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"I was saved by the best dad", a little good story about dad life, told by a hard worker PJ

There are various encounters with dads in papa activities, but it is said that there are also encounters with the best dads who say, ``I might be able to go out with this person for the rest of my life...''.This time, we listened to the stories of the women who met, "I met the best dad!"

Daddy who supported me when I was divorced and broke

“I met my dad at a cabaret club where I used to work. At first, he was a customer, but after I moved the store, my dad’s company moved away, so I couldn’t come often. I was

Even so, we had a relationship of eating together once a month and giving us pocket money for taxi fare.But when I got married, I became estranged from my dad.

However, after three years of marriage, I found out that my husband was cheating on me.My husband spent a lot of money on his cheating partner and had no savings left at all.

I didn't get any alimony, and I couldn't even divide my property, and in the end, I was able to talk about giving me my current house, but I wasn't working at the time, so I couldn't even pay the loan.

Moreover, since I was a full-time housewife, I have to look for a job from now on...When I was at a loss, I got a call from my dad for the first time in a while.

At a later date, I will meet my dad again for the first time in three years and have a meal.When she told me I was getting divorced, my daddy gave me an envelope with money to help her with her living expenses without saying anything.

Furthermore, I had a design-related job before I got married, but when I told him that I had to find a job, he said, ``If I don't have a computer, I won't be able to work.'' Later, he bought me a computer. I was

Three years have passed since then, and now I am able to become independent as a freelancer.I'm still friends with my dad, but I'll never forget how grateful I was for that time." (Rie, 3 years old)

Papa who kindly consulted me when I was in despair

“I pay for my university tuition myself, but the place I worked part-time was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. I was.

However, when I actually tried it, I only received taunting DMs and harsh comments, and I couldn't find a good dad at all.

Finally, when I thought I was found, I ran away at the time of the meeting.

Eventually, I learned that the cheaper the price, the quicker I could catch my dad.There was no good person like a dad who jumped at a cheap price, and it was terrible that he was preaching in the middle of the day and demanding perverted play.

I met a dad when I was just feeling bad and groping.The dad gave me 1 yen more than my allowance and said, ``You're cute, so you should take care of yourself more.''

At first I was like, 'What is this person? ', but when I told him that I was working as a dad to pay for my tuition, he said, 'I'll always be available for advice if something happens,' and gave me a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

From that day on, I stopped using SNS as a dad and only contacted him.Papa is very kind, and even without having sex, he consults me and invites me to dinner... he's kind to me.

My dad also introduced me to a new part-time job, so I was able to decide.Recently, I've been spoiled a lot, and when I'm lonely, I sometimes invite my dad to stay at my house.If I hadn't met my dad then, I wonder what would have happened to me now..." (Female, 21 years old)

in conclusion

However, I feel a little lonely about dating and getting money.Just like they met, I'm sure you'll find a dad who can rely on you from the bottom of your heart as well as money.

I think it's important to meet various dads and see if they're the ones you can trust, and if they're the ones who will give you solid support for your future and goals.

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