Do night shift girls who migrate overseas really make money?I asked about the nightlife situation in Japan and overseas (interview with former hostess writer Ayumi Kawano)

Ayumi Kawano

Daddy activities where women eat and date with men and receive money in return.It was originally a word that started mainly among girls in Minato Ward, but recently there has been an increase in incidents involving fathers, and it has become a social problem.

Do you know the overseas daddy activities that you see on Twitter etc.?It is said that if you work as a dad in the United States, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc., you can get a higher reward than in Japan.

What is an overseas dad activity project?This time, we asked writer Ayumi Kawano, who has experience working at Japanese cabaret clubs in Asia, about papa activities and night clubs in Japan and overseas.

What is overseas migrant work for dad activities?

ーFor some time now, I've been seeing a lot of Japanese women working as dads working abroad on Twitter.

-I heard from an acquaintance that you can earn about 1 million yen a month in the Middle East. What do you think about this, Mr. Kawano?

Ayumi Kawano (hereinafter referred to as Kawano):At first glance, the overseas dad activity project may look like a good project, but in fact, there are many things such as store-type soap and business trip-type delivery health in Japan.There are many cases that are overseas customs.

If you don't have a title such as a former sexy actress, you can't earn that much, and you can't get a work visa, so there's a risk of being caught in immigration inspections.In October last year, a Japanese former sexy actress was arrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of prostitution.

In addition, there are personal projects where brokers introduce women to wealthy men overseas.In general, it's the same as Japanese dad activities, such as going on a date or going to a hotel for one night to three days.

Overseas dad activity projects have been around for a long time.I heard about Thailand in 2014.Originally, a man who was a scout in Japan introduced a hostess club lady who came from Japan on a trip to wealthy local Thai people.

Hostesses who come to Thailand for sightseeing are guided to night towns such as go-go-boys, and when they are out of money, they offer daddy activities.You can get an attendance fee from the cabaret club, and you can also get a referral fee from wealthy Thai people, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Also, around the same time, there was a case in which a Japanese AV actress went to Macau to work as a migrant worker.Japanese AV actresses are popular with Chinese people, so she reportedly earned about 2 million yen in two weeks.I get the impression that the market price for overseas dad activities now is lower than at that time.

Are Japanese Women Wages Falling Abroad?

- I was wondering if the value of Japanese people is high in overseas barbershops and customs.What does it mean to be lower than in the past?

Kawano:From my own experience, when I first worked at a cabaret club in Hong Kong in the early 2000s, the daily wage for a Japanese cabaret club was 3 yen.However, in 2016, when I worked at a cabaret club in Hong Kong again, my monthly income dropped to 28 yen, about one-third.

On the other hand, the Korean club was the most expensive.This is a cabaret club where you can take someone out, but the fee is 3 yen just for the customer to sit down, which is comparable to a high-end club in Ginza.

The next most expensive was the hostess club where Chinese people were taken out."Night Meeting".It was about 1 yen for an hour just to sit here.

The Japanese cabaret club costs about 1 yen for an hour, which is about the same as a Philippine pub in Hong Kong.Overseas projects may look good while the yen is weak, but I think there is a possibility that Japanese women's remuneration will go down further in the future.

Nightlife in Thailand is no longer expensive than in Japan

ーIs it easy to attract overseas dads now due to the impact of the depreciation of the yen?On the other hand, I hear that overseas nightlife is trending toward inflation.

Kawano:The depreciation of the yen has something to do with it, but I get the impression that nightlife in Thailand, which is especially popular among Japanese people, has gone up in price since a little while before the coronavirus outbreak.

Go-go bars, where you can take out a dancing woman on stage, have raised their fees by 4000 to 8000 yen compared to before COVID-XNUMX.

Popular shops such as Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok cost about 2 yen for a two-hour short course, and 1 to 5 yen for an overnight long course.

In addition, it costs about 5000 yen to pay for taking out and drinking at the store, so if you think about it in total, Japanese manners and customs are much cheaper.

If you want to play cheaply in Thailand, the compensated dating cafe is about 1 yen for short, and the standing area in the local area is about 1 yen.Negotiations are necessary, so first-time travelers may feel that the hurdles are high.

If you want to go out at night, Japan is number one now?

It is said that nightlife in Thailand, which had the impression of being cheap until more than ten years ago, is no longer easy to enjoy.Therefore, it seems that the number of Japanese tourists who go out for nightlife in Thailand is decreasing.

Kawano:If you want to hang out with girls, I think Japan is currently the most cost-effective place.In Japan, if you use a dating app to do dad activities, you can meet amateur girls for about 1 yen, and there are many brothels that cost less than 2 yen.

A long time ago, there were only sex shops, but from a few years ago, ordinary women started selling their bodies through papa katsu, and as the number of mothers increased, individual prostitution and customs as a whole began to take off. The market has fallen.The market price of Okubo Park in Shinjuku and Umeda in Osaka is about 1 to 2 yen.

ーWhat do you think will happen to Japan's customs and dad life situation in the future?

Kawano:Before COVID-XNUMX, Chinese tourists flocked to Tobita Shinchi and other places, but from now on, foreigners who have seen the current situation in Japan on YouTube may come to Japan in search of papa katsujojo and standing pimps. not.

If inbound demand increases, inflation will occur.In fact, I hear that the price of Okubo Park's stand-up shop, which was temporarily down, has been increasing since YouTubers began to visit.


Immigration inspections are becoming stricter for overseas dad activities, and there are various risks such as worrying about illness.Be careful not to be deceived by clever solicitations on SNS for safe papa activities.

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