About the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association (XNUMX)

As for my experience outside of the Universe Club,Because I felt that there is a part that leads to club activities,I made it into a column.

Rarely, even in the question box, I fell in love with you.

You can see nuanced questions and consultations.

No matter what kind of encounter, if you have sex and become friends,Isn't there something that you can't help but feel?

I'm still young, and human to human,It's a relationship between a man and a woman, so I think there are things like that.

I actually have such experience in the past.

I may have such an experience when I meet at the club in the future.I don't.

However, nothing good comes from being serious.

You will only hurt yourself and others.

It also breaks relationships.

In order not to fall in love seriously, I alwaysI have something to say to myself.

That is,

I am never my destiny,I'm just a fill-in-the-blank agent who just fills the holes that women are short of, such as money.

no, not even human anymore


"Hollow stick"

That's what it is.

One night with Aya

Aya-chan (pseudonym) had a boyfriend at the time,He was just a junior drinking buddy.

You can talk about dirty jokes, love and dating history with each other,It's just a friend relationship that doesn't care.

I have no intention of doing this,I thought of her as just a precious girlfriend.

Besides, I was talking normally about my bad relationships with women,I never wanted to develop a relationship with her.

Until that night...

...once,An incident occurred in which I was dumped by two women in quick succession.

I called her urgently to hear the story,I asked for comfort, or rather, to insult me.

Rather than being strangely comforted

"It's your fault for trying to play in the first place."

"It's natural to be frustrated"

"He's the worst kind of person"

I want to feel refreshed by being abused.

That's how I felt.

I may be a de M in a sense (lol)

The only one who can ask for that is Aya-chan, who knows everything.

While I was insulted,She seems to have had a lot of things,She said she didn't get along very well with her boyfriend.

Actually, I'm looking for new encounters with apps, etc.It is said that she even kissed the man she met last time.

"If it's just a kiss, I don't feel that resistance."

to her

"You can't kiss someone like that."

“Even though you have a boyfriend, you are such a cruel woman!”

And I also cursed.

By cursing each other, each other feels refreshed,The two of us went to karaoke together.

I was singing a broken heart song, and suddenly, at that time,A bad thing crossed my mind.

(If you're going to kiss a guy you met on the app,I can kiss Aya-chan too.)


However, since I had never given such a sign until now,I don't have the courage.

After calming down with a restroom break, I prepared myself,When I got back to my room, I mustered up the courage to approach Aya-chan and try to kiss her softly... but,

Of course, the result is a crushing victory (laughs)

guarded with both hands

"What are you doing? (angry)"

It is said, and it is further abused.

However, I am ready to make excuses.

"No, no. It's just a test. Not everyone kisses."It's Erai. ”


He's a really bad-tempered man.

So that I won't get hurt no matter where I fall,It's not good to kiss anyone."In other words, I was raising a flag.

On that day, enjoy karaoke as it is,As it was, it was dismissed normally without anything.

The night I recognized it as a "fill-in-the-hole"

About a week later.

On the contrary, I suddenly got a call from Aya-chan.

I had a lot of work andI was a little nervous about the last time, so I said, "About two hours after the late hour,If you don't mind singing karaoke, I'll spare some time and listen to what you have to say."I accepted with a careless reply (I'm a really terrible man).

While singing my favorite song at karaoke,The episode where I had a dispute with my boyfriend was "Unun terrible."I remember hearing it with an uninterested reply.

Then suddenly

"...can I have it?"

"Yeah? I didn't hear you. What?"

"... can you give me a hug and a kiss?"


"I'm kind of lonely. I can only ask seniors to do this..You pull.It's great. ”

I was surprised.Rapid development.

"I should be fine."

I agreed with two replies.

Somehow, I thought it was pitiful to have a boyfriend,Put down the mic and approach, from a gentle hug,After being teased,I kissed her softly for a long time.

"I've never been so kind to my boyfriend before."

As I said, I felt really pitiful and pitiful,I wanted to be kinder to you.

Finally, we went straight to the hotel,I had a gentle sex with a lot of affection.

