A lukewarm papa activity ─ ``chahan system'' dating story

Hello,Keisuke Urano.
Previously, I wrote three times about how I fell into the “good dad” trap as follows.
The Trap of True Story "Good Papa" ──Part XNUMX
True story "Good Papa" Trap ──Part XNUMX
The Trap of True Story "Good Papa" ──Part XNUMX
This time, it will be the sequel.


Let's take a quick look back at what happened.

First of all, when I matched with a 22-year-old neat and clean office worker and actually met her, she looked much younger than her age, and she was a naive woman who didn't suit her dad life at all.

I thought it was embarrassing to be with her when we had dinner together, but even when I talked to her, she was very honest and naive, a little ignorant of the world, and she seemed to have very little experience with men. I have no idea how I started.Even though she gets the promised allowance, she doesn't seem to ask for more money, and doesn't seem to spend that much money in the first place (She later explained that she graduated from a famous university and works for a major company. turned out).

It's fun to get along and talk to each other, but after the third dinner in a haze, I said, "Of course this child and adults are not, and it's not bad to just have dinner like this, but there are several other women. I've been meeting with him, so I'm wondering if I'll continue to see him in the future.In any case, let's ask him straight about what I've been confused about until now." "What do you think about the act of being a dad?" You're too defenseless."

Her reaction to it stuck in my heart, and after making a platonic promise, we promised to meet again in the future.This is the continuation of that story.


Chameshi Date──Karaage Research Corps


I still eat with her often.
So-called"casual”, it is a lukewarm daddy activity that is likely to be scolded by seniors who do not ask for anything and do not ask for it.To put it simply, I drink money,this is surprisingly fun.


We met three times and said,I don't have any prospects for the future, and there are many other girls I'll meet, so it might be okay if I stop seeing them in the future.I asked her why she, who is neat and simple, was doing something that didn't suit her. but her reactionSecond partAs I wrote in , on the contrary, I got emotional.


After that, she said, "I love fried chicken."Fried chicken survey team”, I went to a specialty store recommended by the Japan Karaage Association, and I went to a fried chicken izakaya that had just opened in Tokyo from Hokkaido.She's a fried chicken restaurant, so even if you eat and drink a lot, it's only a few thousand yen per person, but she doesn't mind that at all.Also, when the conversation gets lively, it can take more than two hours to nearly three hours, but she doesn't mind it at all.


He has a very young appearance, and if you're not good at it, you can look like a high school student.I'm embarrassed to walk with you...I was quite puzzled, but if you just look at her face, she is quite beautiful.If the generation is close, it may be "cute!"


However,Being with a cute girl and being able to have fun talking with them reminds me of my youth and youth.I'm too embarrassed to go to mature towns like Ginza, but in Ebisu, Nakameguro, and Daikanyama, I've become able to walk together without worrying about other people's eyes or getting fidgety.If someone finds you,it's my uncle""my nieceIt is a promise to say.I happened to have the same last name, so it seems that I can go without discomfort.


Every time, I feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable with paying only for rice,Accompanying part-time job of "Karaage Research Corps"I am positioning it as.It doesn't change anything, but it makes me feel a little better.


(Photo: Tokyo Karaage Bar [https://marunouchi.jp-kitte.jp/shop/index.jsp?bf=1&fmt=6&shopid=1003])


Chameshi Arrangement - Mischief Plan


That's how it goes, but the other day, I decided to take a break from fried chicken, so I decided to eat dim sum.It was a shop where a little casual young people gathered, and it was quite delicious.At this time, the conversation was especially lively and fun.Second partSo, there was "suddenly returned to honorifics",Already, we're completely talking to each other, the illusion of being friendsI'm starting to remember.


After showing me a manuscript of another work of mine and learning various things from a young woman's point of view,Now let's have a little funIt became a story.It's a game where you go into a quiet Japanese restaurant and give a serious performance with the setting of an uncle and a niece.


For example, I am her mother's younger brother, and she grew up in a single-mother household. doesn't come out either.So her uncle's servant came to talk to her.

Me: "Aneki (* her mother's setting) is trying to be tough, but in reality she's really hurt and sad. At least answer the phone."

Kina: "No. I'm already a member of society, so I'll decide for myself."

Me: "What are you talking about, how hard you worked to raise Kina-chan and Kanna-chan (*sister's setting), I think! Even my sister has her own life. , not as a mother, but as a woman! Think about it for a second!"

Kina: "I don't like my mom getting remarried to such a man! Leave me alone!!!"

(Kina leaves the store)

(I hurriedly finished the bill and tried to chase after him.)

It's like this, lol.


If you do this in a quiet Japanese restaurant, I'm sure everyone will listen.
It is a story that even if you get stuck in an ad-lib play, you will not give up in the middle and you will do it for an hour.


In addition, I want to know the life of ordinary people"Amazing young lady" and the butlerI'm also talking about the setting that seems to be interesting.


Last time, I was surprised to find out that she graduated from a famous university (I thought she was from a second-rate women's university).She can study well, and she may be smart, but she's a little natural and quite naive.However, it is valuable that they are full of curiosity and find anything interesting.


Next time, at her request, we will form a new "Nabe Research Team". I think I'll go with "chanko" or "kiritampo".So if I get a little drunk, maybe I'll go to an oden shop and do the serious drama I mentioned earlier w


like this"Chahan" isn't bad eitherI feel, these days.

(The picture is Dim Sum Bar SinSin [https://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2601/A260201/26018362/dtlmenu/])


Another Chamei-kei ─ more than Chamei and less than an adult


In fact, there is another person, a guarantee drink partner.This is a 1-year-old who looks like Miku Natsume.She is a mature woman with a lot of experience and good taste, and is fun to drink with.


"Keisuke-san, you don't say "adult" at all', and I've heard that 'I dated an adult before,' so I think it's okay to say it, but I don't feel like getting involved at the moment.It's fun as it is, so I'm half-hearted that it would be a shame to mess with it, and half-heartedly, I want to save the fun first. There is a little tension between men and women who say "I haven't done it yet", which also adds to the fun.


Of course, there are other women who are dating only adults, so I don't feel like saying anything pretty.This can be fun too.I hope it will be a reference for those who are thinking about "let's try dad life" from now on.


*Illustrationno copyright girlThe free material of the last woman's photo isIllustrated AC's free material.


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