[Part XNUMX] What kind of women are in “Papa-katsu”? ──Comparison with support-katsu/diversified women, back-door girls, and dating cafes

Hello,Keisuke Urano.
He's usually a serious magazine reporter, and has a side job as an underground writer.
By chance, I am writing a column for this "Darling".

I haven't had much experience as a daddy, and it's only been a few months since I started, and I've met about 30 women.I use a dating club like Universe and a matching app dedicated to dad activities.However, the use of dating sites and the history of compensated dating are long, more than 20 years.During this time, I have met many women through various media.

This time, using that experience, I would like to ask people who are watching this "Darling", "I'm interested in dad life, but I haven't taken the step yetFor those who are interested, I would like to summarize the differences between women who meet in other media and routes and papa active women.

However, please understand that this is a subjective analysis based on my limited experience.Also, the story is centered on Tokyo and its suburbs.
In addition to the women I met for the purpose of dating, I also include women I met for interviews.

The comparison ispapa active womanWhen,Support activity / women who divide,back dirt girl,Dating cafe・Dating cafe womanI'm doing it.For the types of women other than dating cafes and dating cafes, see another column "Background of the birth of “Papa-katsu” ──From compensated dating to the birth of Papa-katsu, so please refer to it.

Before I get into the main topic, I would like to apologize for taking an old-fashioned way of classifying women by appearance, attributes, class, etc. for the sake of convenience, which is not suitable for this era of inclusion that denies lookism.This is a story limited to transactions between men and women involving money, so please forgive me for that point.


Analysis of women in Papa-katsu

What is Papa-katsu

Papa-katsu does not involve any sexual activity, and is a way to receive an allowance by spending a certain amount of time together while eating, dating, shopping, etc.was.This is another column "Background of the birth of “Papa-katsu” ──From compensated dating to the birth of Papa-katsu” is as introduced.but,In recent years, the situation has changed, and sexual acts are often included.

However, platonic dating is the origin, and even now, "the basics are dating", so there is a feature that the quality is quite different from other dating women.The core age group is 20 to early 30s.


what kind of women are there

A few months ago, when I first tried papa katsu, I was surprised at the high level of the woman.There are many beautiful and high-quality women that you rarely see in ordinary matching apps, and the level is generally very high.I thought.

Moreover, it is characteristic that there are few women who smell of the night town, women like Parisi who can be seen in Roppongi and Azabu,Most of them are "women you see normally on the street"about it.

Of course, not everyone is beautiful.There are a lot of average-looking women, but even so, there are a lot of cute women in universities and companies in the area, and the ones you see in your own company.

Moreover, perhaps because of the characteristics of the relationship that "papa-katsu does not necessarily involve sexual relations," most women do not blur their face photos and put them out as they are.
When I first saw the list of photographs of women's faces, I was at a loss for words, thinking, "Is this what happened in the world?"

From my experience, the number of women who are OK with sexual relations (of course it depends on the man they are dating) is about half and half.


Analysis of Papa Active Women

The pie below is limited and subjective, so I would like to show it in a graph, although it can only be used as a reference.


A1: A woman who is beautiful, well-bred, and lives a high-class life (major office worker, student at a top university, etc.)
A2: A woman who is beautiful and lives a middle-class life (small and medium-sized company employee, temporary employee, store clerk, worker-type, student at a middle- and low-level university or vocational school, etc.)
A3: Beautiful but can't see everyday life / Women such as part-time workers (Internet creators, freeters, night workers, etc.)
B1: A normal-looking, well-bred woman who leads a high-class life (same as above)
B2: A normal-looking woman who lives a middle-class life (same as above)
B3: A woman with an ordinary appearance who cannot see her daily life / a part-time worker (same as above)
C: A woman whose overall evaluation of appearance etc. is not good

*Categorizing people in this way is inherently unacceptable, and the classification is difficult in some respects, but for the convenience of presenting it in an easy-to-understand manner, please allow it.


A characteristic of “Papa-katsu” is that there are many women such as A1, A2, and B1 who usually cannot meet or date even if they are around.The women I actually met include bureaucrats, researchers, office workers at major companies, bankers, elementary school teachers, IT company employees, entertainment agency employees, Oriental Land employees (casts), nurses, and physicists. There were therapists, nursery teachers, Tokyo University students, Waseda University students, and Sophia University students.

