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"We were bought"

"We were bought"


I saw a tweet saying that I was afraid that Papa Katsu Joshi would come up with it later.


Twitter is basically unsafe, so there are people who easily swear.Besides, there are fires everywhere, and everyone is desperate to put out fires.Burning and fighting, sometimes with funny tweets.It's like a weekly updated jump, packed with all kinds of entertainment.That's when I saw this tweet.


Some men often say, "Women are cunning!"Then, this time, extreme feminists called tsuifemi get angry, and the repetition repeats.They are repeatedly fighting barren battles, but what do the actual daddy girls think?I always wondered.


I find and observe accounts that look like daddy girls on Twitter, but they don't mention anything in particular, they just seem to be doing the work in front of them. Return LINE, ask for gifts, take care of yourself, and find a new daddy.No trivial topics for them enter into the routine.I always feel that there is something wrong with the battle scene where the person himself is absent.


Are we really being bought?Papa is definitely the one who gives us money and feeds us delicious food.Sometimes school fees, rent, cell phone bills.The reality is that we have no choice but to rely on dads because we need money to live.Even so, there are people who do it for fun. I'm not bad at communicating on LINE, I don't mind meeting peas, and I'm lucky because I can earn money easily!Some people seem to think so.


I think the most reasonable way to get money now is to be a dad.There are many people who think that they should earn as much as they can before the so-called woman's expiration date expires.If you know when it's time to end the relationship, there's nothing to worry about, but there are some people who are sloppy.I can't accept the demand that drops as I get older, and in the end I won't be able to get money if I don't have a physical relationship.


Dream, plan your life.And let's look at the deal.Otherwise, you will end up saying "I was bought" someday.


I don't think it's wrong to say it was bought.It's actually bought.Selling sex, selling youth, and getting paid for it.We are definitely being bought.


Someday, when they can no longer earn money, when they wake up from their daily dreams of having a lot of money, I think some people realize for the first time that they have been "bought."At that time, remembering the time when I was a daddy in the past, I may be painful and hurt.The day may come when you will regret spending the night with an uncle you don't even know, or saying you like him even though you didn't like him.


Therefore, I want people who start dad activities to be aware of the risks.The day may come when you regret it, the day when you may wish you hadn't done it.


But in order for us to live, it's good to have a means of papa katsu.Of course, if you can make money without doing anything, you don't have to do it, but you have to work hard for your living.Some people say that being a dad is a bad job, but broadly speaking, being a dad is like a hospitality business.Do people who say that never go to sex clubs, cabaret clubs, hosts or women?


Parents often say, "It's been a tough time~ Don't do daddy activities!"Because I think people used to say the same thing when compensated dating was popular in the past.Everyone must have said the same thing when brussels became popular and when there were a lot of high school girls selling pants.Of course it's no good if you're underage.


The oldest occupation in the world seems to be actually a prostitute.The long-standing desire for sex is one of the three great desires, and it is indispensable for us.That's why I don't think it's dirty, and it's true that there are people who have that kind of occupation, so please accept it, world.


A girl I know works at a snack bar.To earn money for her to study abroad.Stop dating boyfriends!She immediately replied.


"Then can you pay?"


She didn't seem to have any intention of hurting her boyfriend who kept quiet after that.She just stated her facts.The more ways we can pursue our dreams and fight reality, the better.


“We were bought,” exclaims radical feminists.You should follow your heart.It's a lie that we were bought!Women are the worst!What a shout, let's ignore those who don't like it.Even if you are bought, you are still you.Rather, you can sell yourself, because your worth is not determined by people.


On the top floor of a luxury hotel, enjoy a beautiful night view while sipping a delicious cocktail and clinking a toast.Have a nice afternoon tea and have a tea party with berry scented tea.Fashionable brand bags and brand clothes that classmates can't buy.


In order to spend such a dreamlike time, I put a price tag on myself.


You decide your own value. 


You will surely become stronger.

Gen Z writer.He writes mostly about sex life and mental health.I want to write about life.

Article by Tjiasuka


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