thoughts of the women!I would appreciate it if you could continue to see it. (By the way, if you want to date a sexy sugar baby with blond hair, please contact the international department!💋)

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