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Are Sneijder-type girls popular with dads?


Hello, I'm a cat.

It's been about two and a half years since I started working as a dad.

Before I started working as a papa, I chose clothes because they were cheap, and I wore clothes from GU and earth music & ecology.

Since I started working as a dad, I've been trying to wear clothes that are nice for papauke, and I've come to choose clothes that are neat, mature and cute.

To be honest, you get lost when it comes to clothes for dad activities, right?

Especially when I don't know what kind of person I'm going to meet, or when I don't know what kind of shop to go to, I'm very lost.

Clothing also affects the first impression, so you want to choose clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.

This time, I will talk about good clothes for Papauke in Papa-katsu.

Please refer to it if you don't mind.

① Neat & mature cute type is the strongest

First of all, neat and mature cute clothes are popular with everyone, not just dads!

In terms of brands, SNIDEL, FRAY ID, LILY BROWN and other rabbit online brands,

Rirandture, AndCouture, dazzlin, PROPORTION BODY DRESSING, etc.

ROYAL PARTY is a little mature and sexy.

If it's neat and clean, it's around tocco closet.

If it's sweet, it's around JILLSTUART and Noela.

I like to wear various types of clothes, but when I'm working as a dad, I often choose neat and mature cute clothes.

If you have a beautiful dress as a game dress, you can't go wrong.

Even when dining at a high-end hotel restaurant, a clean dress is usually fine.

But buying a beautiful and cute dress by yourself is expensive, right?

I'm a student and have a normal sense of money, so a 2-yen dress feels expensive.

In that case, ask your dad to buy it for you.

While you're having your meal, if you ask for something like "Autumn clothes" or "I want something to wear on a date," they'll gladly buy it for you.

I tell my dads that my favorite clothing brand is Sneijder, so they often give me Sneijder's clothes.

On the contrary, I have never bought Sneijder myself (laughs)

② If it is "high-looking", it is okay even if it is a cheap price

From the story so far, you may think that you have to wear clothes that are expensive to some extent for dad activities, but...

There is no such thing!

If it's clean, mature and "high-looking" clothes, it doesn't matter if the price is cheap.

Even if it is cheap, there are quite a few clothes that look cute and high.

For example, Grail and INGNI.

It's cheap and comes in a variety of designs, so if you choose something that's mature and cute, you won't be disappointed even if you're a dad.

I also have several Grail's beautiful one-piece dresses, and I sometimes wear them when I go out with my dad.

I think that it is better to choose the clothes you wear for dad activities not by the price, but by the design that is "high-looking", "neat", and "mature".

Papa-katsu's clothes shouldn't be too rough, and basically I wear skirts and dresses that make me feel like a "girl".

As an exception, there are times when my dad tells me what clothes he likes, such as "I like skinny jeans, so I want you to wear them" or "Don't you wear short skirts?" increase.

③ Add a sense with accessories

Occasionally, there are fashionable dads who pay attention to their clothes.

I like men's clothes to be simple and not too flashy, but when I wear small branded items or wear cute accessories, I think, "Oh, that's good taste."

On the other hand, if you wear all-over high-brand clothes, you will think that the balance is bad and you look like a nouveau riche.

I think the same can be said for women.

I try to wear reasonably priced clothes, as well as better bags, shoes, accessories, and watches.

When the shoes are cheap, I carry a high brand bag, and vice versa.

I think fashion is all about balance.

By casually incorporating branded items, I think you will get a “feminine feeling” (laughs)

However, I think there are some dads who don't like high brands...

I don't choose designs that anyone can recognize as "Vuitton!" or "Gucci!"

When you wear a branded item, you may be asked, "You're stylish, aren't you?" or "Do you like that brand?"

Previously, I wrote an article about "How to beg when shopping for Papa Katsu", so please refer to it if you don't mind.

in conclusion

This time, it was a story about the clothes when daddy life.

I think it's good to be conscious of "papauke" by wearing clothes that you like usually, and when you're a daddy, you should wear neat and mature cute clothes.

When you meet your dad at a face-to-face meeting, you can definitely ask him what kind of clothes he likes and choose clothes according to the store's dress code.

I would be happy if you could refer to it when you are a dad.

Thank you for reading until the end.


I started dad life after becoming a corona misfortune.I would like to share the scary things I experienced in dad life, things to be careful about, how to identify a good dad, and tips for dad life.

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