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How to increase the number of offers in Universe Club [system strategy]

For those who want to increase the number of offers

[Precautions before reading]

The content introduced in this column is the verification content of the current system.

Therefore, if there is a change in the system after posting this column, please understand that the posted content will be meaningless.

Also, here are some tips

catch the eye of male memberslittle opportunity] due to

For those who have less offers, is it a little effective?It's going to be a trick.

There is almost no effect on beautiful women who are already eye-catching, and those who have a lot of offers, so it is better to turn around.

Get to know the Universe Club system

*From the following, it is a collection of information such as me and my dad (I was told verbally), answers in the question box, and HP, so please judge the credibility by yourself.

Advance preparations that female members should make

Profile editing

How to do it: You can edit it by touching "Top page after logging in to the member page" → "Edit profile >" in the second row.

● Editing "Dating type" (Initial setting is done at the time of interview)

We recommend that you do not touch it yourself.When changing the type, I think it would be better to tell the staff one way (it is also written in red letters)

As a reason for writing as above, in the case of female members, the impression from the staff has a lot to do with the offer.

This is because there are staff comments that only male members can see, and if there are many negative elements there, there is a possibility that the offer will be avoided.

It is better to pay attention to communication with the staff on LINE.

● Edit "Occupation" (initial setting is done at the time of interview)

I think it would be better to write an honest occupation, but it seems that there are people who write lies. . . .I think it depends on your common sense.

When you find out that you lied (Many men are smart, so I think it's easy to find out if you lied about your occupation in each part of the conversation). It may be.

● Edit "hobbies" (initial setting at the time of interview)

Pick up your favorite hobby!

"Post a comment"

How to do it: You can edit it by touching "Top page after logging in to the member page" → "Post a comment >" on the XNUMXrd row.

This is not entered in the initial state.

If you are originally beautiful and have many favorites and offers, it will be fine even if there is no description.

woman who is notis recommended to be listed.

All the offers I have received so far have been from people who have offered from the contents described in this comment section.

*Regarding this, some male members said that it would be better if there was no description, depending on the person who responded to the question box, so it cannot be said absolutely.

Editing of "Papa Katsu Interview"

How to do it: You can edit it by touching "Top page after logging in to the member page" → "Papa Katsu Interview >" on the XNUMXth row.

It seems that it is not always good to have this, but

I think that it is better to describe those with a relationship type of "B type" or higher.

The reason is that men are more likely to have an image of an adult relationship, so the probability of avoiding feeling discrepancies should increase.

There are quite a lot of in-depth questions lol

*In the past, there was a discussion about the difference from "lover diagnosis" in the question box, but it is actually similar to this one.On other sites that summarize dating of her universe club, the story of "lover diagnosis" is often taken up, so I think it has some meaning.

*Past questions:please use this form.

About "Posting selfies" and "Calendar"

How to do it: You can edit it by touching "Top page after logging in to the member page" → "Post selfie >" and "Calendar >" on the XNUMXth and XNUMXth rows.

Personally, I don't think it's a system that greatly affects offers.

However, when posting "selfies", it seems better to pay attention to the following points

① Do not overprocess the photo! !

(XNUMX) A photo that looks like a selfie...

*Past question box contents (Reference XNUMX) (Reference XNUMX) and the opinions of dads I met in the past and present.

"About Calendar"

There is a possibility that it would be good if this was described, but there is no impression that it was useful personally.

It seems that there are many people who make offers without worrying about the dates on the calendar.

If you can manage it diligently, I think you should try using it.

How to get noticed by male members (tips)

After completing the preparations described above, it is important to appear on the first page (page 1) of the page where many female members are lined up.

This timing is basically the best offer, and you can add it to your favorites

To put it worse, if your photo is published after the second page, the road to the offer will be far.

*Occasionally, some people receive offers on a regular basis every month, but it is a pattern of women who are blessed with photos, appearances, and occupations.

 This trend can be understood by rereading past questionnaires.

Listed on the first page of the women's list page * Large effect?

There are XNUMX patterns below for the opportunity to be published on the first page

① New member registration / re-registration (XNUMX days for sure)

It's time to get the most attention.

It seems that the opening date is always displayed on the first page of the registered branch.

② At the time of continuation confirmation (certainly XNUMX days)

You will receive a continuation confirmation email once every six months.

By selecting "Continue", you will be listed on the first page of most registered branches as a "re-up member".

③ When re-shooting (XNUMX days for sure)

When you confirm the continuation, you can "hope to retake" and continue.

By doing this reshoot, it seems that it will almost appear on the first page of the registered branch.


