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Up to chapter 2 from the female perspective by President Kida "Why is there an entry for 700 new graduates at a dating club management company?"

Written by Universe Club Representative Satoshi Kida


dating club management companyThere are 700 entries for new graduates in

I tried to read it from a female perspective ♪ [Up to Chapter 2]

(To avoid spoilers, it will be mainly my impressions ♪)



Reason for purchase / Reasons I want to recommend to dad active girls


I usually read books♪ It's amazing that a book about the Universe Club is coming out!blush♦ I thought so and bought it immediatelyheart

(Amazon, stop putting stickers on the belt and cover of the book~crying)

I bought this!The reason why I made a quick decision...

(XNUMX) I wanted to know what kind of thoughts the representative to whom I belong is managing.

② President Kida wanted to know about the staff.

③ I wanted to know the history of the universe club, such as the background.

④ What does the management side think about dad activities?

⑤ I want to hear unrefined stories such as anguish and conflict.

⑥ I wanted a manual because I am a beginner dad active girl.


The word “Papa-katsu” is now used as a matter of courseblush

It is also written on the Universe Club website, column, etc., but this keyword isProduced by a meeting of everyone in the Universe Clubis now used as a matter of course.

Daddy active girlsenlightened

Why don't you read this book and relive the time when you took the first step? (´。✪ω✪。`)heart

This book is full of things to learn, such as the image of a woman that Papa wants, the way the Universe Club should be, and how to enter the new world.Yesheart

Mr. Kida who is attached and respected by the charming staffThe character is also shining, and on the way, "KusuwinkThere is also a point that makes you laughIt is very interestingenlightened


Points to look at from a woman's perspective


① Dating clubnot illegalangel

This is a clear solution to the worries of women who are thinking about starting daddy activities and PJs who are worried that "Is it really gray?"heart

And, of courseIt's not even customs♪

It's strange at the point where there is a "papa activity" = something for me, money exchanges.

The parts that people tend to say are explained in detail in this book.


②Registration number of peopleThe best in the world・ Questionnaire survey of the dating club industryAchieved 5 crowns!

There are various dating clubs and dating clubs in various places and in the center of Tokyo.

The number of registered members of the Universe Club is the largest in Japan, including both men and women.heartAnd you're the best in the world~ (๑>◡<๑)

further!Achieved 5 crowns in the dating club industryheart

I think this sense of security is why both men and women choose to join the Universe Club from the dating clubs~(´。✪ω✪。 `)


③2021 new graduate entry718 people Turnover rate is less than 3%

I want to be a staff too!I was just thinkingblush

No no, it's amazing that there are 718 new graduates in a dating club company.enlightenedHow I got here is the heart of this book, so please read it (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)

The fact that there are few people leaving the job only means thatEnthusiastic staff are at each branchIt is to say


④Overwhelming data management

President Kida, who has worked in various jobswink

with type A temperamentI'm good at automating things, and Susumu Universe Club will continue to evolve ♪

There seems to be a considerable number of viewers for [Papa Active Anonymous Question Box] and [Cinderella Column Here].

Papa Katsu Joshi also has a convenient system for LINE collaboration, feedback, star rating, class division, etc.enlightened

Universe Club is very easy to use, and you can work with peace of mind♪


Impressions of President Kida


This book depicts an interesting personality from youth to the beginning of the establishment of the Universe Club to the current location.heart

President Kida in his younger days as a trumpeter... (there are pictures in this book) He's a refreshingly handsome man (laughs).

After all, about half of the people in their school days have no financial leeway!It's safe (laughs)

And what's interesting is this situation"That's rock on the contrary."that I was thinkingangelheartYou can see the strength of the mentality of "one way of thinking" even in the face of adversity.

After experiencing various jobs that suit me and those that don't suit me, the fate that came aroundheart

President Kida's earnest, inquisitive mind and desire to see the essence of thingsI think it caught the eye of President T.

I came to respect President Kida, who respects President T.

Who is your representative?I bought the book because I wanted to know

I thought it would be safe to be able to work in the Universe Club.Yesheart


What should a dad live girl be like


Minato-ku girls and flashy women who want to party and drink are for men who can talk to them in such placesenlightened

Men who join Papa Katsu like cute girls who have a normal sense of moneyheart

If many cute and beautiful girls are registered, the number of male members will also increase.Yes

However, the book says that this is difficult.I have a normal sense of money, and my appearance is also normal!

I'm just an ordinary person~ (laughs)blushbroken heart

Daddy active girls should not forget their original intentions.That's a good thing♪

And we are not prostitutes⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝



It would be nice if there were stories of unrefined, anguish and conflict.blushWhen I thought that, a lot was included in Chapter 2 (lol)

At first, it was difficult to recruit staff and to get social recognition of the "dating club".

I think it applies to everyone that there are unsuitable for work.

For President Kida, the establishment of a dating club must have been his vocation. ◝(⑅•ᴗ•⑅)◜..°♡

I also feel like President Kida, who worked at the theme park, wanted to see it.devil




It was an impression from a woman's point of view up to the second chapter of Awa Awa ~ ♦

I thought that I would like to face the male members firmly with the fact that I started up with a lot of trouble ♪ (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)heart

Good night~◝(⑅•ᴗ•⑅)◜..°♡

I'm in my 30s in Kansai!Select a topic from the question box, dig deeper and write it as a column.Regarding my club activities (⁎ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈⁎), the theme song is Yellow Yellow Happy by Pocket Biscuits♪

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