Life is written in moving history [Health [Nakano edition]]


My name is "Masaya☆彡" and I am in charge of writing this column.

I'm just a boy (laughs), but I'd appreciate it if you could read (or call) "Mayori" as "Ai".

The direct reason why I made the big decision to take on the heavy responsibility of writing this column was the first match I made after joining the Universe Club.I did, but (the other party politely declined to keep in touch with me after that), because he is a big fan of this column, and I hope I can get revenge someday (laughs).

If you're reading this column, I'm sure you've noticed, so if you don't mind, please give me another chance, Mr. K (laughs).

I'm nowhere near as good as the veteran seniors who write this column, but I'll do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible for you to read, so I hope you'll watch over me warmly.

XNUMX.The night before joining the Universe Club

First of all, I would like to tell you several times on the eve of joining the Universe Club until you join the Universe Club.

At that time, the economy was somewhat good as an office worker. Before the Lehman Shock, I was earnestly (!) trained in cabaret and clubs in Nagoya Nishiki and Tokyo Roppongi, and in Tokyo Gotanda. After resetting everything, I lived modestly for a long time as a lowly office worker.

If I have another chance, I would like to talk about these days.

I had the option to quietly face the end of my life, but about two years ago, I made up my mind to start a business. I am a young person who is far behind the seniors who are writing this column, so I would appreciate it if you could study various things again.

The business somehow got on track, and last summer, I was given the opportunity to watch the much-talked-about movie "Million Ki Family".

In this movie, an actress named "Matsuo Mayu" will appear as a prostitute.

Masai was once again a fan of the movie "Chi*yafuru" series in which she also appeared, but Mayu's sex worker in this "XNUMX family" is already the best! (smile)
(If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look when you get the chance.)

I haven't heard from Masai's son for more than XNUMX years (laughs).

Reluctantly (!), in order to appease her unworthy son, she sets out on a training trip after a long absence.

XNUMX.Health [Nakano edition]

As you know, Health is a sex shop with no real acts.

Masaya's unworthy son is literally not very useful (laughs), so it will be just the right business format.

By the way, I'm not good at soap, and I've tried many times this time, but so far I'm still in a state of dislike.

Even in that health, the contents of the service are slightly different depending on the store, and as a result of the search after search, this time I chose a store with Nakano's raw **** and mouth **** shot as standard.

Another important factor is that there is no cost to bring in costumes for the perverted Mai.

The trade-off in service is fingering, and at this affiliated store, fingering is prohibited (apart from the actual situation).

You can do it with your fingers, but there are shops where you can't do it or you can't do it as an option.

This shop was a maid concept shop, but at that time, Mai was a maid,

Outside of the defensive range (I'll cover the defensive range later, but let's talk about that again (laughs)), I spent a considerable amount of money each time bringing in uniform-type costumes.

I'm very sorry to talk about personal tastes, but Masai, who is a lolicon, wears school uniforms and underwear in Lolita style in her Strike Zone.

This cosplay is now indispensable, an important means of action.

In order to keep my mind calm, I would like to recruit like-minded people in the comments section (laughs).
(Although there may be few comrades among the readers of this column...)

In order to study at this shop, I trained under the concept of "not being in the same child as much as possible", acquired a special card called "regular customer card" in a month, and went out from this shop (because it is a maid shop, I go out ( Lol)) and will be "transferred" to an affiliated store in Yokohama.
(Affiliated stores are a school concept, so it will be a "transfer")

The regular card is an item that has nothing to do with "transfer", but the acquisition of the regular card was just the right timing for "transfer".

Roughly speaking, the cost of acquiring regulars is roughly XNUMX yen per set x XNUMX sets, so the standard price is about XNUMX yen. Just a little, I think the total cost, including the cost of transportation, was probably around XNUMX yen during this period.

I think there were about XNUMX or XNUMX girls who took care of me.

In addition, Y-chan, who was finally nominated (nominated twice or more) at this store, which was premised on not entering the same child twice, is scheduled to appear at another theme.

I would like to tell you about the detailed events at this shop if I have the opportunity to tell you again.


Since this is my first column, I think there were many points that I could not reach, but thank you very much for reading this far.

From now on, there will be incidents with the girls I met at the health club, and incidents that the police will take care of! (Laughs) I hope that the content of this column will reach you someday (lol) until you join the Universe Club.


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