Are dating clubs profitable?

I'm Kida.

Are dating clubs profitable?I would like to write about

In my experience,
The correct answer is to "make a modest profit"

Are you thinking of entering the dating club or dating club industry?
I think there are a lot of people, so please come to those people!so that you can enter
I would like to tell you how dating clubs can be profitable

First of all, regarding the business format, for some reason this is a perfect match for Japan today.

In the case of a box-type sex shop, depending on the location, if you put up a signboard, you can expect customers at first glance, but on the other hand, you can't get more reservations than the number of rooms.If you have 8 rooms, it may be full only during the busiest hours and empty the rest of the time.Does the service charge vary depending on the time of day?
And of course, fixed costs such as rent and consumables costs a lot.

Dispatch-type brothels don't have box MAX, but they do have female MAX. We can't keep 100 people on standby, so women who don't get work always move to another store.
Since it is a dispatch type, the expenses will be the female waiting room and payment to the driver.
On a different note, a long time ago, the style of waiting at a train station to send a wife to someone was very popular.
This was an epoch-making idea that eliminated restrictions on waiting rooms, the number of women, and drivers to some extent.
His wife waits near the ticket gate of the station only when the train can move.It says.
Women don't need a driver to pick them up because they go directly from their homes by train.It's a well-developed system that makes men happy when they walk from the station to the hotel with their wives.I read a book that the person who devised it was a person who left the company and became very successful.

However, there are too many delivery health services, and advertising costs are very high.
This means that it is very difficult to attract male customers and recruit female companions.

Although it is rough to compare with such a brothel,
Date Club is out of stock.I have a mobile phone, and I can say, "Ririka-san, how's it going next week? Can you move?"
There is no such thing as paying half of the service fee received from men as women's wages.
If you manage women well, you can save tens of thousands of yen with just one phone call.

And now the water business,
It used to be a social club.A gentleman dances with a lady under a huge chandelier.A big band plays.Money falls in a big way. → this was a long time ago
Before long, the club turned into a show pub, and moms kept the tradition and run a small shop.The luxury club remained that way.As status & entertainment for the rich

On the other hand, cabaret clubs have succeeded with a more flamboyant world view (dance is gone and karaoke is in place).cabaret club.I'm still working on this, you know.

But, in the end, cute women at cabaret clubs scramble for customers and deceive each other. be killed.Send sales emails to regular customers on holidays

A cute girl who doesn't like this kind of thing moves to a more casual "lounge" as urged by Mr. Scout.
Plain clothes are OK.I don't make alcohol.Do not change the ashtray.Go home on the last train, OK.Hourly wage is better than girls bar.
As a result, male customers looking for cute girls move from cabaret clubs to lounges.

Then, the lounge is in disorder this time.You can also do a lot of self-proclaimed lounges.
Women's late fines will start to differentiate from other stores because they are crowded.cute girl leaves

And the final destination is the date club.

Ultimate princess treatment.

He is a gentleman who can match the schedule.

This is one of the reasons why date clubs are so popular.

・Atmosphere before the bubble

Is it?
I'm saying this arbitrarily, but it's hard to imagine that the economy will fall before the Olympics.
That's why everyone buys things, including things
I just have that kind of atmosphere.
In such an atmosphere, sparkling service becomes popular.
Maharajah, panties shabu-shabu, and date club.

Isn't the Olympics tightening the crackdown on adult entertainment businesses?and
There were rumors, but the date club is not a sex business, nor is it a box type sex shop.
It is unobtrusive and does not bother others.Fraud and crime are
I think it's fine as long as it's run properly.

And the date club is currently calledUBERlike, standing position and thinking

UBER turned cars around the world into taxis without owning a single car

A date club can also be said to be a business that efficiently meets people who want to ride in a car with people who will give them a ride.

In a nutshellIt's trendy.

Dating clubs are deadly necessary for those who don't need them, and they are deadly eyesores for those who think they are an eyesore, so we will maximize exposure to advertisements that appeal to general consumers and places that may be seen by minors. Limited (including on the Internet).

And I want to effectively appeal to those who need it to death.

All the politicians and celebrities who are very good at their main business but lose due to men and women problems such as adultery!
You don't have to be at home, so use a professional (professional)!I'm not saying anything bad.

そ し て,How long can you keep working in this industry?
the problem

"It's safe because customs will never disappear from humankind."

I often hear people say, "Even if the form of dating changes, it will remain."

However, if you turn the backside, you can't survive if you don't change the shape.

The same goes for dating clubs.
The dad life boom will end within two years.It may end this year.

But as long as the capitalist state continues, the tie-up between economic power and beauty will continue.

That's why I want you to advance from various industries so that we can continue to change.

Mixi group startedfish,

came from the worldAshley Madison , Seeking arrangements,

From an excellent venture group in the entertainment industry Daddy-Long-Legs


If it was a dad life appPaters

We all have different goals and approaches, but we are friends.
Also, I'm wondering if Recruit will develop a sexy sequel to Zexy.
Twenty-five years ago, the mistress bank went bankrupt and the industry shrunk, but this time it's okay.
The market has not yet been developed, is not saturated, and has not become obsolete at all.
We're not scared when Artificial Intelligence becomes a concierge.
Because AI cannot experience the unreasonableness of love.

So, Recruit and CyberAgent, please stop doing only dating and enter this market!You can earn a decent amount of money!


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