About "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association" ④

This series has nothing to do with the dating club.Especially this time it's just a guess, so I'm sorry if there are people who are offended.
I apologize in advance.

I'm wondering if I can write a column for this series in the future, but this time, the "clitoris vibrator C-king" I received from Mr. Mac will be active, so I made it a column as well as a report on it.excuse me.

"Japan Hole-filling Stick Association" Synopsis so far

*For details, please refer to the column "About the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association ①②③"

When I had a relationship with Aya-chan (pseudonym) who had a boyfriend at the time, I expected to be lovey-dovey.

but herThank you!”look at the reaction"Yeah, I'm just a 'fill-in-the-blank' stick. I'm no longer human. Just a stick, a 'fill-in-the-blank' stick."and recognize.

And we should never connect by feeling, we just fill the holes, we gathered such "hole-filling sticks" and established the "Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association". (*This is just an illusion)

Create XNUMX rules.

One, don't ask anything from the other person.
Second, always wear a condom.
Three things to never take seriously

For a while, he accepted her as a "fill-in-the-blank stick", but after being attacked by her, he really fell in love with her.

As a result, I broke all the above three articles by myself.
Naturally, the Japan Fill-in-the-blank Association was forced to withdraw.

On top of that, in the end, I was frustrated by her, who didn't want anything more than a "fill-in-the-hole" in the first place.

After that, she reunited with her ex-boyfriend.And she and I go back to being normal drinking buddies.

However, after a while, she suddenly asks "I want to have sex".

Of course I will respond to that, but I have regrets from the last time.
Even after receiving a fierce offensive from her again, this time I will protect the XNUMX articles of the "Japan Fill-in-the-blank Association".

And you will be able to rejoin the association without any problems.
However, as the last member.

On the other hand, she broke up with her messy boyfriend and decided to go out with a new boyfriend.

After that, I can't have sex again and I return to nature and just drinking friends.And after a while she receives a marriage report from her with her new boyfriend.

In the previous column, I invite you to dinner as a wedding gift and a housewarming gift.

I thought it was just a celebration date with nothing happening, but at the after party karaoke, I gave in to her temptation and ended up hugging and kissing her.However, the last train time is approaching and the end is to go home as it is.

After that, the opportunity for revenge never came, and she got married and moved to the countryside.

This time is the continuation.

My Husband's Past Cheating Is Discovered!about the way it broke

We kept in touch even after she moved.This steady follow-up is more important than anything else.

she is remarried.Last time she found out that her husband was cheating on her, she cheated on herself and her marriage broke down.Although she divorced herself in order to marry her cheating partner, in the end, the cheating partner could not get a divorce and ended up requesting alimony from the man personally.

In other words, both she and her ex-husband had cheated on each other, so she seems always worried about whether or not her husband (by the way, her husband is the first to marry) will cheat.

It is also my role to listen to such anxieties and complaints.However, I basically never agree badly with that husband.

This is because it is useless to say to her, who is newly married, that she is going to do it from now on, "That kind of husband is the worst!"I listen to the story and listen to it, but my stance is "so good (^ _ ^;)".If anything, it's a stance to stop her runaway and protect her husband (laughs)

However, her husband's response is also bad, and eventually her anxiety builds up and she begins to run out of control.She then begins investigating whether her husband is cheating on her.

Some of these methods are:

・ Open the mobile phone with fingerprint authentication without permission while the husband is sleeping
・Check all the talks with women on the line, and take screen notes or photos for suspicious content
・If past chats have been deleted, restore the past chat history from the backup file and check it.

Time is passing.Now is the time to do something like this.Men, please be careful.
And my husband's past is being uncovered more and more (laughs)

・The ex-girlfriend is a woman in the company, and the cheating partner who was dating the ex-girlfriend is also a woman in the company
・In addition, before marrying her, it was discovered that he had an affair with an older woman in the company while dating.

In other words, the husband had relationships with two women in the same workplace before dating her, and cheated on an older woman in the same workplace while dating her.
In other words, it means that he had his hands on three women in the same workplace.You were hiding it.

She burst into flames and slammed her husband hard.Although they managed to reconcile because it was an event before their marriage, it seems that she had her husband write her pledge in handwriting and stick it on the toilet.
She sent me a picture of the pledge, and the contents were quite good.

