Shingo's constant × love affair ① The more popular, the more popular [Motes Spiral Theory]

Nice to meet you.

My name is Shingo Lee and I will be writing a column starting this month.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a man in his early 40s who hails from the "overseas sex industry" and "nampa" areas.


 Most of the people who write about love in a pompous manner are currently living a happy life, but when they were young they weren't popular and had low self-esteem, and I'm definitely one of them.

 Until the age of 28, he had three dating experiences. She was 3 years old and she was a love refugee with 22 dating people for 6 years after becoming a member of society.


 After I turned 28, I continued to work overseas and worked in various countries.I was able to easily go to places other than the country where I was stationed, so I experienced various “women” in various countries.
 In addition, I made a girlfriend locally, and my self-esteem improved a little.In countries other than Japan, there is a tendency not to put much emphasis on appearance, so it was really helpful.


 Even after returning to Japan, I have been able to interact with various "women" from long-term relationships to instant relationships... I don't like counting women like military achievements, I don't know exactly, but I've been involved with about 160-200 women.


 In this column, I would like to write articles that can help you based on what I have learned, practiced, and experienced.


Is the "Motes Spiral Theory" true?


This time, let's introduce the word "Mote Spiral Theory" from "Romance Engineering".

 "Love Engineering" is love know-how that is as close to science as possible based on the facts advocated by Suki Fujisawa.
  I personally disagree with some of the practical know-how, but there are many facts-based mindsets that I can learn from.


 There is a word called "Mote Spiral Theory" that appears in Kazuki Fujisawa's original work, "I think I will prove my love."I will introduce the "guppy experiment" that appears there.


 Two tanks can be seen separated from one female guppy.

 Put a male “handsome guppy” with a beautiful tail fin on one side, and an ugly male “busamen guppy” with a ragged tail fin on the other side.

 There are three tanks, each divided into tanks that can see each other but cannot intersect.


 During the breeding season, females are placed only in the "Busame Guppy" tank, and only the Busamen Guppy are allowed to mate.A female guppy can see it.


 After mating a lot, I put a female guppy, a handsome guppy, and a bushy guppy that I had been watching all together in the same tank, and then I tested which female guppy would mate with.


 In conclusion, this female guppy chose not "handsome guppy" but "busamen guppy".


 What we can see from this is that the males that the females want to mate with are the males that mate a lot with other females.
 Similar results have been obtained from animals other than guppies.

 We humans are "homo sapiens" animals, and this animal is no exception.

 We don't actually show each other how much we're having sex, but we can infer that we're having a lot of sex.


 "The more popular you are, the more popular you become."This sad chain is called "Mote Spiral" in love engineering.


When I realized the "Mote Spiral"


Let's start with a success story.


 To some extent, it is a story about the time when I was able to produce results in street pick-ups and my activities became fun.
 I called out to a woman on the way home from a year-end party in Aki*hara, exchanged numbers, and decided to have dinner at a later date.

 The hotel was refused the first time, but he said he would like to meet again.

 It was decided to be tied safely at the hotel on the second date.


 When I heard later that she was a 31-year-old beautiful woman, she had the ability to be selected as Miss Prefecture eight years ago.

 It was an ambiguous relationship where we would see each other from time to time, but one day he said, "Actually, I had a boyfriend, but he broke up with me. I want you to go out with me."


 At that time, at a certain exhibition held at the International Exhibition Hall, I talked to a beautiful woman who was a companion who was explaining the product.

 It would be rude to try to persuade her after asking, "Is the product description okay?" I wonder if it's possible?", and the other person laughed and exchanged lines saying, "It's really no good, but it's special."


 As a companion at the age of 28, a tough fight was expected, but it was tied in the first time without any problems.I was surprised to learn that she is so thin that her upper arms are about to break, but she is a G cup.


 After the two started seeing each other regularly, they became unbeatable and popular enough that if they had dinner with a girl, they would definitely bring it to the hotel.

 During this time, my appearance didn't change, I just "became popular".


 The 18-year-old designer girl I approached on the street in Shibuya was my final destination.She looked just like Zu Yamanouchi, and although her head was half my size, her legs were long and slender.

 I liked the number with this girl, promised dinner later, and after dinner finished things at the hotel as usual.And this child developed into a serious romance.

 In this way, "the more popular you are, the more popular you become."
 But this is also true vice versa.
 Now let's talk about failures.


 At that time, I had many sex friends such as a 31-year-old dance instructor, a 29-year-old major corporate office worker, and a 28-year-old Chinese exchange student.


 In a rare flurry of drunkenness, I ended up telling my 31-year-old dance instructor a mind-manipulation technique I knew.Then she started saying, "Well, I've been used."

 Until just a little while ago, I was having a good time talking to her, but she suddenly became displeased, and since then she has stopped responding to sex even if she drinks.


 As a result, I got caught up with the child of a major clerical worker, and I think I felt that I didn't have enough sex.I think that the child was even more sensitive because he was a child who emphasized the process until he was held.
 This girl also goes out with tea, but it has become a relationship that can not be held.

 After a series of such incidents, I finally made a LINE to the Chinese exchange student, saying, "Let's have sex."From the beginning, it was a relatively dry relationship, so I don't think there was a problem with how to invite her, but by chance she got a boyfriend, and if she prioritized her boyfriend's schedule, she wouldn't be able to meet him, so she would lose her. rice field.


 Not all events have a causal relationship, but these two experiences made me realize that when I am popular, I run up the stairs with ease, and when I am not popular, I fall down the stairs.


Summary of today's article


This is my first column.

In my column, I would like to introduce lessons learned through real-life experiences.

In addition, I'm not handsome after all, so I don't know the world of popular men who are higher than me.

However, as a life-sized former non-popular man, I hope I can be of some help to everyone.


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