Date a girl who can't drink (or a date with a daddy who likes to drink)

Is "papa katsu" in America more advanced than in Japan?
This is Kida, who feels like
After all, it is a country with Madonna and Lady Gaga who have been successful as dads.

One of my favorite sites is an overseas site called "Let's Talk Sugar".
Let's talk about sweet sugar (spoiled baby), kind of.
This is a column site of a matching site for dads and babies called Seeking Arrangement.perhaps.

By all means, if it is an article only for date club staff, it will be monotonous, so
In the future, I would like to translate these overseas cases and let you know.
*This site is for women

Hi!Japanese sugar babies are doing their best?

When dating a prospective daddy, girls"You don't understand this kid"You should act cautiously so that your dad doesn't think so (even if it's different from your normal life).
The reason is because I want my dad to think like this
"This kid is trustworthy, smart, and gets along well."
if,"This kid is too young for me."If you think that, the date won't go well.

For that reason, I used to"Slightly stretched sake"tended to challenge

This time, I will talk about the secrets of sake on a date!
Actually, alcohol may not be necessary for a date unexpectedly ...! ?
I want everyone to enjoy dating, so please refer to my experience related to alcohol!


The way she speaks in words that she doesn't usually use, the heavy make-up, the bright red lips and the pointed heels...
This spirit was completely different from the usual me.

In fact, the way you speak and the way you look can be changed somehow if you are conscious of it.
However, there was something I was absolutely not good at.
It's sake!alcohol!

Every time I went on a date with my sugar daddy, I had a hard time ordering drinks. . . .
I really want juice, not wine!
I thought in my heart.
even if you say soThe combination of dating and alcohol is the royal roadIs not it?
In particular, men tend to ask for wine, as it will make the place even more exciting.
Because of that, I've ordered countless wines on dates with Sugar daddy.
But unfortunately it was difficult to get used to wine (T_T)
I don't know how to pronounce it, and it's all about wine with names that are hard to pronounce.
No matter how much I was told to recommend wine, I never felt it was delicious.
I want to drink cold Sprite right now!
I thought in my heart.

One day, I had a meal with Sugar daddy whom I met for the first time.
The dry red wine made me feel like a novice dater.
While I'm drinking red wine, which I don't particularly like, little by little,
Dad gulped it down like water.
After all, I can't stand that red wine because I'm not strong in alcohol.
And finally, even though I feel bad for Sugar daddy
I took the plunge and ordered a sprite.
Of course, I thought that this person would never ask me out on a second date because I had done such a rude thing.
But contrary to my expectations, he laughed.

It's funny because there aren't many girls who order sprites on dates!
And on the contrary, it's triggered to be interested in me!

Another day, I made an appointment to meet Sugar daddy for the first time at a bar.
Thinking about it now,
I can only drink Smirnoff because I think it's delicious
It is wierd, is not it….

The date partner is in his early XNUMXs who works in Tokyo,
Ride a foreign car and definitely go drinking on Saturday night!the type
A man who looked much younger than his actual age.
The talk was interesting and the conversation was lively and it was a very good feeling...
He isThe loser should drink tequila!As soon as I started the game with,
Things got worst.
I lost the game, was full of tequila, dizzy and almost too drunk to sit down.
It seems that he was attracted to me, and I haven't heard from him since that night...

From these two experiences I can say that
It's important for girls to know something about the Sugary daddy they are going to meet!
Among them, there may be his way of spending and hobbies that I think I may not be able to keep up with for myself.

Certainly, many relationships with sugary daddies are not for marriage.
But at least the girl is someone who spends a lot of time with him,
The day may come when I will show up at a trip or a drinking party at work.
Precisely because such a relationship might arise, Sugar daddy
If you can understand a little bit about girls' likes and dislikes
I'm happy.

Another thing I learned.
That is,
In my long life, there are people who think that this person is definitely not a match for me, and most of the time it doesn't work out.
You don't have to force yourself to match that person!

On future dates, I'm sure you'll meet people who know more about wine, people who drink and compare different types of whiskey, and people who only order water.
At such times,
After all, you can ask for what you want to order!
That's my advice.But the feeling of trying new things is important!
For example, if a man asks for a bottle of wine,It feels like ordering not only a glass but also a sprite.

put away the shame,
"I'm a child who doesn't stick to standard dates, unlike other girls!"
Let's put forward the attitude of
Sugar daddy, go on dates with lots of girls, respect their tastes, and find a girl who suits you!
There may be some children like me who think, "I'm not good at drinking, so it's more fun to be sober."

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How was that?

There is no big difference between overseas and Japan 
Did you understand that?
In any country, the world of men and women is mysterious and fun.
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