I used to write a lot too. .oath (laughs)
No, it's not a pledge to cheat.

As I wrote in a previous column, in the past my wife thrust a kitchen knife into my neck and threatened me, saying, "If you cheat, you're not the only one. I'll kill your whole family." You can never do anything.

Come to think of it, I was forced to read aloud the contents of the oath I wrote ten times before I went to sleep. .It made me feel nostalgic (^_^;)

So I completely sympathize with my husband.I'm in a position to follow my husband behind the scenes.

Even when she says, "I'm going to cheat on you, too!"

On the other hand, it was "fortune-telling" that was difficult.
I can't stop a lot of fortune-telling requests from her (laughs)

Why did my husband marry me?
Which do you prefer, my husband's ex-girlfriend or me?
etc ...

Fortune-telling before the start of work early in the morning, fortune-telling until late after work.Days to be chased by fortune-telling continue.
I feel like my fortune-telling skills have improved a lot thanks to her.

Until now, I could meet her and listen to her complaints while drinking, but now she lives in a rural area, and her family in Tokyo is telling me not to come back because of the coronavirus.

And it seems that locals are more sensitive to corona.
In rural areas, there seems to be a stronger sense of crisis than in Tokyo, including rumors that "if you get infected with coronavirus, you will be in trouble."

I also tried to go to see her in the region several times, but she refused.
And I didn't have a chance to meet because I didn't have any business in that direction, but suddenly the opportunity came.

I suddenly got a long-distance job.
It's honestly a tough job.Also, there is Corona, so her wife says, "Come by car."
If you put it in the navigation, it will take XNUMX hours by car even at high speed! ?To be honest, it's quite troublesome, and above all, it's tough. .

However, I soon realize that there is something there.
"Huh? Her home is on the road."

"Oops! Let's go by car!"

I immediately decide to turn around and go by car (laughs)

Battle until we meet ①

As soon as I tell her about it"Okay, but please tell me a lot on the spot."That's what I'm talking about.I was able to get an appointment smoothly this time.

That's where I think.

It's not just meeting and fortune-telling. .
Is it possible to continue the last offensive and defensive battle?and.

but to her myself"Don't cheat" "Let's forgive my husband's past cheating"In front of saying, straight approach.in short,

"Let's meet and have sex"

It is difficult to say.But to be honest, I want to meet and have sex.

Is there any way?It reminds me of the result of thinking about it.

"She likes electric massage".

And that I have the "clitoris vibe C-king" that I received from Mr. Mac!

Is there any way I can make good use of this?
And even now that she's married, she's doing electric massages at home in her spare time.

As soon as I tried to promote the product "Clitoris Vibe C-king" to her, she seems to be interested.

Let's take the next step.

"Then let's try it on the spot."When.

Then the meeting place will inevitably be a love hotel.
And there can be erotic developments from there.

You've thought about it, haven't you? (smile)


She said, “No, no.

cold reply.

I tried to hold back a little, push and pull, and asked about the situation to the extent that I didn't spoil the mood, but in the end the conclusion was,

"Take it home and try it"

was.I'm sorry. . .

Even if you insist on it more, it seems that you will hate it.
I also apologized for being persistent and surrendered.
I will give up.

In the end, I had tea at a place she specified, handed me the "Clitoris Vibe C-king", and just had a fortune telling.Tohoho. .

"Clitoris Vibe C-king" just left my hand.Too bad.
Depressed, I run into the foolishness of ordering "Womanizer w500" from Amazon (laughs).

As an aside, these adult goods cannot be stored at home.I don't have any space for me at home.
If you take it home, you will find out XNUMX%, and if you find out, you will be killed.

You can't hide it from your company or your car.
I work in the financial sector, and people from the head office regularly come for unannounced inspections and check every corner of the company's desks, one page at a time.
Every corner of the car is inspected, from the trunk to the under-luggage compartment.
If adult goods are found there, they must be reported to the head office as "invincible items" and listed in the meeting materials, and they must express their remorse at the meeting.It's hell (laughs).
A person whose erotic DVD was found in his desk in the past was exposed at a meeting.

Where do you hide it?

It's in a golf bag in the trunk.
I don't really check the bottom of the bag.That's all there is to hide.Or rather, my private space is the bottom of my golf bag.That's all.

Well, that's fine, but the problem is when I go golfing.It is necessary to take out the adult goods from the golf bag in advance at the convenience store parking lot.

