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I tried dad life for the first time!

Nice to meet you Nice to meet you!

Hello to those who came from the question box.

I'm Umu Potashi, a female member of the Universe Club.

(I'm also cheeky about answering the question box.)

*I don't know what kind of person writes this kind of column, so

I'm the type that can't be trusted, so at the end of the post, I'll explain who I am as long as my personal information isn't leaked out.


【please note】

The column articles that will be posted here are:

Firstly, to summarize my initial intentions so as not to stray from the path while I am working as a dad.

And as I collect my thoughts, I will ask you to build a way of thinking that will serve as the foundation for polishing women.

As I work on this column, I would be very happy if some kind of synergistic effect was created for women who are worried about the lack of offers and those who are worried about starting dad activities!

Instead of thinking that dad activities are just a way to earn money, I want to gain experience and knowledge from men I can meet, which will be a source of my life.

Have you ever thought that you want to become a better woman through dad activities?that?just me? 

Come on!Let's go to Utopia~! (The content is not fiction, so trust me there!)



′′ the trigger of papa life. (Reason for starting)

I will summarize the reason why I started dad life like a column article!

I'm the type who works hard at my day job, and I'm a science student in college too?for

I have no experience in night jobs such as cabaret clubs and lounges.

In the past, I used a matchmaking app to kill time, but I withdrew because I had many goals

Right now, I'm doing daddy activities only with a specific person at Universe Club.

Interest  "I want to meet various people! I want to hear their stories! I want to expand my world!"

  Have you ever felt that the world you see is too small?

  I am a major (probably) office worker, but I was introduced by a friend's boyfriend at work when I was seconded.

  I had the opportunity to meet with self-employed people and learn about the world of management!

  There were various things, and I decided to play daddy life with that person, and at first there was no money generated,

  I came to have a relationship mainly with meals and adults.

  From a certain timing, did that man feel sorry for not asking for anything from me?

  The allowance is now passed (lol) It's different every time.

 (Because I didn't ask for anything while following her around and talking to her even when she was shopping.)

  Well, I don't know what to ask for,

  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I work and buy what I really want.

  this is the first time in my life from a man

  Find value in time with me and express gratitude It's an experience that I've been able to do.

  If it weren't for this opportunity, I would have been just a company slave!

i want money too  "After all, it's better to have a lot of money!" 

  Money is not a problem.

  No, the more I have I am so grateful and happy!You can feel safe and be kind to people!

  Potashium likes money very much.

  I wanted to be surrounded by a lot of money, so I thought about submitting an entry sheet to the bank.

  I love money very much.

  However, because I love money so much, there is a line that should never be crossed.

  I think there is.

  going astray as a person to get money, and hurting someone for money,

  Seeing men only as ATMs... A person's worth cannot be measured in terms of money.

  Just because I like money, I have to face my relationship with money, just like with alcohol.

  I think I'm going to kill myself

  When you die, what you can see in the revolving lantern is experience or joy

  I want to end my life feeling all kinds of emotions again.

  You can't bring money into your brain.

  Therefore, even if you love money very much, accept the allowance as a form of feeling,

  Never show your desire for money to the other party, no matter how low or high it is

  With that in mind, I decided to start working as a dad.

  When this line is crossed, will the gold-gold girl that is often said be completed?

  So, when I cross this line, I quit being a dad.for my life.

  Because I like money, I don't think money (benefits) should eat me up.

Trauma from past male experiences  “Why I decided to have an adult relationship (physical relationship)”

  It was about a year or two ago when I had my first experience with a man.

  It was an unforgivable relationship (married).

  I love it so much that I still think of it.

  If you think that the other's wife hates you,

  I thought that this man's personality was influenced by his wife, and I thanked him,

  He also continued to be haunted by his own immorality.

  I have as many men as stars, so why am I obsessed with this man? ?

 To solve the question "Isn't it because it's the first time??"

  A quick chat with the man who introduced me to a new world (described in 1.1)

  I tried dating an adult (laughs)

  As a result, those who love a lot know that

  That's why I started working as a dad with a view to dating adults.

