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Papa-katsu shopping method


Hello, I'm a cat.

I like clothes and cosmetics, and I love shopping.

I want brand-name products, depakosu, and accessories, and I want to buy a lot of clothes every season!

However, since I am a student, I cannot afford to buy expensive things by myself.

Therefore, when I am active as a dad, I go shopping with my dad and get him gifts.

Papa-katsu buys not only high-priced items such as brand-name products, but also daily necessities such as skin care products.

Being able to buy daily necessities through Papa Katsu also saves on living expenses (laughs).

This time, I will talk about the points to be aware of when shopping for Papa-katsu and specific methods of begging!

① How to find a dad who will buy

First of all, let's identify the papa who is begging.

I think there are 3 ways daddy thinks about shopping.

1. I'll buy you as much as you want!bold way of thinking

2. Thinking of giving gifts for birthdays and anniversaries if they are of a certain price

3. I will give you an allowance, but other than that, I will not buy anything even if it is cheap

I think there are 3 ways.

Begging is not effective for dads with a mindset of 3...

Even if I say, "I want it as a birthday present," they say, "I'm giving you an allowance, so buy it from there."

That's why I don't beg dads who think 3!I'll just give you my allowance.

When shopping, look for a dad who thinks 1 and 2!

Dads with the 1st way of thinking are more likely to ask, "Is there anything you want?" or "Let's go shopping next time."

When you receive an invitation, say, "I just wanted ◯◯!" or "I'm happy that we can go shopping together!"

This is because the father of the 1 way of thinking wants to see the happy face of the girl.

The dad who thinks of 2 won't invite you to shop from the other side, but it's effective to beg from you.

I will talk about the specific method of begging next.

②Specific method of begging

The trick to begging is to make an excuse!

It depends on the price of what you want, but if you create an excuse to buy something, such as a birthday, Christmas, or souvenir, it will be easier for them to buy something even if it is a little expensive.

I also got branded bags, shoes, and accessories for my birthday and Christmas.

When your birthday is approaching, you can say, "I'll be __ next month!" or "Can I ask for a present?"

After the birthday is over, I think it's a good idea to tell them, "Actually, it was your birthday last month..." and ask for it.

As for the budget for gifts, most dads will gladly buy anything between 1 and 5 yen.

If you are a good dad, 5 to 10 yen.

For things between 10 yen and 30 yen, try to ask a dad who has a long relationship or a generous dad.

When asking for a favor, instead of narrowing it down to just one thing, tell them what you want with different budgets,

If you ask, "I have a lot of things I want, which one would you like?"

Generous papa buys everything (laughs)

On a day when nothing happened,

“I want autumn clothes soon, can you help me choose them?”

"I want to go shopping for daily necessities at Donki on the way home!"

"I'm afraid I'll run out of lotion."

If you tell them, they will generally accept it.

When I get clothes bought for me, I try on a lot of them, ask my dad, "Which one looks good on you?"

Most of the time, dads enjoy choosing clothes together.

As for daily necessities, I often end up buying them for adults at Don Quijote and drugstores (laughs).

I intend to buy a lotion, but I buy this and that, and sometimes I end up over 3…sweat

“I like cosmetics, so I bought too many…”

If I say, "I'll be cuter for ◯◯'s sake!", they'll generally forgive me (laughs)

If it's to make girls "more cute", many of them willingly buy it.

③ After buying

If she buys me clothes, I will wear them on my next date.

When I have an accessory bought for me, I always wear it on a date.

I will try to wear the bag and shoes that were bought for me.

When I can't see them right away, I try to send them pictures of me wearing the clothes they bought for me, take selfies, and post a thank you line.

For daily necessities such as lotion, send a selfie and say something like, "Thanks to ◯◯, my skin is in good shape!"

I think it's important to say thank you when someone buys something, and to let them know that you're happy and love using it.

I think that it will lead to the next time, "I'm so happy", "I want you to be more happy".

in conclusion

This time, it was a story about how to beg for shopping in papa katsu.

I would be happy if you could refer to it even a little when you get your dad to buy what you want.

In the future, I hope to be able to talk a little bit more about adult relationships.

Thank you for reading until the end!

It would be ideal if you could enjoy it anytime and be a daddy ♪

I hope everyone has a happy life as a dad ^^


I started dad life after becoming a corona misfortune.I would like to share the scary things I experienced in dad life, things to be careful about, how to identify a good dad, and tips for dad life.

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