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Papa Active Blog Beginner PJ's Real Honest and Current Situation

I haven't paid for 2 of my experiences as a dad, part XNUMX, but I'm not feeling well right now.

I would like to write a column from a different way of thinking.

On the morning of the date, I was so nervous that I had a nosebleed.


Papa Katsu Beginner PJ's Real Current Situation 

Perhaps there are pj who have the same problem?

Although it is the current situation of the second month of dad life,

The reality that "it is not suitable for dad activities" is being confronted.

That's it.

I want to overcome this impregnable high wall somehow without getting discouraged.


Oh, I'm writing while watching the cherry blossoms while eating the Kabayaki-san Taro that I bought with my child at the candy store... (sadness)

I feel like crying...


[table of contents]

・I'm not suitable for dad activities ・Why did I feel tired (even though it's only been 2 months)?

・Daddy life in Kyoto is surprisingly difficult...

・ Daddy activity app and dating club

・Anonymous question box for dad activities

・Trouble ① Treatment

・ Concern ② To do a letter date well

・Trouble ③ meeting and compatibility

・ What to do in the future (improvements)


I am not suitable for dad life / I am tired


day before date

"Are you going to tell me about your treatment? What is your hope?"

What should I say?!


As I wrote in the second offer ① of the column

It's an interaction between beginners.

Honestly, "If you ask me, I have to answer! (>_<)"


After all, after worrying about my worries, I posted it in the question box! (Details will be described later.)

It was like that, and there were a lot of things that were always bubbly.

Communication with several people, work, home, and apps fill up my schedule.

It's been two months since I registered, but maybe I don't have the ability to be a daddy in the first place?

I became anxious.


Maybe there are some women who will be frustrated here?What?


I thought it wasn't suitable for

I hate receiving money as an allowance other than my salary!I'm sorry.


Then as follows.

① Can't interact well with a lot of people?Or can't you turn it?

I mean... anyway, I can't do it well at the same time!


② I want to be firm because I am serious.

SoDon't leave unfinished businesscharacter.

If you respond immediately, I will come back with an immediate response (laughs)

But as a woman, I can't even specify a meeting place.


(XNUMX) The difference from the app is too large.

More responsibility than the app.Preparation and communication are too important.

④ After all, dating clubs have a high prestige and make you nervous.

⑤ I don't know how the dating club works in the first place.

(As much as I want templates and manuals... I want textbooks)



He's the type to take responsibility and take things too seriously, and then end up self-destructing.

After joining the company, he is the type to work hard with just motivation, and even though his boss took notice of him, he resigned due to illness in May. The worst person.


It's been that way all my life.

That's why I want to be able to do it properly this time...!

(Ah, it's still useless at the point of saying "Ah~ chanto.(´・ ・`))


Working as a dad in Kyoto is surprisingly difficult


Awaawa who is registered at the Kyoto branch.

Kyoto is a tourist destination ♪ There are hotels, cafes and sightseeing spots everywhere ♡

Buses, taxis, and access are perfect ♪


The problem you face here is

① It is far from the love hotel.Access to Love Hotel is not good.

② Too many people problem!

③City hotels must bring rubber!!!!!!


There are many hotels near Kyoto Station.

However, there are only city hotels near the station, so I thought, "I want to go to a love hotel!"

When a man tells me, it will be quite far away.

(Around Kawaramachi or Kyoto Minami Interchange!?)


For beginners who still can't do regular, every time is the first meeting.

I always look for a meeting place, but the area around Kyoto is too convenient and inconvenient.

Anyway, too many people...It's cherry blossom viewing season!


I can't help but have a nosebleed on the day of the date (laughs)


But,Nice to meet you!

If I get frustrated here, I won't be able to deliver the story of Cinderella, so I'll do my best (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

(Gentle gentlemen, please escort me in a nice way~!)


Daddy activity app and dating club


To be honest, it can't be helped if I hide it, so if I say it...

I thought that the dating club only had transcendental beauty models of Minato-ku girls,

There was a time when I was mostly active on the Papa Katsu app\(^o^)/


I won't write about this area because it would be sad if it would be hated by men and women of all ages.゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。


Anyways,the app is easyWhat is it?The other party is also taking it easy.

If the men no longer want to go, they will cancel at the last minute without hesitation.

Rather than canceling at the last minute, it's more like waiting in vain without an email!

Many people are fed up with the so-called contractors, so the common people of the countryside, such as Awa Awa, are seen as a rarity.


The advantage of the app is that I don't have to worry about this seriously at the dating club. Freedom anyway!


Conversely, now

Wearing the Universe Club sign gives me a sense of responsibility

It's like that.


SOS to Papa Active Anonymous Question Box 


The day before the second date...

Let's sleep well at 19 o'clock!I thought, but SOS to the question box (´;ω;`)

I wish I could have asked you sooner...

