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A savior for non-stressful sex


Hello, I'm a cat.

This time, I would like to talk about SEX.

I have sex more than 20 times a month when there are many times, including dad activities and private.

When you have sex, "What should I do if I don't get wet at all..."

"It hurts to be inserted, and I want you to finish it quickly during the middle."

Is there such a thing?

Women's condition changes depending on their physical condition and hormone balance, so there are times when they don't get wet.

So, this time, I would like to introduce three savior items for non-stressful sex!

Thanks to these items, I feel less stressed about sex and have become a little more proactive.

Please refer to it if you like.

①Lubricating jelly

The first is lubricating jelly.

If it is not wet, it cannot be inserted.Or even if you can insert it, it will be painful and stressful.

Lubricating jelly solves such problems.

I love the type that is inserted into the vagina called "Wet Trust Gold".

As for tube types, we also recommend "99% Water Lubricating Jelly" and "Lube Jelly" from Sagami.

There are many types, so please choose the one that suits you.

Lubricating jelly is also recommended by gynecologists, and it is highly safe, and I trust it very much!

One word of caution though, don't confuse "lubricating jelly" with "lotion".

If you use "lotion" instead of lubricating jelly, it may dry out and cause "vaginal candida".

Use “lubricating jelly” instead of “lotion” to supplement the moisture in the vagina.

So, where do you sell "lubricating jelly"?

You can only buy it at adult shops, right?Don't you think

Tube types are also sold at drugstores.

"Lubricating Jelly" is easy to buy at drugstores because the package is not flashy or erotic.

I buy Uetra for adults on Amazon's regular flights.


The second is the condom "SKYN"!

The product name will be "SKYN".

It's a little more expensive than regular condoms, but it doesn't feel rubbery and feels really good!

I don't like the elastics provided by hotels, so I always bring a "SKYN" with me.

Hotel rubber has almost no lubricating jelly, and the rubber may rub and hurt over there.

I don't like condoms that have a rubbery feel and condoms that have a saran wrap feel (laughs).

I have tried various condoms, but personally, "SKYN" was by far the best.

My second favorite rubber is "ZONE".

Both have no rubber-specific odor and are soft and moist, so it feels like bare skin.

Even if you ask men, they often say that "SKYN" feels good.

Occasionally, there are people who want to live, saying, "I have to wear rubber, right?"

When I say that, I present the goodness of "SKYN" (laughs)

"It's really good rubber" "It doesn't feel like rubber" "I feel better wearing this than raw"

If you say so, you will be able to attach it properly, saying "which one" and "if you say so".

After the event, when I asked, "How was it?", they praised me, saying, "I thought I couldn't go without it, but I did it properly."

Therefore, we recommend that you keep it safe.


And finally, although it's not an item, I think the most important thing in SEX is communication.

"I like being touched gently" "I like this position, but I'm not good at that position"

I think that it is important for non-stressful sex to not hold back and tell your partner about the play that hurts or makes you feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, I think it's also good to ask your partner what kind of propensity they have and what kind of play they like in advance or after the fact.

I think sexuality really varies from person to person.

Even among men, there are those who say, “I prefer flirting rather than penetration,” and those who say, “I want to do various positions in one sex!” increase.

I believe that by knowing the other person's needs and responding to them as much as possible, the sense of distance between the two people will be closer and the level of satisfaction will increase.

However, it is necessary to clearly communicate non-negotiable conditions rather than doing everything according to the other party's wishes.

I think that communication is the most important thing so that you can enjoy sex with your partner.

in conclusion

This time, I introduced three items for non-stressful sex.

①Lubricating jelly



How was it?I would be happy if I could be of some help for your non-stressful sex.

This time, we talked about SEX a little deeper.

In the future, I would like to talk about daddy life tips, hobbies, private life, and money.

Thank you for reading to the end.


I started dad life after becoming a corona misfortune.I would like to share the scary things I experienced in dad life, things to be careful about, how to identify a good dad, and tips for dad life.

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