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Photogenic measures ♡ Hair and makeup ♡

Photos are important!Absolutely.

It's not like I'm keeping a diary or uploading videos every day!

No offers just waiting!

The only appeal point is the photo! ?


Yes, let's go〜((((っ・ω・)っ

・What do men focus on in offers?

Why are profile pictures important?


・Makeup preparation

・Makeup preparation on the day


The Universe report arrived on 1/21.heart

After all, what we want to know is what are you looking at when you make an offer?That's what I mean.


・What do men focus on in offers?

3rd place photo

2nd place Profile content

and. . . 1st place is videolaughheartApparently!


But with these 3 things, I can do it all by myself (ノ)∇(ヾ)

Anyway, it's a photo-worthy video (short for photo-worthy!)!

The atmosphere can be conveyed even from photos, and it seems that videos that show the feeling and movement of the conversation are also important.

I was nervous about the video, so I couldn't give any advice. . .I'm sorry!

I'd like to write a different column on how to show off her body and poses(,,>᎑<,,) cute *•.❥*


Why are profile pictures important?


Of course, the male members stare at a lot of women's photos L👀K !!

That's why I'm attracted to "photos that make you go, wow!"

Yes, yes, it's sad to be scrolledcrying


I want my legs to look longer, and I want to show who I am.

The photo above is one year old.The above is the photo taken this time.

Thanks to this shoot, I was able to receive two new offers.heart

How about that?It's a similar color, so it hasn't changed from pink (^_^;)

I would be happy if you could refer to the points I devised for this shoot.




First, go to the beauty salon!According to the hairdresser, if you color your hair, the color will come off a little the next day.

As for the tips of the hair, they are damaged by ultraviolet rays and when sleeping, and the hair falls out.

So, lightly trim the ends of your hair.

I have a hair salon that I have been going to for many years, so I told them that I would have a shoot in four days.

"I'll adjust it so that the color is removed and the bangs are just right.Yes” feeling!


Also, the hair is a half twin tail.

People often say I'm a flirtatious kid, but there's a reason for that (laughs).

Lift up effect! ! ! V line pulls up tightlyheart


Also, simply because the hair on the side gets in the way...


・Makeup preparation 


There was a lot of reflection on makeup.

Even if I prepare, I end up retouching my makeup many times on the day...

My makeup got darker and I got closer.


⬇Click here for "preparations"⬇


 It's hair growth and it's like an extension☆

It takes less than a month for the first time, and it grows like an extension ♡

Then self eyelash perm ࿎♡̸᩠࿎

Doing it yourself is more satisfying and easier on your walletlaugh

"bangs curler"

I didn't get my hair done at the hair salon.If it's long, I think I got it☆ 

 It was written in the book that hairstyles make a big impression on people!


・Makeup preparation on the day



Thanks to eyebrow tint and lip tint,

Only there it was beautiful 🎇



I used this tint (ˆ꜆ . ̫ . ).🎀


Veritham lip tint has a strong color

Check in advance!Mmmmmmmm!repeat

After that, let's wait until it's dried and peeled off ࿎♡̸᩠࿎enlightened


Finally…☆. .:*・゜


I tried to write in depth only about simple makeup and hairstylesℐ

On the day of the event, I was able to fix my makeup during the photo shoot in Kyoto.

Be careful not to make it too dark by doing a lot of useless retouching ⚠️



See you in the next column 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭…🧸𓈒 𓏸

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