If you forget that work and arrive in front of the clubhouse of the golf course as it is, it is the worst.The person in charge opens the trunk and takes the golf bag without permission.

Even if you stop the person in charge, it's too embarrassing to take out adult goods in front of the person in charge.I have no choice but to give up.

I forgot to take it out when I was entertaining a customer once, so I ended up playing a round with a golf bag with adult goods in it.Perhaps the caddy might have found out (laughs)

Well, let's get back to you.

I received the "clitoris vibrator C-king" from Mr. Mac, but I just gave it to her without using it.It's unfortunate and pathetic, and I'm too sorry for Mac.

And I start typing an apology sentence to Mr. Mac.

"Mr. Mac, I really don't want to apply.I received the clitoris vibrator C-king, but I ended up giving it as a gift to a woman without actually using it.I am very sorry for the disappointing result. 』

Yes, I sent a text to Mr. Mack.

I stopped the hand I was thinking of trying.

Someone in my head is telling me:

"Are you stupid to think about losing before you even go!"
(Quote: Antonio Inoki XNUMX Tokyo Dome Waiting Room)

I don't know until the game is over.
Isn't it okay to report after the match is over?

I deleted the sentence I made for Mr. Mac.
It wouldn't be too late to apologize after stepping down from the ring.

Battle until we meet ②

I have already almost given up on naughty developments.

But, but...!

It is possible that she will change her mind by the end of the day.

Until now, I've been saying, "Let's forgive my husband," but from now on, I hope in my heart that I'll have a single chance to say, "Anyway, get into a fight with your husband! Get into trouble!" )

However, it seems that such a convenient coincidence does not occur (^ _ ^;)

After a while, she contacted me about where to meet.

I live in the countryside, so I'm afraid someone will see me.

I looked for karaoke shops and coffee shops, but they weren't in good places.

Meeting outside in the park is also seen by people, and it's cold.

As a result, the place designated by her was

"Love Hotel"

good! !

but she"Because I never do anything"I will remind you.

It's okay, okay, I know.

However, there is certainly a ray of hope, though it may be thin, but there is certainly a ray of hope.

brain strategy meeting

On that day, for some reason, my eyes cooled down perfectly at XNUMX o'clock.
Your body is ready for battle.

With that momentum, we left home more than an hour earlier than planned.

I'm a man who is "perfectly prepared" for work and anything.

do nothing.Despite being strongly reminded, we will prepare a thorough system in case something happens.

The charge of "clitoris vibe C-king" is full.
My body hair treatment is also perfect.

Then, we will refine the strategy and conduct a simulation.

・Let's praise her first.I will praise you anyway
・And check her clothes and make-up.If you get fired up, I'll definitely praise you
・And let's take a bath just in case
-Keep a condom in your wallet just in case

Next, organize the development chart so that you can compete against any development.
This is the reason why it is called "flag maker".

I made some rough strategies and deployment predictions.

① It's been a long time since we met, and after all, she's really beautiful.I can't hold back my feelings.What do you do with this feeling?strategy
→ In other words, there is a cause for her who made you feel like this, and the development that demands her responsibility

(XNUMX) Strategy to get her interested by advertising the clitoris vibe C-king again in front of her, and to have her try it on the spot
→ As a result, the effect of the clitoris vibrator made her feel like that and led to the next development (requesting the clitoris vibrator)

③ Fortune-telling the possibility of cheating on the husband, and if a bad result comes out, a strategy to take advantage of it
→In other words, if the result is "My husband is going to have an affair," then wouldn't it be okay for you to have an affair as well?And an extremely guessy development that takes advantage of it

④ Strategy to bring in erotic development from massage
→ Give her a massage to heal her tiredness, and then bring it in an erotic direction.

etc ...

Anticipate various developments, simulate and be fully armed so that you can respond to any development.If you have this many weapons, any of them will be effective.And you will be able to shoot back no matter what happens.

While thinking about such things, I arrived at the designated love hotel.
Nearly two hours ahead of schedule (laughs)

Offensive and defensive battle at a love hotel

Arriving early, I took a shower by myself in case something like that happened from the beginning.Also brush your teeth.

And organize and prepare the table so that it is easy to fortune-telling.
Check where the condom is located.And gently put it on the side of the bed.

