Dating clubs and dating sites


Nice to meet you, this is Tajima from Universe.
Nice to meet you in this column.
Many staff have written this column, but what Tajima wrote this time is the difference between "dating site and dating club".

The difference between a dating club and a dating system.

In my past career, I was involved in online advertising.As part of my job, I also advertised on dating sites.
What is the crucial difference between a dating club and a dating site here?
that is"Sakura act” is there or not.
It's a simple thing, but is there a living human being?is.
And in the dating club, there is no Sakura at all. (There is nothing about the universe itself.)
in the dating club"Sakura act" itself does not make senseIt is.
Nekama and Sakura pretend to be women on dating sites for fun.
And in some cases, women who are actually doing "beauty bureau" to men they meet.

Tsutsumotase [Beauty Bureau]
A woman who flirts with her husband (or lover) behaves in a way that is consistent with another man, and the husband (or lover) threatens the man and extorts money, etc., as an accusation.

This sentence is quoted from Kojien.

that's right.Dating sites are full of dangerous parts.
In fact, there are many incidents related to dating sites.
How does Universe Club compare to that?

  • It clarifies the identification of women.
  • It's not Sakura because it actually comes to register.
  • Since it is an interview, it is easy to understand human nature from the beginning.
  • There are photos and videos, so it's easy to get an image.
  • Problematic women are being dismissed.

Dating sites hide and hide fears... Dating clubs may be able to wipe them away.

There are two types of dating sites.

Did you know that there are two types of dating sites?

  • Perfect Sakura 100% dating site

Sales are made by men pretending to be women and purchasing points by cutting points.

  • major dating sites

Traders are very confused.Even if there is a real woman, it is a perfect compensated dating purpose.Minors may also be registered, so there is a possibility that the man himself will be arrested for fornication with a minor.
It's much faster to use a dating club where women are already waiting to meet you than to spend money and wait in a place like this dating site where you don't know if you can meet or not.
Certainty, safety and security are evident.

What is a woman who uses dating sites?

To put it bluntly, even if you're looking for an encounter...
The perfect "money" purpose is the majority.
The system site that can not meet is the opposite.
"I have enough money to rot, so I will help you, so please meet me."
There is a crazy woman (actually, a male part-time job pretending to be).
Are you at risk of meeting a woman whose identity you don't know?
If I think about it personally... rather than sticking my feet into the lawless zone of such a dating site...
It is clear that a dating club that can introduce a woman who has a solid identity and has a staff member is safer and more secure.

After graduating from dating...

There was a story like this when I met a male member who used to run a company.
“I met him through a dating site before. When I met him, he looked different from the picture, and his personality was messed up, so I thought, what is this?!
That's a sad result.
I was scared like that, but I want to meet you.
After looking for various things, it seems that he arrived at the Universe Club.
"Why couldn't I find something like this from the beginning!? It's amazing!"
Although I feel frustrated that I should have met a k dating club earlier, I have been able to set up various women.

Because I choose myself, once-in-a-lifetime chance

You choose yourself and seek an encounter under your own responsibility.
This is the same for dating and dating clubs.
But are there risks?Are you deceived?I would like to recommend meeting at a dating club where you have a solid interview rather than meeting a woman who is not familiar with such parts.

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