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What do a handful of successful daddy girls have in common?

The sweltering heat continues, but how are you, Cinderella readers?

The other day, I went on a trip to an overseas resort for summer vacation.

Now that the coronavirus has calmed down, overseas travelers have returned to the old days.

I used to go abroad once a year, and the only time I went was to Hawaii just before the coronavirus spread around the world, so I was really looking forward to my first overseas trip in a while!

Basically, I book everything by myself, including airline tickets, hotel arrangements, local transportation, etc. Well, traveling overseas is expensive, isn't it? . .

Since I'm traveling, I don't want to skimp! ! !If you're going to fly business class, most people would think of flying economy and spending the extra money on hotel expenses (lol).

The men in the dating club are really rich.

I used to work at a social club, so I often talked to male members who were good friends about overseas...

Everyone is really a VIP! ! ! I was so envious of how elegantly she was traveling abroad, saying things like, ``I only took business flights this time,'' and ``I've accumulated too many miles.''

So, I ended up inviting my favorite girl (who I met at a dating club) to my business trip.

As far as I know, there are places like Hawaii, LA, Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore, and Thailand where all the girls would throw up their hands and be happy.

However, I think it would be difficult to give gifts like this for overseas travel without a strong relationship of trust.

This is because if the man arranges the airline tickets, he has to tell the man his real name and passport number.

So, I think this is possible because she is a father-active girl who has built such a good relationship that she doesn't mind revealing her real name.

However, there are cases where some men just throw together a bunch of money, give it to the girl, and then arrange her own flight and hotel.

However, even in that case, you are handing over a huge amount of money all at once, so there is no way you can get it if you do not have a relationship of trust.

I know that kind of world, so I'm living this reality now, feeling envious of all the daddy girls who were able to travel all over the world when they were young (lol).

It's true that girls who are active dads have dreams.

Does this really happen? ? ?

However, there was one case that I thought was the most amazing.

There was a member who gave a trip around the world (by boat) to a very famous national graduate student with a surprisingly high deviation score! ! !

This is a really true story! ! !

The member told the girl, ``It's better to get to know the world before entering society,'' and the girl took a six-month leave of absence from graduate school (*of course, our social club was also closed) and went on a trip around the world. I set out on a trip.

What did you explain to your parents? . .There are a lot of things that I'm concerned about, but in the end, it's the Daddy Dream that you shouldn't give up on.

When you think about it, if you're satisfied with just a Dior bag, your vision for being a father might be too narrow! ! !

Dad life is certainly a harsh world.

Now, this is a rather long introduction, but I think there are definitely a handful of girls who receive amazing support when it comes to being a dad.

If there is a certain level of support, I would guess that the majority of women would receive it.

When I actually worked at a dating club, there were inevitably a number of women who didn't get any offers at all, and the vast majority who did get some offers, and the so-called popularity that far exceeded that number. Only a handful of lucky girls are born who are matched with fat daddies.

What these handful of girls had in common was that they were generally bright, healthy (in terms of style and mentality), and had nice smiles and were able to greet each other.

If you ask me, there are a lot of girls like that!You may be thinking that, but...

She is a woman who gives the same impression to the staff at the social club.

When I do a lot of interviews, I meet a lot of different women.

For some reason, they're unfriendly, tend to lower their gaze even when you're having a conversation, don't say hello even when they're late, keep their eyes on their smartphones, or don't listen.

There are very few women who are cheerful and healthy (in terms of style and mentality), have a nice smile that greets people, and leave a refreshing impression.

There are some young people who are admirable, and there are also people who act wonderfully as adult women.She always feels like she's not old enough.

Rich men take a bird's-eye view of such behavior.The important points are how well you can catch up in conversation, when to exchange messages, and whether you can spend time together naturally.

In that sense, I think being a father is not just about work, but about how much you can build a good relationship of trust with men in your private life.

If you think of it as work, you may feel that it's not worth it or that you should contribute more, which can lead to a lack of quality.

I think all the dad-hunting girls who have built good relationships with each other are very natural, fun, and open-minded.

If you look at social media quite a bit, you'll see people posting anonymous accounts about how they can deceive men, or how they can push men to the limit.

I can't recommend it at all.

Many of the men who use dating clubs are more knowledgeable and experienced than most women.

When the time comes, women are the ones who will be the ones who will be in trouble if they get sued or get into trouble.

I just hope that everyone reading this column has a fun life as a father.

If you are one of those people, traveling around the world may not be a dream at all! ? ? ?

Former staff of dating club! [If you don't see it, it's a loss] The number of people who have been nominated and consulted by male members is as many as the number of stars!I will teach you the real back side of daddy active girls, dating club circumstances, and mistress relationships.

Article by Kylie Nishino

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