And confirm the operation of "clitoris vibe C-king".
No problem.

Be prepared.

Since I have extra time, I take a nap and try to recover my physical strength while waiting for her.I got up too early and got tired, so I fell asleep.

clatter! !

that?Aren't you ahead of schedule?

With my eyes cold in a panic, I get up.

Then she came into the love hotel room earlier than planned.

I rub my eyes and look at her.

good! !

Compliment her immediately.This is the forward swing (flag) of strategy ① above.

Then sit side by side on the sofa.

Are you going to put your luggage between me and keep a distance?

This will be the first turning point.

She put her bag aside and sat down next to me.

good! !

The first barrier is clear.

First of all, it's been a long time since we've met, so the conversation naturally flows.

She seems to want a fortune-telling as soon as possible, so I immediately enter the fortune-telling.By the way, I'm still going to be a fortune telling while holding a reference book in one hand.

I will do some fortune telling according to her order, but it will take quite a while because I am still studying.
If you can't remember the card, you need to open the reference book and check it by saying, "Wait a minute."

When I look at the reference book, she sticks her body to me, brings her face closer and peers into the reference book.

good! !

Good progress so far.

and she"Fortune telling whether my husband will have an affair from now on"I will say.

good! !

This is also expected.
I'll guess right away.While praying for bad results (laughs)

However, the result is that her husband is madly in love with her, and although she has a desire to have an affair, she will not cheat.

Bad! ! (crying)

As a result, the above route ③ was blocked.
Don't lie to the result of fortune-telling.Tell her her result as it is.In the first place, although I have some ulterior motives, my motto is to fight fair and square on the "royal road".

When the fortune-telling has settled down, I offer the above ④ massage, but this is obvious.

She said, “I’m not tired.and immediately dismissed.

Bad! !

As a result, the route of Joki ④ was blocked.
But next time is finally the big favorite.
It's time to try route XNUMX.

I could hand it over to her as it is, but I deliberately pick up the "clitoris vibrator C-king" and see how it works in front of me, emphasizing just how amazing this tool is.After that,

I said, "Why don't you try it now?"


But her answer is a clear NO!

She said, “No, no, no.

Bad! ! (crying)

As a result, the above route ② was also blocked.
Only route XNUMX remains.

After praising her, what should I do with this feeling?asks her.

She said, “Thank you.

Bad! !

The above ① route was also blocked easily.

I was fully prepared, anticipating various developments and fully armed, but in no time the number of bullets was zero (laughs)

After that, you will be driven into a situation where you have no choice but to collide naked.

A revolving lantern that is said to be seen when a person dies.It is said that it is to search for solutions from past memories.

Is there any way?Is there no way to beat it?is there any solution?
I come up with a strategy.
It's a strategy of pushing through small requests after being refused a big request.

It is similar to the feeling that Tanjiro Kamado, the main character of Kimetsu no Yaiba, unleashes "Hinokami Kagura" from the dying somato.
Is that too much? (laughs)

First of all, please ask for a straight ball that is not a good source.in short,

I "Please! Let me have sex!"

I asked.

Somehow, in the end, it becomes a constant collision practice (laughs)

She said, "If you say that, I will never contact you again and never see you again! I told you not to cheat!"

I would like to make a small request.

Me: "Well... just a little bit. Just a little bit is fine! Try this clitoris vibrator. Please, please!"

Although she was in a bad mood,

She said, "Hmm. If you promise not to come near me..."

I swear, I swear!

···good! !

A piece of neck skin was connected.

She seems to have slipped into the futon and turned on the switch of "clitoris vibe C-king".

After that, this "clitoris vibe C-king" will finish her on its own.This match is already won.

...But after a while, I can't hear a single gasp.that's strange.

I said, "What? How does it feel?"

She said, "Well, it's not bad, but maybe it's because I'm not used to it? That's about it for now. It might be okay once I get used to it."

Bad! !

What the hell! ! ? ?

No no no.wait wait wait .

Finally the thread of all possibilities has been cut.

It's blocked in all directions.

Should I finally give up?

No, don't give up yet.I stealthily approach her and grope for possible threads.

I said, "That can't be true (laughs). I'll check the position properly, so lend it to me."

She said, “Absolutely not.


yes. .What should I do? .

I opened the drawer of the shelf next to the bed.

Then, there is a shining "thing"!