Regarding ①, it is not a realistic method because it is for new member registration and re-registration after withdrawal.

However, by adjusting the timing of (XNUMX) and (XNUMX) well, according to the rules,

More often appear on the top page.

Up to XNUMX times a year (XNUMX days), it will be displayed at the top in the same way as new members.

* It's a semi-annual update, so it's subtle to say XNUMX times. . .

* If you ask the staff to re-shoot separately, you can increase it, but doing that frequently is

Since there is a possibility of becoming a nuisance female member, the risk is rather high.

Comment update * Small effect

By posting (editing/updating) comments,

On a page different from the page where the female member's photo is displayed,

A notice (pickup-like atmosphere) of "updated" will be sent to the male member.

By updating your comments regularly, you are more likely to be noticed by male members.

However, if you update your comments excessively, the image of "a hungry woman" will become stronger,

It seems that sometimes it creates a bad image.

Post a selfie small effect?

As well as updating your comment,

On a separate page from the list page where the photos of female members are displayed,

A notification (pickup-like atmosphere) "updated" will be sent to the man.

If you receive a notification, the possibility that you will be noticed by male members will increase.

How to approach members from yourself (tips)

Send yourself "You're nice"

How to do it: "Top page after logging in to the member page" → "Male member information" in the XNUMXth row → "It's nice NEW >"

You can search for male members by touching .

Male members with public profiles can be searched here.

This is probably the most direct and primitive method.

Sending a heart with a comment is more effective than sending a "nice" heart symbol without a comment.

If you are lucky, you will get an offer.

*I have an offer here.It seems that daddy often went to see if there was a comment, and some male members went to see the profile if they sent it with a comment!There are also people who are listed.

Reply "It's nice"

How to do it: "Top page after logging in to the member page" → "Male member information" in the XNUMXth row → "List of men who have favorited"

If you touch , you can see the male members who are currently adding favorites (limited to male members whose profile is open)

When a male member likes it,

ImmediatelyIf you send the man a comment with "It's nice",You may get an offer.

Only for men who have published their profiles, but if you don't get as many offers as possible,

You can't find Papa, so go greedily for things that increase your chances!

* My good dad started dating with this nice return.

About classes and system rules that are useful to know

About class

Female members of the Universe Club

It is divided into four classes: "Standard", "Gold", "Platinum" and "Black".

In this class, the staff at the time of the interview

I decide by considering which class will receive a lot of offers.

Since it will be evaluated including the appearance and the inside, it can be said that the impression from the admission interview and staff is very important.

Basically, the class at the time of admission is the basic, and it seems that the class may be changed depending on whether there are many or few offers, but it seems that the class change due to re-shooting etc. is extremely rare (from past question box)

About the list of men who liked

When one male member registers as a favorite,XNUMX days"List of men who liked NEW” will be displayed.

Since this NEW notation will be displayed regardless of whether the male member's profile is public or private,

By how many days the NEW period is displayed, you can grasp the minimum number of people who have temporarily favorited you.

Also, since the profile release date varies depending on the male class,

この NEW You can also know which class the male member (both public and private) who has favorited from Mark belongs to.

Even the weakest Potashiumu was a little relieved when he found out that several people liked him!

* However, even if a man registers it as a favorite and immediately removes it, the NEW notation will continue for XNUMX days, so

Please use it as a reference.

Display duration rules for Nice isn't it?

The period displayed for male members isperfect for XNUMX days.

After XNUMX days, your niceness will disappear, so it is possible to leave footprints in a month.

You can cancel it by tapping the heart mark again.

And you can update the contents of the nice to send.

I don't know if this method is allowed,

If there is a male member that you are really interested in

In the morning, "Good morning. I came to see your profile because I was curious. Let's do our best at work today!"

In the evening, "Thank you for your hard work today. Something like this happened today. I would be happy if someday we could have a relationship where we can talk about this directly."

A slightly different approach is also possible.

If the number of people who do this maliciously increases, a blocking function may come out though lol


Universe Club's stance is to wait, because it can't be changed

Just a little bit, I was able to put together a method that was effective.

I don't know if it's useful, but if you're like me and aren't enjoying Universe Club because the offers are so small, I'd like to give it a try.

I can't say that it works for everyone, but...


*This time, my dad bought me a tablet as a Christmas present.

The design and coloring are a little rough due to the introduction of new drawing software.

No, Potashium is so rough...it's not the software's fault,

There is also a reason to put censorship in December, but it was a matter of personality.

I will do my best in drawing.


next time

What is the purpose of the next notice, which is completely meaningless even if I write it every time?

No, I haven't seen the next time after posting lol It doesn't make any sense.

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