Fuu no papa katsu☆GOLD no real story 15 Meeting and parting with the best girl


I'm Fuu.I am a club addict.

I look at the profile on the Universe Club site almost every day.

Unpopular, ordinary uncle Fuu never imagined that such a fun day would come two years ago.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is the GOLD class C type.


Two years ago, of course, without the coronavirus, I was on a business trip from Tokyo, where Fuu lives, to major cities.

I also come to Nagoya once a month, so I made an offer to Univa's Nagoya branch in order to make my business trip to Nagoya enjoyable and fulfilling.

There are rumors in the world that Nagoya is one of Japan's three biggest ugly cities, but it's a superstition.
Fuu feels really good about Univa.Cute and erotic.

the first really good boy

In Purofu, Fuu's favorite slender with good style.
She has a little brown hair, but she has an outstanding style and looks like Kumi Koda.She will call her Kumi-chan from now on.

Kumi-chan was an apprentice insurance lady and had just become one.Maybe she's in the pillow business?

Room is ok
I felt so relaxed even on the bed.But it's not a bad feeling, it's a sexy and experienced feeling.

In the case of papa-katsu, the other girl is young, and there are many cases where it is a landmine, such as a tuna or a weak reaction.
However, even though Kumi-chan is young, she actively blames me, licks me, makes me bigger, and Kumi-chan leads me to a six-nine system. It's great to have you on your back!Feels good.

Good style and beautiful skin
And erotic.

Fuu likes to attack more than to be attacked, so he switches offense and defense.bag

The constriction of the waist is also very beautiful
Oh amazing
It's raw, so it's the limit of patience.

At that time, I wasn't using .ED medicine, so I sometimes get silly, but I was allowed to play in the second round as it was.

It was a continuation confirmation, but for some reason it was disappointing that there was no communication.
It was so good that I remembered it several times and did it myself.

Next, a very good child

Kumi-chan has lost contact with me, so I will make a new Nagoya offer again.

This time, she looks naive, has black hair, and looks like Manatsu Akimoto from Nogizaka.

I call her Manatsu-chan.
It's a hit.
Katz pose.
In the history of Universiade, she was the best girl in my life.

When it comes out, it comes out, and when it's closed, it's closed.The body is well-balanced and the style is also good.My hobby is hot yoga and my skin is smooth and comfortable.

It's amazing from the kiss.It feels like it will absorb you.He kisses me so long that it takes my breath away.

The blowjob is also a rich blowjob and the degree of adhesion is high and it feels good.The inside of the mouth comes in close contact with the dick.

I wanted to put it in, so when I tried to put a rubber on it, it might be a coincidence, but there were many children who said that raw was fine.

Manatsu-chan is
"The back is good"
I say, so I'm going to pound the back.
Fuu is also a group that wants to push the back, so it's too good.

There was a day when the 3rd round was cool within the date time. It was Fuu's first consecutive third round since his twenties.

Manatsu-chan seemed to be in a good mood, so she naturally accepted the third round.

It lasted about a month for over a year.

When I thought that I would be able to hold Manatsu-chan, I was looking forward to a business trip to Nagoya and I was looking forward to it too much.

別 れ

When it was in December, it was around Christmas, so suddenly
It was a present from me, and he said he liked wine, so I gave him wine.

The wine I gave with my daily gratitude was a failure.

Manatsu-chan used to live in her parents' house, so when she brought home the wine, her parents had been pressing her for something strange recently.

Manatsu spends more money on travel and leisure than she earns, so her parents thought it was strange for a long time.

My parent's eyes are strict, and I can't see you anymore Line has arrived.

don't like me
don't take it seriously

I'm not serious about it, but there's a gaping hole in my heart.
It made me feel sad that I could never hold that body again.

There is no choice but to fill the sadness in search of new encounters.

Addicted to infinite loop
offer again
Addicted to Univa
It was Fuu who couldn't escape

There's gotta be a better boy
Today as well, I check my profile every night for new members and store them in my favorites.

Favorites are always kept around 130 people.

I hope I can meet a girl who is older than Manatsu, but I can't meet easily, so I'm limiting the offer to Tokyo due to Corona, so the probability is going down, but I'm making an offer again.

Fuu goes well with children from other regions besides Tokyo, so I would like to have the corona subside as soon as possible and resume the regional offer again.

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