When talking about medical treatment, I had an image of being beaten, so I couldn't quite hear it.

Be brave and ask!

"What should I do if I am asked what kind of allowance I want?"

Everyone taught me personally!

① Do not tell the desired amount from the woman

② What is your hope?Even if you are asked, it is better to reply, "I want to know what Mr. ○○ wants."

③ Even if it is low, it is also possible to try to match the skin once.

④ If you present an allowance of 5 or more, the man will withdraw

⑤ Someday you may know the amount that suits you

⑥ The expression "specs" is wrong, and it's not that I don't like the amount of money for specs

⑦ In the first place, it is decided uniformly, so there is no need to ask women to express their wishes


I got an answer like this!

It made a lot of sense to me, it was an easy-to-understand analogy that stuck in my head for a long time (๑>◡<๑)

It seems that you know, but it seems that you didn't know about Papa Katsu at all.


I can't sleep at 19:24, so I eat frozen asparagus in my mouth until XNUMX:XNUMX, drink hot milk and let it melt in my mouth.

So keep calm and go to bed early!I have to get up early tomorrow...!

I'm going to have a date while thinking about it.


Concern ① Daddy life allowance situation

A story about bad care.But this time, it's a real story.

This time, before answering in the question box, what is the desired amount?I was asked, so I answered honestly.

By the way, Awa Awa is Type C ♡ Because I like sex ♡


I'm sure your partner isWhat is the desired amount including adults?I thought you heard.

While worrying about various things and referring to the dad life allowance in the question box

"Is it okay if I ask for 4...?" "Absolutely OK ~ ♡"

Actually, after the meal, I will hand you 1.

(Hmmm???? I wonder if the adult was 1~? I wonder if it's 1 anyway?)

Catfight in bed♡ฅ•ω•ฅMeow meow✧♡

At the end, I received 4 again saying, "Thank you for today ♪ It's the promised 4"!


I personally think it's too many, huh?

Does this mean that you gave me one for transportation expenses? Σ(゚д゚;)


Thank you for your care 5.I will use it carefully.But are other people presenting transportation expenses?

I have a new problem here lol


I don't even know the meaning of the term "monthly contract" and "every time I'm active as a dad."

Papa life beginners are still okay every time, right? (´・ ・`)


Worry ② To do a letter date well


During a letter date, I once misunderstood and said, "Thank you for the offer. I'm sorry." (・゚д゚`≡・゚д゚`)

The misunderstanding was soon cleared up,You can't see the other person's face if you only read the text, so you can't read the meaning behind the text. That's right.

You can think that you are a good person when you meet, but if the period of just writing is longI'm confused because I don't know the person's imageI wonder if it's possible.

This hitThe difficulty of letter dating.

First of all, by saying in advance, "I'm going to 〇〇 from now, I'll reply when I'm done."

I thought it was necessary to concentrate on what I really had to do in my private life.


I tried to get over the immediate response and demon LINE like this (๑>◡<๑)

However, I would like to reply as soon as possible regarding the date, time and location.  


 Concern ③ Meeting / Compatibility


It's a meeting place in Kyoto, but what are you all doing?

at the time of the interview,

"Honestly, I haven't been to Kyoto Station since my school trip, so I don't know at all. Where do you usually meet?"

Staff: "If you're in front of the station, maybe Granvia or Kyoto Tower Hotel."


After the interview, I carefully looked at the place \(^o^)/

But in fact, it is often not a city hotel.

I didn't know it was too far or too complicated... I even had Granvia go out of my way to help me.

Even if it's a little private, you may have to explore and learn about Kyoto! (Because I'm serious)


Compatibility problem!

No matter how you look at it, it doesn't fit me.Should I think?

To be honest, I'm the type of person who doesn't take allowances very positively.

In myself, the compatibility of personality and body with the other party becomes the main.


later, OK,You have to bring your own rubber

My heart was broken on this matter.


what to do next


I will try my best in the future...

In fact, the question box is already in a state where you can see the profile immediately, so it's no longer anonymous.

So, I no longer feel like I can ask questions casually.

But the troubles are endless.

I think that we will continue to grow little by little with the help of female respondents and everyone.thank you!



・Wander around Kyoto

・Keep rubber

・I don't know the story of the allowance anymore, so I'm going to assume that I don't know.Leave it to me, it's easier to think that it doesn't exist

・Sleep at the usual time without trying hard to answer the question box

・Relax your shoulders a little more and let the other person take the lead

・In order to become a woman worthy of the universe, she loosened her hard-working diet a little.

・Understand that it is not for everyone


I will rest for a while with the above points as points for improvement.゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。


It was a swoon~♡

I'm in my 30s in Kansai!Select a topic from the question box, dig deeper and write it as a column.Regarding my club activities (⁎ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈⁎), the theme song is Yellow Yellow Happy by Pocket Biscuits♪

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