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Papua's "papa activities in the countryside" that have been active as dads in Hokuriku and Tohoku

When I was in Hokuriku during my university days, I joined the Universe club.I currently live in the Tohoku region. (The top image of this time was taken from "Fureai Observatory" in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture)

After all, the dad activity that the countryside mon meets with the countryside mon,It is very different from Kirakira Papa activities in Minato-ku, Tokyo.is.I would like to introduce such a “dad activity in the countryside”.


Car required for transportation

If you are in the metropolitan area, taxis are often sufficient, but in Hokuriku and Tohoku, it is inconvenient if you don't have a car.

If you don't have a car, it's inconvenient because the distance between places is far.

For those who don't care, I specified the place where it would take about an hour to drive from the restaurant to the love hotel, and for some reason I was irritated by the traffic on the way home (laughs).
No, no, there will be traffic jams between ○○ city and △△ city on Saturdays and Sundays.There is AEON MALL and there is quite a lot of snowfall at this time.That's why snowplows pass through and slip accidents occur frequently.Let this kind of traffic flow go away with "Oh, it's crowded again."Why can't people who have lived for decades longer than me understand this?I thought it was suspicious that he was a person who looked down on himself, but did he show his true nature?

Also, in Tokyo, there are many places other than restaurants and hotels for dates and places to have a little fun, but the countryside ismountain mountain mountain

There are temples and shrines

I'm the type of person who drives for hours on my own to go to mountains and dams, so I'll be proud of it even if I'm taken to the Utatsuyama Observatory or the campus of Tohoku University."You just don't want to spend money on anything other than sex."I can't help but think.I've been to Mt. Utatsu about 10 times as part of a travel circle...


Country skinny dad loves to make people walk

I think some people think, "It's okay, cars are easy!"Are you going to stay in the passenger seat all the time?A thin daddy in the countryside loves to walk in vain.
Things like the stairs to the shrine or the distance to take a taxi.

I'm still annoyed by the recent story, but there was a day when I said let's go around Sendai for a while and then have a meal.I knew I was on my period that day, so there was no hotel.

I guess it's my fault for not hearing the breakdown (?) of going around Sendai, but the flow of the day was "First, drive around Tohoku University campus randomly → Sendai castle ruins → famous shrine nearby (I forgot the name) →It's called a sushi restaurant.

At the Sendai Castle ruins, the snow that hadn't melted yet made my pumps slippery.The heel was only about 3 cm, but if you slip, you can get hurt normally.

Climbing mountains or skiing aside, if you ask me to meet you in Sendai, I'm sure you'll be wearing heels.In the first place, there is no snow left on the main street.
Whether you know it or not, there is not a single word of concern, such as "Is your heels okay? Be careful," but instead, "You like low-heeled shoes."The most unimportant question at the momentI've been
Hey... even a normal college student would say something to you in this kind of situation.Let alone heels, even businessmen's leather shoes and ordinary sneakers make me worry about walking on snow like this.Like the person I wrote earlier, why is it that you don't know how scary the snow in Tohoku is, even though you've always been in the Tohoku region?mystery.

Next, the shrine.Too many stairs.
If you're with a friend or boyfriend, you can climb up while squeezing, but it's not a place to catch a menstruating woman and bring her.No word of concern here.Ultimately, when I bought the amulet, I would calmly intervene and apologize to the other person instead.
While grinning on the way home"Isn't my physical strength too weak? (laughs)"That's what I said.Why is this guy in his 60s?

Finally, a sushi restaurant.Even though I walked a lot earlier, I will walk a reasonable distance again.Moreover, the walking speed is so fast that I almost lose sight of it several times.There are DiDi taxis in Sendai, but... now that I think about it, maybe I should have picked them up here...At the sushi restaurant, I would stick my tongue into the hot sake to check how hot it was, like a dog drinking water. (and twice)

I was too scared of various behaviors and actions, so at the end I pretended to look for the bus stop of the highway bus together, rolled up and dashed.(At times like this, I can run with all my might)I got on the highway bus that happened to stop at just the right time.


There are many men who are not accustomed to women

For women who want to work as a dad in rural areas, I think this is the point that becomes a bottleneck.
I dare say without choosing words,"Ojisan who can only study"There are so many
If you tell them a little difficult story, say you're a doctor or a lawyer, they'll be worshiped by moms and naive women who run barbershops in the countryside.
I repeat, I didn't choose the words on purpose.

The reason why this is a bottleneck is simply because dating is not fun. (You can understand from the story of Sendai earlier w)Also, I have no sexual attraction.

