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Run away as soon as you encounter it in Papa Katsu!Old men with Junichi Watanabe's disease

"Is the purpose money?" That's right

As I wrote last time, there are often men who seek pure love.

When I was asked "Is the purpose for money?" at the first setting--no, strictly speaking, that setting was actually the first dating club setting in my life, so I didn't have any particular doubts about this question-- Now that I think about it, I think it's a question without delicacy.

It's like a woman asking a man, "Is the purpose of sex?"
In terms of purpose or notpurpose.
But it would be an adult to hide it without telling everyone about it.
So what are you trying to say that sex isn't your goal, just being by your side is enough?I don't think so.

By the way, the person who said, "Is the purpose of this money?" still sends text messages about once a year, asking, "Would you like to go out with me again?"
It's not Rakuten's annoying mail magazine.
Well, if I get caught, I guess I'm lucky enough to send it, but when it was sent after I moved and changed branches, I was really annoyed.
With this, if I send "Yes, let's meet again♡", this man will definitely not come here and will only pay 5,000 yen for transportation expenses.
It is very strange that women are so confident that they will go out of their way to see me from a distance that takes 4 to 5 hours one way by Shinkansen.

Actually, I've seen content that seems to refer to this man in a review of a certain local branch."I was surprised to see people blowing their noses with handkerchiefs."From these two characteristics, I suspect that they are probably the same person.


There is a lost paradise world in the mind of a man chasing pure love

I think that the background of these men here and there is the former "Paradise Lost" boom.

Of course, not Milton's timeless masterpiece,"Paradise Lost", a third-rate erotic novel for stupid middle-aged and older people.

As proof of that, I have been here until now."Pure love" "Dating without allowance" "A humble woman who doesn't ask for money"In fact, two out of the three men whose sex technique was below that of a virgin boy liked to bring up the topic of 'Paradise Lost' and 'Junichi Watanabe'.By the way, the one person who didn't send it out is a handkerchief nose blower, but I think he likes it anyway.


There must be a lot of elderly men who more or less want to do this or that with an attractive woman.

The problem is the other women in Paradise Lost.

Even if there are more than a few women who think that their husband is a working person and is cold and uninteresting, or that they are tired of raising children and want to experience an extraordinary experience, they put it into practice, let alone find meaning in their work. No woman wants to die naked and bonded with a lethargic, exhausted middle-aged man.Especially if it's a dating club where money is important.

So, you could say that Paradise Lost is a liberal writing of the hopeless dreams of an elderly man.A fantasy for pitiful men who have eaten only their age as an erotic kid.

The woman on the premises of Paradise Lost is exactly the ideal woman from a man's point of view.
Not just an adulterer.So does his wife and daughter.Her wife never gets angry and doesn't make a fuss (but she loves me behind my back, so she cries quietly!), and her daughter, of course, loves me, so when she leaves the house, she's teary-eyed, " Don't go."

I don't usually say things like "I don't want to be with anyone but you" or "I can't tell the difference between your skin and mine".

Today's erotic comics are also a series of "that can't happen" and "that can't be said", but that kind of thing is good because it's developed on the premise that "this can't happen".


The troublesome part of the lost paradise worldjust having a lot of sexThe point that it is trying to ride a universal justification such as "seeking the path of love" and "eternal love".Here, the stupid middle-aged and elderly misunderstand that tickets that can only be used in Lost Paradise World can be used outside the premises of Lost Paradise World.

Before"Papua's "papa activities in the countryside" that have been active as dads in Hokuriku and TohokuBut as I wrote, there are a lot of people here who graduated from a medical school in the countryside (which is of course amazing) and have worked only here for XNUMX years. shining brilliantly.I can't use it.

If I say that I'm a doctor and talk about something a little difficult, I'll get annoyed, so I'll mistakenly think that I'm a man on the same level as Junichi Watanabe. (I can't think of such an attractive person at all lol)

As a result, he projected himself into his work, and only his knowledge of sexuality became disgustingly abundant.
but it's okay.Even if she is hated, she should be immersed in the sentiment that "that woman doesn't know true sexual pleasure...".It is masturbation of the mind.


I don't think Watanabe Junichi's works are good in the first place.

It is a work by Junichi Watanabe that caused a (probably) adultery boom in Japan with Lost Paradise and Love's Exiled Land, but it is very questionable to say that this author's works are so well-known in the first place.

A shabby middle-aged man, chaste and stubborn (←Important here! ! !) Married women, old-fashioned tourist attractions, luxury inns with a good atmosphere,When it comes to sex, say, "You're okay... I'm going...", this is the completion of watanabe literature.

All you have to do is have sex, feel a little guilty about your family, and have sex again.

"Isn't your family telling you something about traveling so much?" "Take a bath before sex old man""The child's age setting has changed before I knew it... (← Evidence that the author has no interest in portraying things other than sex)” and so on should not be used.

If you ask me to criticize with such reasoning, it seems that it is not "love elite" (laughs) Is that so?It's a pity that I can't become a love elite.

So this person's work is all about the author who says, ``I'm neat, but at night I want to have sex with a very erotic woman.''disproportionateIt's nothing more than a scribble of your desires.

Why did something like this kind of third-class erotic novel become so popular, and why did a ridiculous boom called "adultery boom" occur?"I never thought that such an erotic novel would be published in the Nikkei newspaper."It's all over here.No more, no less.

Just because it was the perfect content to read on the train, at work, or at home without using your brain, it became a movie or a drama, and everyone saw it as a literary masterpiece. not be proof.


There is no way to deal with Junichi Watanabe's illness.Run away if you encounter it in Papa Katsu!

Among Junichi Watanabe's works, including love how-to books,
"People who can understand 'ultimate love (= sex, adultery)'" → love elite
"People who can't understand 'ultimate love'" → pitiful ordinary people
And chimpanzees are also developing a bipolar theory that puts them to shame.

Far from being usable only in Paradise Lost, the pitiful middle-aged and elderly people who cherish the ticket that has already expired (see, the founder has passed away),"A serious and chaste woman should be released by my hands."I think"I don't need money there"I think
By the way, I think that all women like traveling to hot springs.BecauseOn the first day of the set-up, he suddenly said, "The next time we meet, why don't we take a trip to the hot springs?".I'm scared.

No, I love hot springs,I don't want to go with you.

There are certainly a certain number of Worst Junichi Watanabe children in rural areas who are not good at maintaining a sense of distance like that, so naturally the stories are boring, the sex is self-righteous, and the allowance is unfortunately low.

Of course, if you rather like that kind of person and don't mind being bad at sex, then you should go out with them, but this type is generally obsessive, and if you want to update the calendar of the universe, "I'm busy on the __th day." Even though I said that, the universe calendar is OK and updated, isn't it?

Nonetheless, no one can say anything because their social status is quite high.
In terms of age and status, there is no one around to point out, "How about that kind of thinking?"

Therefore, Watanabe Jun'ichi disease, which affects men after a certain age, can no longer be cured.

We have no choice but to watch over them as they stubbornly hold on to the tattered tickets in their hands even as their disease progresses.

Liar, I'm not interested enough to watch over you.

Surely there must be an Enma-sama in Hell who cuts ticket stubs.

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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