[Actual record] Sexual extremity maiden ──Physical therapist Mizuki-chan [Episode 1]


I haven't written much about sexual content in Darling so far, but this time I'm going to take the plunge and write about it.She is Mizuki-chan (23 years old), whom she met about a month after she started working as a dad.

As the title suggests, sheGod of sexIt was a woman who was fascinated by ".

When writing a column for Darling, the person in charge said, "Please refrain from graphic sexual depictions', so I can't write too much, but let's try to write about her as far as it doesn't get in the way.


Relationship status before meeting Mizuki-chan

By the time I met Mizuki-chan, I had already achieved the general purpose of my dad life.

My purpose isDating amazing beauties you wouldn't normally meet""Try to get your hands on a young cute girl in her early twenties who has never touched before”is two points.

In the latter case, the desire was to "experience", so I mainly searched for children who are OK with adults (sexy), but in the former case, adults were not necessarily the premise.Anyway, I was looking for a beautiful woman I've never met before, preferably a unique and interesting woman to talk to.


A month after I started working as a dad, I met about 20 women, and after making a few mistakes, I was able to date the following four women.

① Beautiful frame XNUMX that you can not usually meet Mayu (28 years old, designer)

② Beautiful frame XNUMX that you can not usually meet Suzune (26 years old, nurse and model)

③ Young and beautiful frame Mio-chan (21 years old, female college student)

④Special frame Kina-chan (22 years old, OL)


① Mayu (28 years old, designer)

Mayu is one of the three most beautiful women I have ever met in my life.She is dressed in mode-style fashion, has a high sense, and is a very interesting art-oriented woman.

You say you've grown up in the past, but I didn't ask for it in particular.I was in the mood to enjoy dangling.So, at this point, I mainly focus on rice and alcohol.I liked underground exploration, so we went to see Tokyo burlesque and SM shows together.


② Ryone (26 years old, nurse)

Suzune-san is the type of person who would be in a club in Shibuya.She usually works as a nurse at a beauty clinic, and she also works as an advertising model.She is modern and quite beautiful, and her style is very good.She's okay with being an adult.


③ Mio-chan (21 years old, female college student)

Mio-chan has a neat and clean appearance, but she is a beautiful woman with a sex appeal that is hard to believe she is 21 years old.She has experience working part-time at a lounge, etc., and is good at handling men for her age.She is also an adult.


④ Kina-chan (22 years old, OL)

Kina-chan said in a past article, "[Real story] Trap of "good daddy"is the woman who wroteShe was a naive woman who never seemed to do anything like daddy, so her interest was piqued and I met her.She is a small woman who looks very young.

She's not an adult at all, and she's still casual.


Man's Endless Desires and Evil Mind

Considering my income and the time I can secure, these four people are already the upper limit.

I have work relationships, I want to hang out with my friends, I have an extramarital girlfriend, and I have a sex friend.Of course, she also has time with her family (married, raising children).I can't afford it anymore.However, what the wholesalers do not wholesale is the creature called a man.


"I'm satisfied enough now... But what is it,Not enough dark stimulus...'


Meeting four women on a regular basis was fun and stimulating enough.However, I don't know what to say, I can't find a good word for it, but they are all "white stimuli" (or pink).

Daddy activity itself is a dark enough act, but it's a little more perverted "Black and evil stimulation"I want…….

With that in mind, I started looking for new female profiles again, even though I had already reached my limit.


"This type already exists..."

"I'm curious, but I don't think I want to meet you at the moment..."

“Ah, I wish I knew about her existence long ago…!!

When I was looking at the profile while thinking about it, my eyes stopped at one woman.


She is a very normal, naive, and serious woman.

The part that says, "I don't think I'm going to do something like dad life" is wearing ④'s Kina-chan.

However, in the case of Kina-chan, the goodness of her upbringing oozes out, but in her case, it may be rude to say this, but I get the impression that she is very ordinary.


Looking at the occupationphysical therapistwas.

It is common for children from less affluent families to go to medical schools where scholarships are more accessible.


When I read your profile, one sentence caught my eye.

"I started working as a dad because I had a lot of problems at home and didn't have any financial leeway.'


I decided on this child...


An evil fire is lit in my heart.




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