Awahime Edition: Out-of-store date

■ Synopsis up to the last time

After completing a series of research with the P-Katsu app, I reported the market price to Awahime.

And let's do P activities with each other!So, after the LINE exchange, we decided on a date and finally had our first date outside the store.It was a lunch date in Ginza!



Finally, it was the day of the meeting!

Maybe you won't come because of social etiquette?While thinking that, I made a reservation at a hotel restaurant near Tokyo station and went to the meeting place.


I usually drive a lot, so I parked next to the ground exit of the meeting station and waited.I sent her her ground exit number and a picture of the scenery there, just in case.

I'll get a reply from her soon...

After all, I was afraid that it would be a last minute cancellation.


(I found out later that she never shows up on time even if I make an appointment. She usually has to wait 30 minutes to an hour...)


And finally 30 minutes later.

She appeared at the ground exit in plain clothes!


Oh!I've only seen her in a store, so her plain clothes are very fresh!

She wasn't dressed up, she was just a normal girl.

This is also different from usual and somehow I'm happy! !


She: "Sorry! I'm late!"

Me: "No no! Thank you for being busy! It's okay! (happy)"

Girlfriend: "Where are we going for lunch?"

Me: "I found a shop at a nearby hotel, so let's go there! I'm not sure because it's my first shop, but... (sweat)"


Just drive to the hotel parking lot!

It seems that you have to get off on the first floor and go to the front desk, even if you think that the elevator from the parking lot goes directly to the hotel.

However, even if you go to the first floor, you can't find the front desk of the hotel! (Sweat)

The two of us managed to arrive at the hotel while looking for the front desk!

I managed to get into the restaurant I had reserved.good. .


■ Lunch time

We asked them to choose their favorite main dish from the lunch menu and decided to enjoy their first outdoor date.


Me: "Thank you for today! First of all, I'll give it to you before I forget!"


Put C million yen in a pocket bag and hand it over.


Me: "It may be less, but I'm thinking of starting from this, so check back later!"

She: "Understood! Thank you!"


As we ate, we talked to each other about our daily lives.

At this time, I am concerned about her table manners.

This will help determine if you are used to hotel restaurants, and if you are used to it, it means that someone is taking you there.What about now?

To be honest, I was a completely unfamiliar child!

In other words, I don't think I've ever been brought to a store like this in P-Katsu, so maybe I'm the first person so far?All right!


Girlfriend: "I have a party at my friend's house today, so I'd like to go home by then. Is that okay?"


It came out...In the end, I was planning to just have lunch and go home from the beginning... (sad)


Me: "That's right. It doesn't matter! It's my first time today!"


After finishing the meal and paying the bill, I felt a little sad, but it can't be helped.

When I was about to return to the parking lot at the elevator hall, I saw a woman waiting for the elevator with me,


She: "I want a shoulder like the one she has, right?"

Me: "That's right. Then there's a store I know nearby, so why don't you go check it out?"

She: "But I don't have the money to buy it!"

Me: "Yeah, that's fine! I'll buy it for today's first date!"

She: "Is that... is it really okay?"

Me: "Well, let's go even if it's just going!"


So, I was a little pushy, but I decided to take him to the store!


■ The first Louis Vuitton!

It's a classic, but I thought it would be a must if it was a shop here, so I took him there.


Clerk: "What are you looking for?"

Me: "My girlfriend wants a shoulder bag, so I thought I'd show you around."

Clerk: "Okay. I'd like to talk to her."


Her: "What should I do?"

Me: "I asked the store clerk, so choose what you think is good."


She was taken by a store clerk and began to choose a shoulder bag in the store.

And it seems that they liked the two designs.She was troubled in front of the mirror with the store clerk.


Girlfriend: "Which one do you think is better? But this one looks more expensive, doesn't it?"

Me: "It's better to choose what you think is better than the price!"

Girlfriend: "Okay! But which one should I choose?"


It seems that she was worried about it, but it was decided on one design!


Clerk: "I'll check the stock, so please take a seat!"

She: "Okay."


Clerk: "We have it in stock, so please check."


What an incident at this time! ?

What is this girlfriend?The hand holding the bag passed in her inspection is trembling! (surprised)

I heard later that it was the first time for Vuitton itself.

Isn't it pretty pure!



I paid next to her while watching her...sweat

I took it lightly to the store, but it was almost DXNUMX yen!

This expense outside the store for the first time... it was a little too cool.tears


I wonder if there will be a next time~

She went to a friend's house with her first Louis Vuitton!

I went home thinking that I bought something quite expensive just to show off.


And then, at night, I got a line from her unexpectedly! (happy)


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