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Let's keep the perfume etiquette on the dad live dating

It can be said that perfume is indispensable as a useful item for dating between men and women.

The impact of a pleasant scent has many psychological and emotional effects.
Human beings perceive the environment and relationships with others through the five senses, and scent is particularly closely linked to emotions and memories.

If that's the case, you'd like to use perfume to increase your own attractiveness even on a date at a dating club.

However, just sprinkling perfume on someone and going on a date can be a disappointment.

I can't listen to people now! ?I'm going to tell you about the manners of perfume on a dad live date.


In the first place, what is the impact of a good scent! ?


(XNUMX) Creation of a comfortable environment: A good scent creates a comfortable space and a comfortable environment.For example, you can create a favorable environment for relaxation and concentration.

②Relaxation and stress reduction: Soft scents and aromas are effective for relaxation and stress reduction.Scents such as lavender and chamomile are said to have a relaxing effect.

③Increased sense of joy and happiness: By touching your favorite scent, the pleasure hormone called endorphin is secreted in the brain, and you can feel joy and happiness.

④ Social effect: A good scent also affects communication with others.It is said that people who wear a good scent often give a good impression to others.

⑤ Create atmosphere: Scent is also used as an element to create the atmosphere of a place.For example, using a unique scent at a special event or party can make the experience even more memorable.

XNUMX. Connections with memory: Scents are known to directly access memory centers in the brain, and certain scents can be associated with past memories and experiences.

Pleasant scents are also important in building relationships with ourselves and others due to their potential emotional and psychological impact.However, it should be noted that the selection of scents should be done with caution, as individual and cultural preferences vary.


Learn how to apply the perfume you love!


When it comes to how to apply a popular perfume, it is important to use it moderately and choose a scent that will give the other person a favorable impression.This part is said to be difficult, but if you pay attention to the following points, there will be no problem.

(XNUMX) Use sparingly: As a major premise, it is important to apply perfume sparingly so that it does not become too strong.If the scent spreads too much around you, it may make the other person feel uncomfortable.

② Apply to points: Apply perfume to points where you can feel your pulse, such as your neck, wrists, behind your ears, and behind your knees, to make the scent last longer.

(XNUMX) Consider the persistence of fragrance: The persistence of perfume varies depending on the individual product.Choose a perfume with a long-lasting scent, or reapply regularly as needed.

④ Choose a scent that harmonizes with your body odor: If you choose a perfume that harmonizes with your body odor, the scent will blend in naturally.We recommend trying samples to find a perfume that matches your scent.

⑤ Choose a fresh and refreshing scent: In general, fresh and refreshing scents tend to be liked.Citrus and floral scents can create a sense of cleanliness and give the other person a pleasant impression.

⑥ Don't wear too much perfume: Wearing too much perfume can make the other person feel uncomfortable.Start with a small amount and adjust the amount according to your partner's reaction.

In general, it is important to choose how to wear a popular perfume considering your own personality and the preferences of the other party.In order to give a good impression to the other party, try to find a scent that suits you and how to use it moderately.


Perfume etiquette at restaurants should be taken care of when dating dad


In fact, special consideration and manners are required for the use of perfume at restaurants, which are often used as daddy dating places.

Perfume has a strong smell and longevity.In restaurants, scents should be discreet and not overly strong so as not to spoil the food and appetite of other customers.

Most importantly, be considerate of the people around you and respect other guests' meals and comfort.

In order not to embarrass the man who took you, it is a place to remember as an adult date etiquette.


In fact, my wife found out at the dating club's dad activity!what a case

There is also a case that the author who worked at a dating club as a former staff member actually heard.

Perfume is a personal scent, and the scent can permeate your body and clothes, especially if you wear it for a long time or use a strong perfume.

Therefore, after a date at a dating club, there is a good chance that the wife of the other party will be suspicious if she smells a perfume that she does not normally wear at home.Just imagining it is scary. . .

In particular, spouses may be sensitive to the other's different scents.

Therefore, it is necessary to know these perfume manners for the sake of the other man and go on a date.


What did you think.

There are a wide range of perfumes available, from luxury brands to affordable brands, so you may be wondering which one is right for you.

Keeping in mind that perfume should be used sparingly, we hope that you will be able to find a special perfume that will connect you with the scent. . . !

Former staff of dating club! [If you don't see it, it's a loss] The number of people who have been nominated and consulted by male members is as many as the number of stars!I will teach you the real back side of daddy active girls, dating club circumstances, and mistress relationships.

Article by Kylie Nishino

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