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The story of the night when I couldn't have sex

Let's talk about my sex today.


That said, I don't want to talk about how popular I am, but rather about that special night when I didn't get to have sex.


The frankly telling love story is something that everyone is interested in but can't write.I'm not afraid of anything, so I'll write it, but please keep it a secret with you who read this.


A long time ago, there was a time when I was addicted to matching apps.Having said that, I'm the type of person who can't live alone.It was a hassle to move around, so I only met people who had cars or who paid for taxis.From that pub to that house.It was like a migratory bird. "Don't take care of yourself", "Don't make fun of men".


But he was generally nice and had a good time.I was kicked out of my house once.At that time, when I was washing my hair in the bathtub, I was kicked out. "Impossible! It's dirty!" Then, are Yukino Kishii and Ryo Narita from "What is love" dirty? ? ! ?I was half-hearted, but there are mines that I don't want to be stepped on, so it can't be helped.


One time I was matched with a bartender I didn't know and went to a bar he said he was running.For some reason, it seemed to be the second most intelligent university gathering place in Japan, and surrounded by highly educated people, I couldn't help but be dazed.The bartender said, "Are you really here!?"The smart students were also screaming and screaming, and I was kind of happy and waved my shaker. (By the way, I have no bartending experience, too bad)


A customer girl taught me everything from the place of ice to the place of alcohol, and I was a bar manager for one night without knowing well.It was interesting in its own way, and some girls secretly asked me for love advice.


"Actually... the guy sitting next to me is my boyfriend, but I'm also going out with the bar manager... it's a secret...!"


yes! ?That's why I knew various places while I was about to say out loud...!I was convinced, and somehow I got caught up in her mischievous laughter.Even though she was highly educated, what she was doing wasn't that different from what I was doing.I was probably just drunk.


In the end, I didn't have sex with the man who was kicked out of the house or the bartender.Why do I only remember nights when I don't have time?I'm sure it's a special memory that I can still remember that mysterious feeling.


There was a man I met once for fifteen minutes.I was drinking until morning, and when I opened the app at dawn, I was immediately matched with someone.He told me to come over to his house because he would pay for the taxi and the drinks.When I got to his house, it was obvious that he was living with someone, the room was pink, and the tissue cases, mirrors, and accessories were all Hello Kitty.There was one man with long hair and a thin beard who looked like a bandman.He's kind of funny, and the moment he entered the room, he burst into laughter. When I asked him about the situation with a timid smile, "Don't laugh," it seems that he ended up living together after being haunted by a woman he used to be friends with.What do you mean by "living together"?While thinking that, he often talks about her for some reason.


“He makes me a bento every day, ah, I’m a bartender. Even the bento is charaben, like Hello Kitty or Sanrio. It’s embarrassing~!


The sight of her muttering made me feel that I was in love with her, so I drank two cans of beer quickly and wished you good luck!and went home.


There was also an invitation to work as a dad.I was sad when my girlfriend Ali invited me to say, "If you're going to be a daddy with me, you should lose a little more weight."But she is one interesting person.On the day I met her, my dad, who let me eat blowfish and sushi, invited me to go on a trip to Kanazawa.I heard that he has a wife and children.


I asked, "Isn't that an affair?"She almost fell in love with the gentleman, but she shook her head at the thought of alimony that might one day be demanded.


Choosing a single person is absolutely safe and secure.There is no need to think of someone's hurt face.If you fall in love with a gentleman's face, it's too late, so let's stay calm and clever.


Survive the rough seas of this world wisely while dancing with happy memories.Finding a good dad is hard work.I have to manage it, and I have to do detailed aftercare and mental care.Every day is tiring, but for us to have a wonderful future.Migratory birds should be able to not only migrate people, but also be good at migrating the world.


Run until the day you catch the best daddy while playing matchmaking app.Tomorrow, in a world where someone loves someone else.

Gen Z writer.He writes mostly about sex life and mental health.I want to write about life.

Article by Tjiasuka


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