About the answer to the anonymous question ♪ Are there women with over 1000 million yen?

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Question date: 2018/11/17 15:39

I was at a loss for words. “Some women make more than 1000 million yen,” and “some women make 200 to 300 million yen.”I know you're not the type to enjoy making up stories.
Is this a "top idol" or a "leading actress" or something like that?
What kind of route do secret introductions come from?
How satisfied are you with paying that much?
(It's the same as saying that even if you drink 100 million Romanée-Conti, it's not 1 times better than a 100 yen high-end wine?)

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This is Mr. Saito, a column writer.

If I say too much, people in the industry will know who I am, so
Until this question.

I'm sorry, but please let me ignore the next question.
I feel like I'm about to disappear from the industry...

A man in western Japan leaks a woman's name in a weekly magazine.

It seems that it was considered a problem.
(I never sell personal information)

Besides, it's free love.
How much is it from the other party?

I'm sorry that it's not said
(If you don't put this sentence... it's not a prostitution mediation)


1000 million yen or more is not a "top idol" or a "leading actress".
That's it for the answer.

"There are also a few women who make about 200 to 300 million yen."

is as the questioner said. "Top Idol" or "Leading Actress".

place?I can't tell you the district.

Let it be an urban legend.

However, I think that the number of women in that class has decreased significantly compared to the past.

I think there are some fears about information leakage, but dad activities, date clubs, and mistress contracts are becoming more casual for young people today.

I think it's the cause.

(It's as if it's surprisingly cheap. You can meet top idols and celebrities even if it's not that expensive, and gravure women who are exposed in swimsuits on Instagram seem to be more bullish. I feel like

Also, women in that class disappear in an instant when they think they have registered.

In the past, the setting fee was too high, so I thought it was a scam.I have made a mistake several times that a woman withdrew while I was at a loss.

I think the dating club is also having a hard time.

There is a high possibility that you will not be able to meet even if you set up instantly.

(I can't say much, but I think there will be various other problems. If I run a dating club, I may not get involved.)

The trick is

・Continue to meet women recommended by the dating club unconditionally on any day and at any time.

・Be kind to women.

・Continue to pay more than the desired amount.

・Do not leak information.

・ Spend a lot of money in total.

I don't think there is anything else.

It goes without saying, but before pleasing a woman, it means becoming a member who will make the dating club happy.

(It's the same as saying that even if you drink 100 million Romanée-Conti, it's not 1 times better than a 100 yen high-end wine?)

As the questioner said
I'm sorry to say, but "Only those who have drunk Romanée-Conti will understand"

with the difference

"Only people who drink Romanée-Conti on a daily basis will understand."

I think it has a different meaning.

In the past, Romanée-Conti was not so expensive.

All things are impermanent.

The times are new and changing.

Dating clubs have changed a lot, especially in the last few years, haven't they?

especially in the last year...



What did you enjoy about doing that?

That's the conclusion, but I've been able to see a lot of things better.

I don't feel anything for women who join the dating club every day, and even when I'm on a date, when I'm doing something in bed, I can only think of it as an alternative to masturbation. , and repeats.

no matter how much money one has

I thought that it would be difficult because I was too famous, and even people who had no money had various experiences.

"I often listen to people talk."

I'm finally able to do a little bit of what I learned when I was in elementary school.

While climbing the mountain

When you reach the top of the mountain and look down, the view changes slightly.

However, when I climbed to the top of the mountain and looked at the scenery, there was an even higher mountain ahead.

I think that is the path of human formation.

I think the point is that there is no end.

It's Mr. Saito♪

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