My profession is strict, my university is in the countryside, and the atmosphere I create is somewhere."Even I'm cool, I think you'll be nice to me"I often get offers from men who are unfamiliar with this type of woman, probably because I have feelings, but wellAlways thisHaving sex worse than men of the same age.He had sex with a junior who had just graduated from virginity, but he is much worse than him.I'm in my 60s.
If I touch my nipples it hurts, if I lick my parts it's off target and it doesn't feel good at all.If you think that just because your profile picture is provocative, you will get wet like crazy, you are wrong.

Other than sexual intercourse.
For the time being, it would be nice to let a country girl eat sushi and meat that won't turn around., something likeAlways thisIt's too much.
When I was told that today was yakiniku, I was taken to a yakiniku restaurant in a pachinko parlor (I haven't seen a blond DQN couple in the back seat for about 10 years. Also, an old man was urinating in the parking lot.)
I was told that it was sushi, and I was taken to a sushi restaurant near an izakaya with drunks (on the way, a couple with loud voices sat next to me and the man was irritated, but no Choose a quiet shop...all I could think of.)
I was told that it was sushi, and that was also a course, and I was taken to a chain sushi restaurant. Chawanmushi and tempura, which I didn't want subtly when eating, came out in front of sushi.Moreover, the amount was large and the taste was normal)
The meeting was at a reasonably good hotel in the area, but it took about an hour by car to take me to a long-established steak shop in the countryside (this is a good shop. It looked like a terrier, and I was worried that there were quite a few dishes left on the other seats... The meat was medium, but it was tough...)
The setting place is Komeda's coffee shop(I think the person next to me could hear the story of the condition negotiation perfectly. I'm really sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.)

All of them (other than the pachinko yakiniku restaurant and Komeda), when I was just starting out as a dad, I would say "Wow! Sushi that doesn't turn around! Steak! I'm a professional doctor!" I think he was happy with that.
However, fortunately or unfortunately, I have experienced luxurious and fun dates at the same rate or even more than these disappointing dates, so the intentions of the other man can be seen through the disappointing dates.
"You would think that any sushi that doesn't turn around would be the same."That.
Or, considering the premise that women are not used to it in the first place, it is possible that the man himself does not know a really delicious restaurant in the first place.
There were many people who said that they had been working as doctors in this prefecture for ten years after graduating from the local medical school, so it could be said that that was one of the factors.

A woman who doesn't care about anything as long as she gets money, even with such a boring manHai Hai AnIt may be said, but I think that most women want to have fun dating even if the purpose is allowance.
Especially if you are a student who has plenty of time, we recommend that you accept offers from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, even if they are a little far away, and meet men in urban areas as much as possible.


There is no stylish love hotel

I heard that some women prefer to stay in a love hotel on a date at a dating club, but I would rather stay in a nice room.Rather than booking a half-baked room at a middle-class hotel, I'd rather have an extraordinary room at a fancy love hotel.

But that stylish love hotel doesn't exist in the countryside.If you're in Sendai, it's around Kokubuncho.But other areas...
In Kanazawa, with the recent urbanization, there seems to be one or two fashionable love hotels, but it seems that love hotels are not built around the station due to landscape ordinances.There is only a certain long-established love hotel in Nishi Chaya District, which is a purveyor of prostitutes.Of course, there is also a sense of the end of the world.It feels like the passion of a mature couple is trapped in the room.

I laughed as expected when I entered the room where the air conditioner was broken even though it was the middle of winter.Is it okay for a love hotel in a snowy country to be like that?


straight out, float

Unlike urban areas where there are many people in various places, in rural areas where there are few people, the combination of daddy couples first comes to mind.
I've never been told anything, but I often feel the gaze.Even so, only thin daddy wants to go out for nothing.
The point is that there is no delicacy.It's really a mystery why people want to walk in the sun when there's a chance they'll run into people from work over there...

just before noon on a weekday,"It's not that there are no people at all, but there are quite a few people."When I was made to walk through the Omicho market, I felt so embarrassed and pitiful.After a shameful walk, I ate it, and it was a seafood rice bowl that even a student around here could afford to eat...


[Summary] The countryside is a driving spot!It's not a place for dad to live

As I wrote earlier, I love driving, and from that perspective, Tohoku is really the best place.A treasure trove of scenery that you want to go by car.

Noto's Satoyama Kaido, Toyama's Gokayama, Fukushima's Urabandai, Akita's Lake Tazawa, and Yamagata's Zao.

However, it is basically not a place for dads.I like Sendai.There is even a branch of the Universe Club.Setting in other places is likely to cause injury.From what I've heard, even if it's people from Yamagata or Fukushima, the so-called big dads tend to go all the way to Sendai.
Not only the place, but also the people, I think that women who know the glittering daddy in the city and the cool uncle who is good at dealing with women have a series of scenes that make them think, "Huh?" I think it's okay if you're an advanced player who can enjoy it.

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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