Shingo's Pleasant Process ② Magical Power of "Atmosphere"! ?Things that everyone tends to forget

I'm Shingo Lee, a column writer.

I have already finished writing 8 episodes of the "Always × Affair" series, a series of mindsets and knowledge that will be useful when confronting women from my own experiences.

If you haven't read it yet, I would like you to call it from the "great heartbreak" that I wrote as a late self-introduction.

Shingo's Always x Affair ⑧: 18-year-old Ei Ikeda's big heartbreak to a beautiful woman who looks like Iza


In this series "Pleasure Process", I will write the know-how of sex that increases the satisfaction of the partner.Based on this series,I sincerely hope that the adult life of daddy and daddy girls will be better.


If everyone calms down, they'll understand, but they tend to forget

If there is a "strongest spear that can pierce anything" and a "strongest shield that can't penetrate anything", when the "strongest spear" strikes the "strongest shield", the strongest spear will pierce the strongest shield. Or is the ``strongest shield'' ``blocking the strongest spear''?Either way, the two are inconsistent, and this story will not be resolved.
You know that this is the origin of the word "contradiction".


It is misunderstood that there is "a technique that can make any woman cum if mastered" in this world.Men in the world are only concerned about "how to touch and where to touch".

Let's say that there was "the strongest point that can make you cum if you press it".Will the "pot" be effective in any atmosphere?


What are the worst situations for women when it comes to sex?Unwanted, unkind, exploitative sex—that's rape.(Absolutely not! Only consensual sex can win!)

Assuming that there is an all-purpose pot that can make any woman cum, would she go crazy if she was raped and forced to push that pot?


The answer is NO.

Rape play or SM play that comes from propensity is fine, but you can't really rape and make yourself squid.(Strictly speaking, women can orgasm when they're frightened, but it's not the technique, it's the fear.)


Everyone should know.
"The important thing in sex is to create an atmosphere rather than technique."


Magical power of atmosphere ~ Human beings are vulnerable to "peer pressure"

 The "Mote Spiral Theory" I wrote in my first post talked about "the more popular you are, the more popular you become".

Shingo's constant × love affair ① The more popular, the more popular [Motes Spiral Theory]

Being popular also means stepping on the number of times you have sex.
If you step on the number of sex scenes, you will have a winning pattern that girls will have sex when you have such an atmosphere.
Knowing the "atmosphere" of this winning pattern and being able to create it is also a factor that separates those who ride the Mote Spiral from those who can't.


As an example of how easily people can be swayed by other people's opinions, let's take a look at "Ash's Conformity Experiment".

Question: Choose a stick with the same length as the "example" stick above from ① to ③.


How would you answer this question?

The obvious answer to this question isNevertheless,A lot of people answer that.The cause of the wrong answer is the heart of "Ash's experiment".
Of course you should have answered XNUMX.
For this question, I answered XNUMX and got it right.


So, if you can correctly answer ②, please read on.






・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・







picture?Isn't the answer XNUMX?

that's right.
③ is the correct answer.


In Ash's attunement experiment, we prepare six sakuras who give wrong answers to such obvious mistakes.
Ash's conformity experiment is to observe how the seventh subject responds after six of the Sakura's have answered incorrectly.


And in this matching experiment with Ash, the surprising thing is that 37% of the subjects said that Ash's incorrect response was "correct".

Out of 100 people, 37 people, even if they think they are clearly wrong, will be swept away by the "atmosphere" and answer "what is wrong is right".


 As you can see from now on, humans are prone to be swayed by the "right answer on the spot".


Atmosphere like you have to have sex

There are quite a few girls who are picking up girls and end up having sex after talking to them.
between pick-ups"immediate"It is called.

you are“What kind of girl do you think a straight line is?”How would you answer the question?

"A bitch who looks like she's going to the club?"
"Menhera who seems to be wearing mine-type makeup?"
"A horny female pig?"


You can imagine all sorts of slutty women.


However, the correct answer is different.
Most of them are normal girls.


