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I really enjoy my date with my dad


Mistress-like dad life…..I don’t call it dad life anymore,

This is Potashium, who plays [Aikatsu].

This is completely incomprehensible to people who are looking for money-making or self-employed adult entertainment projects.

Please feel free to contact us if this applies to you.

You can also go to the left, but counterclockwise means going back, so it might not make sense.

As I'm writing this, I'm wondering if the clockwise design of the turn clock and the update button are reminiscent of a clock.Well, I'll leave you with a story that caught my attention.

All I can say is that since both men and women are human beings, it is not beautiful to deceive the other person in a pseudo-romantic way to get them to pay tribute or to have sex, and such people are ugly, so both should be honest and considerate. I want to live in a utopia of relationships created by

In fact, my current state of cutlet may be called a utopia.

Prerequisites for a date with your mistress (dad)

* Potashium’s thinking status in September 2023

[Potashiumu's Thought 1] Adult relationships are just seasonings

Our dates are not limited to adult relationships.

I'm open to adult relationships, but I feel like if I want to vent my sexual desire or the other person wants to have sex, it's totally fine.

[Each partner does what the other person wants to do]companionshipCormorant] 

It's a normal thing to do in a friendship, and I don't think it would be a problem at all if it's someone you respect and like (as a human being).

There are many new discoveries, so you can say that your life will be enriched.

If the people I'm with can be happy or have fun, then I'm happy too.

I like that kind of world.Because I want that kind of world, I go as far as to strive to be like that myself.

[Nothing will change unless you take action]

Maybe that's just the way of the world.

Of course,自 分I will refuse if it seems like it would make me unhappy..

Also, my dad knows that I like money, so he goes out on dates to make me happy and gives me plenty of allowances, so I guess it's a win-win relationship.

There may be a limit to who I can do this with, but I think it's true for men as well, as long as they treat me well.That's what I think.

[Potashiumu's Thoughts 2] It's fun to have the experience of laughing silly together

I feel like my feelings meet with this person when I can laugh silly with them during the time we spend together.

As for the actual episode, the first time I went out with my dad, we used a distinctive city hotel.We played a mysterious game where we used spot lighting to show the pose of a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha.It's still a mysterious game.

We also played a card game called ``Haa''.

The reason I suggested this game is

It may also be called a strategy of ``knowing in advance how to express emotions and the mannerisms and mannerisms that occur when emotions rise and fall.''

By the way, what did you get from that?

It was a little impossible for me to have a father who looked like a fag (lol).

[Potashium's Thoughts 3] Conversations with older people are a treasure trove

What I always look for in conversations with my dad is surprise.

We talk about work, family, children, and everything related to the father.

Talk about your family, your children's universities, marriage, employment, your wife, etc.

By talking with your father, you can learn about various things such as the other person's way of thinking and the environment, and you can also find a guideline for things like what to give your father for his birthday.

In the past Q&A, the topic of ``I felt hurt when I heard about my father's daughter'' and ``I feel sorry for telling PJ about his daughter'' was raised, but in my personal opinion, PJ is hurt by this. I thought it would be better to collect information instead of...

It sounds cold, but I think the reason why you get hurt is because you are dating your father with the understanding that ``I am his daughter too,'' and you are thinking of the father's daughter as a comparison. ?

You might say that I haven't been able to separate from my parents (or my dad).

Honestly, I would be disappointed if my father were dating her as his own daughter.

Although the word "daddy" makes people think of a father, I believe that a dad in a daddy activity is not a dad at all, but just an adult man around him.

Isn't it totally possible to call it "Ojikatsu" or "Ojikatsu" for short?

I believe that conversations with older men who have experienced raising children and have established a social position can be a good textbook for enjoying your own life in the future.

Dating pattern as a mistress

[Preliminary] Pride as a woman

Before meeting my dad, I make sure to wear makeup, wear clothes that suit my body shape, and prepare in advance.

I spend a lot of money on beauty treatments (I don't need them if they're good, but what an idiot!), so I don't pack my face just because it's the day before a date, I pack it every day.

However, if I'm unlucky enough to get acne, I'll send a LINE message to my dad saying, ``I've got acne...I'm sorry.''

Flow of the day

◎10am-12pm: Meet at the station or hotel you are staying at.

Early in the morning? No, we don't have enough time even if we gather at this time.

If I have time in the morning, I'll go sightseeing before noon.

Japanese gardens, aquariums, places you would normally go to with your partner.

*I ask that you avoid going to places near your workplace or where there are likely to be people you know in order to prevent yourself from being exposed.I have been discussing this with my dad.I'm grateful to my dad for taking measures to keep me out of the public eye, such as taking a taxi when I have to go to places where I might be exposed.

By the way, I'm in charge of the change! When the taxi takes cash, I pay the change (・`д・´)

My dad pays a lot of money for me, so I often get coins from him (lol).

◎12pm-14pm Lunch

Lunch can be a high-class meal or a B-class gourmet meal, depending on the occasion.

I love hamburgers.

Dad seems to be part of a concierge service that introduces delicious restaurants, so he takes me to delicious restaurants.

However, when I go to a delicious restaurant, I tend to end up eating a lot and it ends up being a late night meal, so it's hard to reconcile that with my stomach.

◎14:XNUMX Check in to hotel

I usually book a day at a city hotel.

Lately, it seems like they've been having a hard time with travel support, and with the end of the coronavirus, it seems like they're having a hard time finding hotels...I'm just grateful.

At the hotel, do you think the two of you will spend a lot of time together, such as adult companionship, flirting, sleeping together, watching movies, and chatting?

I really enjoy this lazy time.

◎18:20-XNUMX:XNUMX pm Dinner

Another meal! Well, I really eat it well! Me!

I wonder why it's so delicious...I've been having trouble lately because my tongue has gotten fat (lol)

◎Disband at 21pm

I'm sad to say goodbye to my father.

I'll say goodbye at the ticket gate....


This time I wrote about Potashiumu's daddy life, Aikatsu.

I hope I can read this in a few years and laugh with my dad and think, ``Dating has evolved a lot these days.''

It's been over a year since we started dating, so I decided to summarize it for myself.

When I look at question boxes and Twitter, I often find myself thinking about what it means to be a dad.

I see that many people use it as a tool to make money,

It makes me think that dating may be similar but not similar to being a dad.

As much as I want to cherish the proper relationship (relationship) with my current father as a person.

It's not about being a dad, it's about dating and dating.

We're all in the same world, there's no superiority or inferiority, and relationships where we deceive each other are exhausting.

I'm going to Aikatsu again today!

By the time this is posted, I'll be on a trip with my dad, enjoying the pool, trekking, and walking around town (lol)

From next time onwards, I would like to write about love stories and my thoughts on what it means to be a father in a column.

A utopian dad activity started by an office worker with a lower facial caste.I love money very much, but it's close to self-development that doesn't drown in money...Yes!This article is all for you!

Potashium's article

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