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SEX compatibility is important even in dad activities! ?

Hello (^^) /

My name is Kylie Nishino.

Today, I would like to talk a little bit more about women.

As a past career, I worked as a staff at a famous dating club,

From a male member"Sex compatibility and tastes are important to some extent with a girl you've been dating for a long time."I heard that.

Due to the system of dating clubs, it is men who have a deep relationship as customers, and I have never met women other than during interviews, so I had almost no chance to talk sexually.

(On rare occasions, I was consulted about my sexual problems with my dad, who I'm dating.)


If it is a continuous relationship based on the premise of a physical relationship, it is not limited to papa activity in a dating club, but it is an act of SEX that is related to general lover relationships and marital relationships.

If you are going to have sex with the same partner anyway, you may want to take it a step further and hold an adult round-table discussion.

Surprisingly, there are many men who are shy and reluctant to speak up, and actually want to hear the truth from women.

Of course, THE herbivore men in real life will give up on women who actively talk about sex, but the men who join the dating club are adult men.

There are quite a few people who want a straightforward and fun relationship, so speaking openly will be an advantage.


What are the benefits of discussing sexual preferences with men?

First of all, I will tell you item by item what benefits there are in discussing and sharing sexual preferences.


However, you should only discuss sexual preferences if you have a relationship and trust with the other person.
Also, if the other person doesn't want to talk, don't force them to talk.

Some people may never want to talk to you, so it's important to respect their privacy.


How important is sex compatibility in dad life?

As we have told you, sexual compatibility is one of the very important factors in a partnership.
If you are not compatible, not only will you be less satisfied with your sex, but the relationship itself may break down.

If you compare it with dad life, it's not a continuous relationship, it's over soon.

If you have good sex compatibility, you will be sensitive to the other person's feelings and reactions, and you will be able to share the atmosphere while feeling the atmosphere.
Sex with your partner should be relaxing and enjoyable, and you can share such experiences if you are compatible.

This compatibility can also be improved or improved through discussions like the one above.
Physiologically, it would be tough if it was absolutely NG, but if there was room for improvement that I thought would be a little better, I would have hope.

However, if it is absolutely incompatible, there is a good chance that stress and dissatisfaction will arise.
Different demands can lead to less satisfaction, dissatisfaction and anxiety.These issues can seriously damage a relationship.

Sex compatibility is different for each person, so there is no absolute standard.
Compatibility can be judged by partners understanding each other's sexual preferences and desires and communicating with each other.
Therefore, it is important that partners respect each other and talk openly.

Dating clubs are for adults to socialize, so we recommend that you take these points into consideration.


Points for enjoying sex with dad life

Here are some tips for enjoying sex.


What did you think.
It was a very touching story today.

I couldn't say these things when I was a staff member, so I'm really happy to be able to write an article here as advice after quitting the staff.

If a naive and modest woman talks about SEX, I'll be disillusioned! ? ?

If a young and inexperienced woman is interested in SEX, it's inappropriate! ? ?

No, it's not! ! !

Dad activities also require the intelligence to be able to speak smartly without being shy about in-depth stories.

Please help me improve my relationship with my dad.



Former staff of dating club! [If you don't see it, it's a loss] The number of people who have been nominated and consulted by male members is as many as the number of stars!I will teach you the real back side of daddy active girls, dating club circumstances, and mistress relationships.

Article by Kylie Nishino

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