  And if it's a relationship where money is generated

  Money relationship!No loss!So I can convince myself

  (I like money that much)

  Therefore, Daddy life is better than normal love!that's what I thought.

woman polish  “I want to know what kind of women men like, and I want to learn that too.”

  Girls who are doing dad activities are "sparkling", "fashionable", "beautiful", and "good atmosphere"

  I think there are many children who are full of charm as women.

  Even if you can make a beautiful woman with plastic surgery, there is a limit, and what should you do about the atmosphere?

  I don't know if I can imitate it, even though I went to a girls' school for 10 years.

  That's why I want to show you the behavior, appearance, and gestures that make you a "good woman" through the eyes of your dad.

  I want to learn and update myself!that's not the mistress

  I thought that I could do it because I was a dad.

  It doesn't cost much, but isn't it a good deal to get information on how to polish women?

I want to eat something delicious!  "I want to eat delicious food with delicious stories"

  After all, you are happy when your stomach is filled!

  And self-employed people and people with a lot of income know good restaurants.

  There are many delicious things in the world!It's the ultimate happiness to be able to taste it!

  And if deliciousness + men's knowledge and experience become seasonings

  There is no doubt that it is a meaningful time!

  Of course, in order for men to have the same meaningful time

  I never forget to prepare in advance, and always

  Work hard and learn!You can't sit cross-legged on the gender of a woman!

  But I also like fast food like Burger King and Torikizoku.


“Are you worried about whether or not you want to live as a dad? 』

 There may not be anyone in the same situation as me, but

 If there are people who have something similar to my reason and are worried about dad life

 I think you should try it once!Try it and if it doesn't work, stop.

 I want to live as a dad while I'm worried, can I do it too?Is it okay to look like this?

 For those who have endless worries, and those who are really struggling with money,

 And I crossed the line with the awareness of getting money while working as a dad now.

 Self-loathing (depression), those who are mentally tough but cannot quit 

By all means, once "I will have a relationship that will not only earn money but will be a valuable time"

 When you have the feeling You may be able to enjoy it! (I am it)

 I don't always meet good men.

 However, it is also an experience, a study, and the difficulty of earning money.

 I am thinking.If you do it, it's fun, and the effort to make it fun is interesting.

*By the way, in the two weeks since I started working as a dad, I was worried about a lot of things, my mentality was sharpened, my immune system was weakened,

Lack of sleep, labial herpes, etc. I wonder why I'm alive.I've thought about it.

It's just that it was a big part of what I was obligated to myself.

I didn't really enjoy being a dad.I think now.


[Next time] I thought about what I gained (advantages) and what I lost (disadvantages) by actually being a dad

    I might change it!It might be about meeting Daddy and letter dating!I will go whatever I feel like!


About Potashium

Columns can't be trusted (prejudice)

Those who are worried about registering for Universe Club,

Those who are curious about what kind of women are in the club

What is this impertinent woman in the first place?because it may seem

Below is a summary of the ecology of Potashiumu.

Name: Potashiumu Gender: Female

Age: late twenties

Occupation: Big company? (Comprehensive work) 

* More than XNUMX companies submitted entry sheets. I also studied a lot of things like SPI.

 It is no exaggeration to say that I have spent my life trying to succeed in job hunting.

 Elementary, middle and high school I worked hard while the girls around me were fashionable and playful.

Annual income: Average annual income for age Educational background: Graduated from XNUMX universities 

Appearance: (Face) Very normal.It seems to be in the lower facial caste.The role of a beautiful woman!

    (physique) Skeleton straight F cup beauty weight about

Commitment: I won't change my daily life with the allowance I got from Papa-katsu.

     Only that I gave up if I was working normally, and

     Use the allowance only in ways that are considered to be returned to Daddy.

     I will never forget the time and money of the other party, and the respect and gratitude for the other party.

     It is precisely because women are neither superior nor men superior that I never forget to be considerate as a person.

     Everything is worth it, what you do is worth it, every encounter is worth it!

     I'm living a life as a dad with the awareness that the only reason I can't feel the value is that my sensitivity is dull.

A utopian dad activity started by an office worker with a lower facial caste.I love money very much, but it's close to self-development that doesn't drown in money...Yes!This article is all for you!

Potashium's article

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