It was "Electric Ma" (laughs)

Anyway, if there is a possibility, let's do everything we can.

Me: “By the way, I found an electric massage machine, but I’m used to it, so why not try this one?”

She: “Eh, do you have an electric massage machine!?

After all, at the end, I asked for "Electric Massager".

She said, "Ah~ I'd rather have the one I'm used to."

I said, "It was good to have an electric massage machine (laughs)."

After a while,

She said, "Fu~. Take a break.."

She turns off the electric machine.

In that chance, I lie down next to her and pick up the "clitoris vibrator C-king".

Now, what are we going to do?

I said, "Can I try this?"

She said, "No, no. I'm persistent (angry)."

she stubbornly refuses.

A topic about "sex toys" that sometimes appears in the Universe Club question box.
There, the general view is that ``the use of toys is premised on the woman's permission.''

Is there no other way to beat it?

Then someone in my head says to me:

"You're asking for too many permissions. Why do you need to ask for permission? You don't have to ask for permission. Just go with the atmosphere." (Mr. A, a male friend of mine)

That's it.This is not a dating club.
This was not the place for such an elegant battle.

Rather, it is a field battle in a swamp, a battle between foot soldiers.
What I need on this battlefield is "courage to take the first step" (quoted by New Japan Pro-Wrestling Tetsuya Naito).

I summoned up my courage and quietly crawled into the futon.

And without permission, "clitoris vibrator C-king" is applied to her over there.

She said, "What are you doing (angry)! That's why you're saying no!"

Me: "Sorry, sorry, sorry! Just a minute!"

I can't pretend to be cool anymore.

I'm crazy about applying the clitoris vibrator to her over there, but it's more effective than I expected, or maybe I was expecting too much from the clitoris vibrator.

I am using an adult toy for the first time in my life.

"If you apply a clitoris vibe, everything can be solved"

That's what I thought, but isn't it effective enough to break a woman's reason? Did you watch too much AV and Mac's column? (smile)

After a while, I gave up and poked my head out of the futon.

In the end, the only thing we can rely on is "myself".
Let's challenge the game with naked consistency from here.

Switch to hand man immediately.

As an aside, I was in a band when I was a student and was a bassist.Finger-picking is more important than pick-picking.

I'm confident that I'm not bad at hand man.
Well, I don't have a lot of confidence (laughs).

For the first time, I realized that the clitoris vibrator and electric massage machine were not wasted.

Her pussy is soaking wet.

good! !

Thank you, Mac!

I continue the guessy negotiations while doing fingering.

I said, "Please! I can't stand it, so please!"

She said, "No, no! I've decided not to have an affair!"

I said, "Please do something about it! This is not cheating. This is not cheating!"

She said, "No, it's cheating (laughs) What are you talking about!?"

Me: "Just a little! Just a little! Please!"

She said, "If you do any more, I won't contact you or see you! I'll block your line! What are you going to do?!"

I "Uh..."

...Finally, my fingers suddenly stop moving.

She: "Oh yeah... stop moving your fingers. From there, right? Remove your fingers slowly? Right? Calm down?... Return to your usual calm self? Right?"

Me: "...I don't want my line blocked. And I definitely don't want to see you again. (crying)"


I ``...but!''

I "... I want to have sex!!!"

I start moving my fingers again.

She said, "Why is that so~~~!!!!"

I'm like a fucking spoiled child.

I said, "Just put it in for a moment! I'm satisfied!"

She said, “No, no!

Such an unsightly vulgar offense and defense continues for a while.

At that time!I didn't miss the momentary wavering in her feelings at last.

She said, ``If you just put a little more... No, no, no, no, no!

I was unconscious from here.Perhaps I was in the "zone" (laughs)

The position of the condom has been confirmed.Or rather, I'm casually moving to a place where I can get it right next to the bed.Don't miss it.

I quickly take the condom and put it on there and try to put it in as it is,

I can't enter for some reason.

The important part of me is withering (laughs)


What am I doing in an important situation!Isn't it deflated! (smile)

I can't put it in.

She said, "That's why! No way! Give up!"

I said, "It's okay! Wait XNUMX seconds, XNUMX seconds!"

No, no, even though the other party is saying it's no good in the first place, it's no longer meaningless to say, "It's okay. Just wait XNUMX seconds."