However, when asked about what makes these girls different from ordinary girls, they said that they "get along well", "can't refuse invitations", and "easily get sucked into the atmosphere".
If anything, there are more girls with good personalities, and they don't have the so-called "bitch-ness".


It becomes a space for just two people, a man and a woman.
Sit very close to each other and hold hands.
"What are you doing on your days off?" or "Where do you want to go on a trip after Corona?"It becomes a lover-like atmosphere and is swept away by it.

If you suddenly stare at each other and your mouth starts to get closer"Oh, this is the atmosphere to kiss," I think, and I respond.

Put your lips on top of each other, stimulate each other's mucous membranes, and when your bottom starts to get tangled and your breathing starts to get rough,I think, "Oh, this is the atmosphere to do it," and I respond to it.


The mechanism by which a man and a woman have sex when they are alone is very simple.


 The question is whether the girl feels negativity towards you enough to throw off such an atmosphere.That's all.


Mechanism that Nampa mass-produces sex.
Mechanism of "Mote Spiral where popular things become popular".


It is whether or not you know the atmosphere of this man and woman who end up having sex.


What controls the atmosphere "controls the sex"

Let's take a closer look at the point that dominated the atmosphere a little more.


In the boat"Brain Iki"The word is flooded, but the know-how is not becoming common.

Even if you exchange opinions with your sex-loving friends who are making your brain come alive, the know-how is diverging and slightly inconsistent.Perhaps there is no right or wrong, but there are various schools.

Some use a form of hypnosis.

From now on, some people will object to my theory of brain iki, but I am not particularly familiar with it, so I will accept the criticism.


Well, in my case, I am making my brain come alive by creating an "atmosphere that makes my brain come alive."

There are some women who have a brain orgasm, but their body remembers "Iku movement" with words and atmosphere, and there are women who come with my suggestion.There are women who are attracted to "atmosphere", so this time I will introduce the pattern.


Create an atmosphere by telling the girl, "Hey, you haven't touched anything yet, but you're still twitching."
Gradually, the girl begins to fidget, moving her lower body back and forth on her own, making a disgusting sigh.

When I asked her, "Do you look alive?", she said sadly, "Yes...".
After bullying her with words for a while, when I say "Ike, hora, Ike", she makes her body convulse while raising her voice "Iku!"


However, in fact, she is not really acme so far.
It's all acting.

It would look very funny to an unfamiliar third party, but two people are seriously acting in a space where they are alone.


However, when the atmosphere created by the two of them gradually swallows her, the "acting" becomes a reality.

Just like before, if you tease her with words and give hints, she will die.
This time it has a long convulsion and drips a disgusting juice from the genitals.

 Now she can't control herself, and every time I yell "It's cool!", she goes into convulsions.
 Unlike the beginning, she can no longer control herself, is completely swallowed by my atmosphere, and climaxes many times.


If you can get the atmosphere right, you can lead it to the climax.


lastly.Don't be a customer of a sex shop

Well, let's create an atmosphere where everyone is aiming for brain alive!As expected, it is unreasonable.
I don't think there is a bad person who rapes on the boulder, but as the next lowest rank"customers"I want to say, don't be like

In recent years, it is said that men tend to emphasize the control of women rather than their own ejaculation.
In short, the number of men who want to make women orgasm with their own power has increased.


It may sound great to women in terms of making an effort, but the problem is that so many men are having sex with women as if making them orgasm is a game.


Haven't you asked, "Did you cum?"
Women feel annoyed by the pressure to "have to squid".


In fact, the atmosphere you create together should be more important than what you do with your hands or what sex toys you use.


Brothel customers come in with a face that says, "I paid for it, so it's natural for you to open your legs," and play with women's bodies without any atmosphere.
As if to show off his overflowing sexual knowledge, he asked the woman questions such as "Does it feel good here?"


I don't want you to have sex like that.

I want you to always have sex that respects the other person's personality so that you can create an atmosphere together.


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