Science of the Black Class Part 3

She was a woman who thought, "This is black!"

"Hey, I'm begging you," wrote Junichiro Tanizaki, also known as Otanizaki, in the masterpiece "Sasameyuki," using the Kansai dialect.

Born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Tanizaki moved to Kansai after the Great Kanto Earthquake.At this point, he had already been evaluated as a great writer, but after moving to Kansai, he acquired the Kansai dialect, further increased his reputation as a writer, and made his position immovable.
Joe thinks he did.

Well, the third black woman is Koi.She was canceled the day before by another black woman who offered her, and it was Koi who came in a pinch hitter.

The pinch hitter was supposed to be the NG word for Joe.Because my beloved (bitter smile) Sakura-chan also came as a pinch hitter and after that, as you know?

It was because I had to walk through endless hell.However, she was strongly recommended by the staff, and in the first place, she was confused between Miss Cancellation and Mr. Koi and offered Miss Cancellation, so she accepted the proposal.

As always, Joe has a low learning ability.

As a pinch hitter, I didn't expect much.There was also the fact that he was reluctant to cancel a restaurant that he had booked through his connections.

I had wanted to go to this restaurant for a long time, so I just thought, "Today, I'm going to eat meat with a pretty woman and go home!"

However, Koi-san, who came to the hotel lobby where we met, was XNUMX% more beautiful than the profile image, no, XNUMX% more beautiful to Joe.

"This is black!"

She was a thoughtful woman.

On top of that, he seems to have been well-bred, creating an elegant and neat atmosphere.He was probably on his way home from work, and although he was wearing a suit, the way he was dressed and the colors of his outfit complemented Koi-san's charm.

She is absolutely Joe's favorite woman.

Joe who is a genkin and whose tension rises at once.At the same time, I was uncharacteristically nervous all at once.I wonder if I can speak well.

Spumante bubbles lubricate Joe's tongue.

After recognizing Joe, Koi-san slowly approached and bowed deeply.

"You're Joe, aren't you? Nice to meet you. I'm Koi. Nice to meet you today."

said hello.

Joe usually responds with flattery and jokes, but his tongue doesn't turn well in front of the woman in the middle of the strike.

After that, I decided to have a toast at the hotel lounge because Mr. Koi said he could go.

The lounge here has spumante, which is reasonably priced for a hotel lounge, but delicious.

And, as expected, the spumante suds lubricate Joe's tongue.

There, Joe introduces himself as usual and explores common topics.

In response to that, Mr. Koi began to introduce himself as a narrator.

Koi was a young lady from a privileged family.Her parents are both famous and respectable people.

As I learned later, both my parents, my brothers, and myself are highly educated.Still, he doesn't feel like a geek, and his tone is moderately frank and relieves Joe's tension more than Spumante.

You can see that it's not just her appearance that makes her stand and behave elegantly and sophisticatedly.

Beauty doesn't get bored in 3 days, it's 40 minutes!

It is often said that "beautiful women get bored in three days".Perhaps the most famous of Universe Club male members?In the blog, Ms. Sizon said, "Beauty doesn't get bored in 3 days, it's 40 minutes!" Joe agrees.

But there are exceptions.The exception for Joe is Mr. Koi.

I never get tired of seeing Koi.

On the contrary, after that, I went on many dates, but instead of getting tired of seeing her, I found a new beauty in her each time.

For example, on the way home from an art museum in the daytime, you can enjoy lukewarm sake while sipping delicious soba noodles.

When the date changes, we meet at a certain restaurant, and in order to choose wine while using lanterns in the wine cellar in the basement, I look closely at the label.

The back view of Koi-san standing motionless in front of her favorite Buddha statue.

Or, when I went to see Kabuki, when I happened to look at her during the street scene, tears were streaming down her cheeks and I gently wiped them with the handkerchief that Joe held out.

These moments always fascinated Joe.At that time, Joe suddenly says, "You're beautiful," and he makes Koi smile bitterly.

Of course, her wry smile is also beautiful.

I always see my mother's shadow, even in the way I speak and the way I think.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so attracted to Mr. Koi.

Joe concludes that it is because he finds his late mother in Mr. Koi.

In terms of appearance, my mother and Koi-san are not even alike (to her credit, she was also beautiful).

However, in Koi-san's demeanor, hobbies, food preferences, the way she talks and the way she thinks about things, she always sees the shadow of her mother.

Joe himself is by nature rude and hardly elegant.He was so different that when he was a child, he often wondered, "Is he really this person's child?"

At the same time, I was strongly influenced by my mother, although I didn't get much results.

One way or another, Joe's enjoyment of art in general is thanks to his mother.

My mother often took me to museums, stage performances, and concerts.She must have been painful and boring at times (especially Noh and Bunraku), but she enjoyed hanging out with her mother.

After that, I was always taken to a restaurant.

However, Joe did not have the right to choose the restaurant, and his mother's preference took precedence.Her eyes rolled black and white on her fresh spring rolls, she screamed at Tom Yum Kung, and frowned at Kvass.

Such penance?Joe's tongue was made byAnd his mother's tastes are very similar to Koi's.

That's why it's always fun to eat with Koi-san.Like his mother, Koi likes foods that are a little quirky.

One of Koi's great attractions is that he can enjoy sake with his food.He is naturally a lively conversationalist.

The content ranged from lofty topics to silly topics, and sometimes dirty jokes.

Perhaps it was because Joe talked about himself so openly, and Koi-san also began to talk about himself, bit by bit.

Two meanings of the word "black"

I didn't dare look it up in a dictionary, but I think the word "black" has two main meanings.

One is the same as in the case of the universe club, but it is used to mean the highest stage, such as "black card".

On the other hand, it is also used as a target of criticism and criticism, such as "black company".

Again, I have no hesitation in rating her as "black" in the former sense.

I think that not only his appearance, but also his demeanor, and his friendliness are suitable for the "Black Class".

However, there is a deep, pitch-black darkness spreading in her heart that others cannot see.

In this respect too, Coy is the most “black” woman Joe knows.

To avoid misunderstandings, I don't think the word "black-hearted" applies to Koi-san at all.

Rather, she is a gentle woman who is deeply compassionate and has few calculations.She doesn't have a very different life experience to Joe, but perhaps because she doesn't like her, Koi is a mystery to Joe.

I would like to write about the mystery in the next column and as far as I can write.


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