Background of the birth of “papa-katsu” ──From compensated dating to the birth of papa-katsu

From Compensated Dating to Compensation and Support Activities


It must have been five or six years ago that I learned the word "papa-katsu".

Initially, it spread among young women such as female college students and office workers in their twenties.Platonic Compensated Dating” was pointing.There is also a theory that the word was strategically created and spread by a major dating club.

In the background of the birth of Papa-katsu, "compensated dating" centered on high school and female college students that began in the 1990s and became a social problem, and from the 2000s against the background of the penetration of SNS, among women of all generations and types. There was a soil such as "warikiri" and "sapokatsu" that spread throughout the country.

Aid communicationwas a frenzied boom that spread among high school and female college students, and the commercialization of teenage women's sex and the ethical deterioration of middle-aged and older men who bought it became a major social problem.

I think there is also an aspect of "uncle's rebellion" that has been oppressed by the boom of female college students in the bubble era, but I will leave that here.

Continue"division"Or"Support activity” is just another way of saying “enjo kosai”.

The turbulent situation at the end of the end of the Enjo-kosai era and the lameness of the language due to the end of the boom were avoided, and as a paraphrase of the abbreviations of Enko-kosai, ``enho,'' ``enko,'' and ``yen,'' It started when words such as "split" and "support" came to be used.

After that, the use of the word "warikiri" gradually declined, and the expression "○○ activities", which became popular from the marriage hunting boom, was combined with support, and support activities became mainstream.

The 2000s, when the words “warrikiri” and “supporting activities” began to be used, coincided with the time when SNS such as Twitter spread to the general public.Against the backdrop of this social trend, waikiri and support activities, unlike the former compensated dating, quietly and gradually permeated all generations.

Despite the economic stagnation and recession, not only female college students and high school students, but also office workers in their 20s and 30s, housewives, and even junior high school girls and the elderly.

Anonymous women who are looking for sensible and support partners on SNS, so-called "back dirt girlWhen I met him, I found that he was an office worker at a major company, a bank employee, a teacher, and an elegant and neat housewife.

I think the terrifying aspect of support activities is that, unlike compensated dating, ``ordinary decent women easily sell their sex''.The question of what is "normal" is not touched upon.

These are, of course, part of the "regular decent woman."

However, there is a current situation where many women easily cross the line of "selling sex".

I feel like I'm having a pretty serious impact on society as much as I don't show up much.No, it may be an expression of social problems such as poverty and morals.

If you ask me, I heard that similar compensated dating (sugar daddy) is also popular in Western countries.It may be a common problem in modern advanced societies.


Appearance of Papa-katsu


We got a little off topic.

After that, the word “warikiri” became a bit dull, and “sapokatsu” was often expressed simply as support or support, but these words are still alive and well, and this kind of relationship The men and women who tie it exist widely and for granted.

However, as the word "divided" represents,These are very dry relationships, and except that the other party is "an ordinary woman who leads a normal social life", it is basically the same as a custom.

In the early 2010s, sensible cultural relationships, such as enjoying dates and meals in addition to sexual intercourse, which were seen in some areas, have all but disappeared since the XNUMXs.

Nowadays, if you're not good at it, you'll have to set aside time and meet at the hotel from the beginning.

In addition, with the entry of various people such as middle-aged and elderly people, low-income earners, and professionals, some fields have become rough and rough, creating a situation where it is difficult for students and others to participate casually.

In addition, the excessive market principle has caused the price to collapse, and there was a surprising price setting where a young and reasonably beautiful woman could have it at a lower price than the French dinner course at Hotel Chinzanso.

Some may have been lower.

Therefore,"Selling your body for such a price, or even selling your body itself, is out of the question, and if possible, you don't want to do naughty things, but you want money.', which is a perfectly reasonable idea for young women, spread among women who do not give diligence or support, ``Sugar datingIt is.

In the early days, "papa katsu" was a system in which a woman received an allowance for spending a certain amount of time with a man while dining, dating, or shopping.

Of course, men pay for meals, dates, and shopping.

There may be a hand-to-hand relationship, but there is no sexual relationship.

Although there is some disgust in the relationship itself that generates money just by doing so, it has the meaning of a cultural revival (renaissance) that draws a line between the rough support activity and revives the cultural compensation dating. .

Men were expected to be financially comfortable, smart, and have the decency of adults.Many of the women were young and of high quality, as they were treated not only by spending time with them, but also by receiving allowances.

The center is female college students, high school girls, young OLs, etc.

Well-bred and well-bred women from quite prestigious universities, prestigious schools, and excellent companies participated.

In the bubble era of the late 1980s, there were similar types of relationships between men and women involving money.

It was in such times that dating clubs (date clubs) were born.But in the bubble era it was a very expensive relationship,Today's dad activity has become a casual activity that reflects the era of minimum life and deflation, and can be participated by men who have some leeway.

Men don't have to own super luxury cars or watches like they did in the bubble era, they don't have to wear suits like Armani or Versace, and even if they're talking about meals, they can go to bistros and bars for less than 1 yen per person. It was enough.

Besides, if you meet regularly once or twice a month, you can maintain the relationship.

This casual and platonic dad activity unexpectedly matches the needs of the times,Papa-katsu quickly became a boom among young women.

In 2017, with Shinji Nojima's script and Atsuro Watabe and Marie Iitoyo starring,Internet dramaIt was distributed as dTV FOD, and finallyTerrestrial broadcasting in the late-night frame of Fuji TVuntil

The rough and dry world was looking for a fake pure relationship through money.


Daddy life at the crossroads


However, how many years has it been since the platonic culture of papa katsu was maintained?

Now, in papa-katsu, sexual relationships are called “adult relationships”, or “adults” for short, and relationships in papa-katsu are sorted by “with or without adults”.

In addition, even if you don't do it at the end, there is also a form of "petit" that does a little naughty act.

Nowadays, dad activities have become a movement, and a large number of men and women are participating.

Born in the bubble era, in recent years, not only intermediaries such as dating clubs (dating clubs), which have evolved into daddy agencies, but also matching apps dedicated to daddy activities (papakatsu apps) have been created, and finally, SNS etc. There are also some dubious businesses that connect papa-katsu girls and men.

Under such circumstances, it is also true that there are many men and women lacking in manners who do not know the meaning and background of papa-katsu.

A woman I met said,Some people misunderstand it as customsis symbolic.If you don't choose a place to look for a partner, you can only meet a partner who disillusioned you.

I would like Papa-katsu to continue to draw a line between traditional compensated dating, “diversity” and “sapo-katsu”.

Papa-katsu is, after all, a sensible man who has a certain amount of leeway, both financially and psychologically, and who places importance on arrangements, escorting women, and I want to leave such a culture. , strongly wish.


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