*Supplement on November 2021, 11: The other day, for some reason, I tried to register for a different dad app than the one I used as the source of the above data.The price setting is a little cheap, but it is one of the top 27 daddy apps.I was surprised to find that the types of women differed considerably, and the quality dropped on average. Do you have the impression that A1 and A2 are about half of the pie chart above, and B2 is more than that?There are quite a few beautiful women, but the impression is rather similar to that of an ordinary matching app.It may be that the agency I used, Papa Katsu App, was very good.I would like to add that the above may not be the case depending on the agency and Papa Katsu app you use.


In addition, there are some differences in the types of women enrolled in Papa-katsu depending on the medium, so let's explain a little.


Daddy activity agencies such as dating clubs


Fees, traditions, and corporate cultures vary from agency to agency, so it's natural that we can't generalize.There are many women who work in jobs where people can usually see their faces.It has the feature of.There are surprisingly beautiful women in corporate receptionists, flight attendants, models, public relations and sales staff at major companies, etc..

In addition, dating clubs originally originated from mistress clubs during the bubble era.For this reason, many women aspire to become mistresses of upper-class men.In addition to the occupations I mentioned earlier, there are certain types of women who gained popularity during the heyday of mistresses, such as secretaries, gravure idols, event companions, top female college students, and race queens.

Perhaps because of the connections in the industry and personal connections, some of the women, such as actresses and popular models, who you would never normally see, are enrolled.If you're looking for a high-end woman, go to an agency, especially one with a long tradition (but you'll need to be able to afford it a lot).

But with that said, agencies alsoIn recent years, he has been focusing on "papa katsu"Therefore, there are many relatively light papa active women who are in the app, and now they are the majority.There are many beautiful women that you would normally see in the city, such as company employees of excellent companies, school teachers, female college students, nurses, nursery teachers, and hairdressers.


● Strengths
The strength of an agency is that it has a coordinator.They have a lot of information about the women enrolled, and they tell us about their personalities and types, their desired relationships, etc., and they also introduce women who meet our needs.In addition, they will also coordinate mediation and consult on relationships, so if you want to have a relationship with a woman who is exactly what you want, even if it costs money and time, rather than "shoot a few shots", proceed while consulting. If you are a beginner, or if you are looking for a super advanced woman, I think an agency is for you.


Matching app dedicated to daddy activity (daddy activity app)


Matching apps are used by women who don't mind if their faces are seen by an unspecified number of people.Of course, you can also use a photo that doesn't show your face, but it won't match, so most women just show their faces.

Even if it's a woman who doesn't mind exposing her face, it seems that the number of women who don't care so much in the current age of dating apps is increasing, so the quality of women doesn't decline.
Although there are few women in first-class occupations such as actresses, models, corporate receptionists, flight attendants, and public relations for major companies that are found in agencies such as dating clubs,There are many amazing beauties.

At the center of the story are the women you see on the street, such as company employees of excellent companies, school teachers, female college students, nurses, nursery teachers, and women beauticians.Since the number of registrations is huge, it is difficult to choose because there are so many women.

Also, perhaps because there are fewer men than women, the matching rate is high even if you choose a fairly beautiful woman.I also get a lot of offers from women.It is a state of "struggling to narrow down the women to meet".



However, there are some drawbacks unique to simple matching apps.
First,Photo processingis.After all, about half of the women are disappointed when they actually meet them because they look much worse than they do in photos.

Also, as expected, I did not come to the meeting place without contacting me,There are many cases where contact and relationship stability are difficult, such as sudden rescheduling just before, subsequent fadeout, and sudden loss of contact.
After a few shots, it's always possible to date a pretty high-class woman, but this instability of interaction can be exhausting.

in addition,You don't know what the other person's needs are until you meet and talk to themThere is also a difficulty. Even women who say, "I haven't grown up from the beginning," may actually not want to be an adult in the first place, and the purpose is to pull as much as possible only on dates.
In the case of a woman who has no information, there is no choice but to tell the purpose from here before meeting, or to meet and talk.

I feel that these exchanges are disturbing the morals of matching apps.From the beginning, men check whether they can become adults, and only meet women who are OK.resulting in,In some cases, dad activity is just a place of "divided"is becoming

              * * *

In the following “Part XNUMX”, we will analyze the women of “support activities / splits”, “back dirt girls”, and “encounter cafes / encounter cafes”.For those of you who are about to start daddy activities and those who are interested in daddy activities, please take a look at both the first and second parts and choose the medium and service that suits your needs.

Please note that these analyzes are based on my limited experience and subjectivity as of November 2021.The information pie is about 11 to 600 people in all types.Please let us know if you have any suggestions, such as whether it is different from the actual situation.I hope that we can exchange information.

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