The compatibility was better than I thought,Aya-chan was really erotic after all.

そ し て,I fell in love with her because I thought she was cute after having sexHm.

After the act, I expected to feel lovey-dovey, but...

She lit a cigarette and puffed

"No~, good! It's refreshing~!"

"It's been a long time since I've had such polite and gentle sex!"

"Thank you!!"

Far from the lovey-dovey I expected,It turns out to be very refreshing (laughs)

That's when I realized.

(Oh, I'm just kind and safe and well paid,Fill your body with lonely feelings,I'm just a convenient hole-filler. )

(No, I'm no longer human.)

(I'm just a hole-filling stick.)

(It's just a "fill-in-the-hole" lol)


About the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association

"Hollow stick"The delusion spread because I liked the word quite a bit.

Are there other people in the world who are in the same situation as me?

Have sex, but never feel connected, the pathetic "Hole-filling sticks.

You can share information with such "fill-in-the-blank sticks" and encourage each other.Wouldn't it be nice to have such an association?

If such an association exists,Isn't there a certain need from women too?

I wonder if the name is "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association".

Here's how to make a convention:

One, don't ask anything from the other person.

Second, always wear a condom.

Three things to never take seriously

I promised myself that I would continue to follow these three articles in my activities.

The night when I was forced to withdraw from the "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association"

After that, I will meet Aya-chan regularly and naturally have sex with her.I became

Her naughty side becomes more and more obvious.

"I like electric massage machines"

"Do M"

"I'm good at the open leg cowgirl position"

But she also has a boyfriend, so I'm just a "filler stick"I calmly told him that it was.

However, after the first act, it changes completely.

Her demands have escalated.

"Call me by your first name♡"

"While saying I love you♡"

"Tighten your neck♡"

etc ...

each time

(No, no, no)

(I'm just a "hole-filler")

(Don't break the rules)

I was trying not to get serious by telling myself that...

The ultimate no-no

“Let me live (take it out)♡”


I didn't put it inside because I was too scared of the back,I succumbed to temptation and accepted life.

In the first place, I am a "hole-filling stick" and I am fully equipped.

In the first place, I have never been raw except for making children.

Looking back on it now, I was suddenly born like that.It must have surprised me and my heart (laughs).

I really fell in love with Aya-chan. .


One, don't ask anything from the other person → Break up with your boyfriend

Two, always wear a condom → raw every time

XNUMX. Never get serious → Be serious

I broke all the rules.

Japan hole-filling stick associationWhile being looked down upon by the other members who were friends until now,I was forced to withdraw while being stabbed in the back (laughs).

Thinking about it now, I regret that I was not calm. .

goodbye night

I wish I could break the rules and have a happy time, it was only a split second event.

After all, there is no future with me who will not divorce.

While I seek more and more,Aya gradually calms down.

Then, of course, it's time to say goodbye.

"I can't respond to your feelings"

"It's better if we don't meet."



I've been in love for a long time,I was ashamed to cry at a love hotel.

On the other hand, she is very calm when she sees it.

"I totally understand that feeling."

"I listen to this song at such times"

And she starts playing her favorite broken heart song on her mobile phone.

While hearing that, I cried bitterly

(What kind of situation is this? lol)

I cried at the love hotel while laughing at myself in my heart.

~Continued to the next time "Re-enrollment to the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association"~


Thank you for reading.

Because there are regrets here,I feel like I've become more calm about things now.

After all, even though nothing more than a "hole-filling stick" is required in the first place,I just got carried away and misunderstood.

By doing so, even if it's just me,hurt the other person more or less,I ended up getting distracted.

I think the same is true for clubs.

I had an illusion that I had become friends with a woman, and I took it seriously, and I was overjoyed.After all, it is drawn from a woman.

The excitement was caused by the response of the woman, but the woman said, "no noI'm in trouble because I'm not asking you for that kind of feeling or action."The pattern.

Dating is difficult (laughs).

By the way, the story doesn't end here.We are about to take another unexpected turn.

I wrote it while remembering it, but it became long, so I decided to divide it.

I hope the next one can be uploaded soon.

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