I managed to revive it within XNUMX seconds, and I went ahead with it.

And the act ends in a dream.

Come to think of it, clothed sex was my first experience in my life.

During the act, she said, "You'll get lipstick on your clothes!"

Well, sage time is coming to me.
When I calmed down and thought about it, what was the right thing to say after something like this?

If you're not good at it, you're likely to step on a landmine.

Perhaps the wrong answer that should not be done is "apology".probably.

I'm embarrassed to say what I said, so I'll omit it.I'm sorry (^_^;)

She didn't get angry or cry, she was more normal than I thought.

She said, “This is a no-count.

Me: "Yes. I understand. Thank you (crying)."

After that, at her request, I return to fortune-telling until it's time to say goodbye.

And finally it was time to say goodbye.

She said, “Thank you so much for being so far away today!”

She: "But... isn't that? If you can't have sex with me in the future, why don't you go out of your way to see me?"

Me: "For me, it's not that you can or can't have sex, but that you're an 'important person' in the first place! I'll come again (^^)"

She said, "Thank you."

Brain reflection meeting after parting

Then she leaves the love hotel and goes home.

I will continue to work far away.

I get in my car and light a cigarette to calm myself down.

Did you manage to achieve your goal?

I think I can somehow report my thanks to Mac.

Even so, I didn't expect it to be such a mud match. .

Even though we went into the match with all possible preparations, it ended up being a mud match.

Well, I managed to win, so it's good.

No... wait.

I calmed down and thought about it.

In the first place, she said "I don't do sex", but she specified a love hotel...

And I chose a love hotel with an electric massage machine... she

Even though she said "I don't like it", she reluctantly tried the clitoris vibrator on the spot...

When I found an electric massage machine, I began to rejoice... she

"I managed to win the mud match"

I thought so, but maybe this mud match itself is "her production"...!? ?

Could it be that I was playing a mud match in the palm of her hand!? ?

Let's assume it is.

A little while ago, she warned me, "I will never have sex in the future."Under those conditions, we will meet again in the future.

However, somewhere in my heart, I got this result this time, so next time I will be able to have sex more easily.
From the next time onwards, ``harvesting the fruit that has turned into a tree'' will be enough.

I thought so.

However, if this is an event in the palm of her hand, the next time onwards will be the same, no, even more mud matches will be required.

In other words, the next time is also a mud-fighting gong from the point of "absolutely not having sex!"


"I won't have sex from now on", is that a flag? ?

I've been thinking so.

Will I have to plow the soil, plant the seeds, water the soil, and start building the soil from scratch?
In order to "harvest the fruit", I need to make more effort and a muddy match than this time! ?

In life, you can't get results by having fun.

There has to be some kind of compensation.Is it a ``pride-thrown-out naked consistent mud match'' or a ``allowance''?

I feel that "allowance" is overwhelmingly smarter (laughs)

Thanks again to the Universe Club.

Whew~. . .

Tiredness is coming.
It's a XNUMX hour long drive.

"In the palm of her hand"

I wonder if this was good?

Well, precisely because it was 'on her palm', this time I was able to fulfill the role of 'filling rod' properly.

Is it okay to think so?

Stick God?

I look up at the sky

(That's right)

Thank you (crying) Stick God!

But what kind of method should I use next to bring it to erotic development?

I no longer have the "clitoris vibe C-king" in my hands.

Besides, from next time onwards, the superficial strategy that I thought of this time won't work.

What happened to the first move next time? .

I stop thinking for a moment and check my smartphone.

It seems that some mail has arrived.

It's an email from amazon.

"The product you ordered is now available for pickup at ○○."

『Womanizer W500』

My special weapon...has arrived (lol)

(That's right)

Continued next time. (perhaps)

* I think it's uncomfortable for me to be like this, but I'm running a "Papa Life Concerns Counseling Room".If you have any concerns or would like to talk about dad life, please feel free to apply below.You can also fortune your troubles with tarot fortune telling.

【Application method】
・Please send an e-mail containing the contents of ① to ⑥ to the following e-mail address.


①Universe club membership number and club name
② Number of offers so far
(XNUMX) Overview of consultation content
④ Desired consultation method (non-face-to-face or face-to-face)
⑤In the case of face-to-face consultation, whether or not a female member wishes to be present
⑥ Do you wish to have a tarot reading?

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