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Is it tough to live as a dad in Arasa?

Sneijder's dress with Van Cry's earrings.Of course, the bag is Lady Dior and the heel is Valentino.


There must have been many girls who came to Tokyo with such ideals in mind.If you open Instagram, you'll see photos of her going to afternoon tea almost every day and eating at a luxury hotel.A lover is one of the possessions.I'm sure everyone wants to walk next to a cool, tall, slender, handsome man who looks good in clothes.If you don't have something that you can be proud of, you have to go to a place that you can be proud of.If you are dominated by such thoughts, you will not be able to see what is in front of you.We've all been through nights like that.


There is a Twitter account called "Tokyo Diary".The so-called OL, host madness, menhera and landmines.From prostitutes, hostesses, and papa active girls, it's a manga that seems to skim the surface of Tokyo, and it's often buzzed.


It's full of daddy girls like I wrote at the beginning.Sometimes the content is ridiculed, and sometimes it's like snuggling up.In a way, I feel like I can tell by how popular this manga is, how many papa-katsu-joshi there are in Tokyo.


I became an Alasar last year."Marriage", "childbirth", "promotion", "part-time life" and "dreams" suddenly fall like rain as soon as you become Arasa.Alasar has too much to do honestly.I have to get to work properly!While thinking about it, the rural parents rush to get married.I can't tell my grandparents, who want to see their grandchildren's faces, about the current situation like a freeter.


It was great when I was in college. Because the brand called "women's college student" protected us.The college girl brand is no match for Van Cry or Dior.It's a limited-time luxury brand that you want to get the most and make money.Just because I'm a female college student, I can get a little pampering, and it's easy for my dad to get caught.


The moment Hana's student life ended, our floor suddenly opened up. "Getting old", I never thought that such a mundane thing would become such a drag.It's probably the same even for people who don't do dad activities.The sense of discrimination that leaks out with a sigh that men are cunning is still stuck in my head.


As long as we are human beings, getting older is a matter of course, but dads want youth.and beauty.It is true that we are most beautiful when we are in our late teens and early twenties.Now, the skin that repels water and the texture that sticks to it.Wrinkle-free, supple cheeks and flawless whiteness.Well-formed breasts don't know how to droop yet.Her hair is lustrous, and her thin limbs are like a doll.When I was a female college student, I was able to enjoy such "now" as if it were a matter of course.


Alaska is scary.I feel like my spots have suddenly increased, and I despair of days when I forgot to apply sunscreen.I dabble in anti-aging, thinking it might make my wrinkles stand out.A sagging stomach is hard to keep eating fried food and meat every day.By the time the rough skin has finally healed, aging will follow.forgive me.


That's why we sell the "now", which will become the past in an instant.


The important thing in dad life is to be a good daughter, a cute girlfriend, and an ideal wife for dad.I've never been married, and I'm not your daughter.Please show us when we are at our most beautiful.That's how I feel.


In a way, dads are “witnesses”.More than anything else, it proves that I existed in this world.I would be very happy if you would appreciate me.If you witnessed me, who has few friends, if you think that there is no place for me in this world, it will be proof of my existence that I lived in this world.


Unlike when we were young, when we could only despair, saying, "Nobody loves me," "I don't have money," or "I don't look cute," we can earn our own money.Set a price, negotiate, and earn as much money as you can with tea and adults.When you get old, you can't make money.


But you don't have to give up.As you get older, you gain more experience and gain more knowledge.You can sell your know-how with a note, and you can even become an advisor.It's a pity to grow old!I want you to play the role-playing game of this aging life.This game sucks.Aging is a level up.The more experience we gain, the more brave we become.


So don't despair of getting old.Don't be sad that the demand is gone.Even if you don't have the luxury brands in your hands, your brain and heart are inside you.


Let's walk the death road of this life while lightly defeating the monsters that appear each time we get older.On the bloody red carpet, we can be "Queen of Kabukicho" wearing Sneijder.

Gen Z writer.He writes mostly about sex life and mental health.I want to write about life.

Article by Tjiasuka


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