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The real intention of a dad active girl

When I first entered university, everyone seemed to have grown up in a nice family, all sparkling and stylish.


The university I went to was a decent private university, and I was the only child, so I was finally able to pay the tuition.Her academic style wasn't that good for a wealthy student, but she wore an expensive-looking watch that glowed beautifully and wore a dress from a popular brand.


All the kids around me looked rich, and I was completely a "potato" on such a campus.Nowadays, if you open TikTok or Instagram, you can get a skeleton diagnosis of "How to be sophisticated!"There's a lot of information out there on how to make yourself cute, but back then I had no choice but to do trial and error by myself over and over again.


I was optimistic that I would be able to somehow get a boyfriend in a group I somehow joined, and somehow I would get a boyfriend. I thought, "Oh, you can't get 'beauty' if you don't make an effort."


I started a part-time job, but I was miserable the whole time at a workplace that was far from fashionable.I didn't feel like I could be a cafe clerk or apparel.Because that place is a battlefield for cute girls.


The guns and bullets of the girls fighting on the battlefield are brand bags in one hand and Starbucks Frappuccino in the other.An elegant yet cutting-edge design dress is always a combat uniform.


Beautiful curly hair that I can't do even if it takes my whole life is a substitute for a helmet.Her smooth, well-treated hair looks like an angel's ring.


I'm sure there's a bloody effort behind it.The mirror I tried to break many times, the morning I cried because I couldn't get my bangs done and I didn't want to go to school.With a smile that had never happened before, her figure walking on the front line of the battlefield in heels was strong and yet really beautiful.


I'm sure we all have nights like the dysmorphic song that's been trending on TikTok lately.Girls have nights when they shut themselves up screaming that they are so ugly that they can't go out. I bite her lips and put on makeup again today, thinking that it would be nice if I could have that kind of mind.


No matter how many layers of foundation you put on, no matter how many layers of false eyelashes you wear, you won't look cute.All the cute girls on Instagram are doubles, and the singles are just "face placement wins".The more I know that I can't win no matter what I do, the more I feel depressed.


I wish I could be someone's number one!I often hear this, but what should I do if I can't even be my ex-boyfriend's number one?There is an insurmountable wall between my sweet girl and me.Before I knew it, I was lost in the world of Attack on Titan.


For us to live tomorrow, to see the future.I think that papa activity was born as one of the means.Because "pseudo dads" who are about the same age as our fathers love us instead.


Even we know, the only thing we love is "youth".In order to survive on the battlefield of this world, you have to use anything as a weapon.It's fine to use youth as a weapon for that.


I can't open myself up so easily, and today, when people I pass by laugh, I worry that they might be laughing at my appearance.


It's a bad thing to live as a dad, and it quickly becomes a controversy on Twitter.Some people make fun of girls with Lady Dior.


But we want to be beautiful.Or for dreams, and for life.It may not be a great reason, but we're just clinging to our way of living in this world.


Because being young and being a woman are weapons.Magic that can only be used now, I want to use it now. At midnight the magic will wear off, so do it while you're still in your twenties.right now.


Before "high brand dress" became "high school jersey".


Before "luxury cars" became "light cars".


I'll leave the glass slipper behind, so please find me.


We are literally "desperate" as we live with such a prayer-like feeling, almost dying.


I've only ever been a daddy, but I respect girls who are serious about daddy life.If the society isn't clean, it won't be shy. Even today I want to close my ears to the information that regularly appears on the Internet news, such as "A beautiful woman and an ugly woman have an annual income difference of 3000 million yen!"


You don't have to be beautiful, you don't have to have money.


That kind of line is surely a line that comes out because we don't know hell.That's why we have to desperately earn money and struggle to be cute.


I don't mean to deny dad activities, but honestly, I think it would be nice if society could change.


being sexually harassed or molested.If you ignore persistent pick-ups, there are some self-centered worst guys who will spit out "ugly!" without hesitation.Of course, I'm not saying that it's hard for women to live alone.However, it would be nice if we could convey even a little bit of our suffering, and we can only hope that the world will change.


A university where you have to go on your own without being able to borrow a scholarship.Young ladies who won't let you in if you don't have branded items.If you're not beautiful, the service will be bad, and society will not treat you kindly.


I wish I could change that "now".


But I'm sure it won't change anytime soon, so we're doing daddy activities to survive.Change it quickly, Prime Minister.


So that we can be "just as we are".


And don't be discriminated against because of your face, appearance, or body shape.


I am chanting such a wish that will not come true to a shooting star today.

Gen Z writer.He writes mostly about sex life and mental health.I want to write about life.

Article by Tjiasuka


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