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[Actual Situation Survey] What do you use the money you earn from being a dad?

I think most of the girls who are active as dads have their own purposes for doing so.Everyone uses their money in different ways, but what do they spend their money on?I looked into how to use the money I earned from being a dad.

What do daddy-katsu girls use the money they earn from daddy-katsu?

① Repayment of tuition fees and scholarships

A particularly common use for college-age dad-hunting girls was tuition fees.Tuition costs about 50 yen to 150 million yen per year, and even if you use the scholarship system, it will take about 15 to 20 years to repay it.

``My parents wouldn't pay for my tuition, so I worked as a dad to pay my tuition.I was busy with classes and couldn't work part-time, so I worked as a dad only on weekends to pay the fees.I also had to pay back my scholarship while I was in school. I was able to do it.'' (Female, 23 years old)

"I couldn't pay my tuition fees, so I worked part-time at a sex shop, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, there were no customers, so I couldn't make any money. After I started working as a dad, I was able to gradually pay my bills back. ” (Female/22 years old)

I was struck by the fact that many of the women who started working as dads to pay their tuition fees quickly repaid their scholarships and stopped working as dads once they graduated.

②For your goals and dreams

There are many women who save money through daddy activities and use it for their own goals and dreams.Even if you can't easily save money just by working a day job, you can save money relatively quickly if you use Papakatsu.

``Eight years ago, I took a night job with Papakatsu and saved 8 million yen in two years.I used the savings to pay for studying abroad at a fashion school in Europe. So it wasn't that difficult." (Female, 2 years old)

"I've been working as a father ever since I was a cosmetology student, and I used the money I saved to open a nail salon. I couldn't save enough money just by working as a nail artist. I think I was able to make my dream come true at an early age." (Female/28 years old)

③ Plastic surgery cost

It seems that many women who are fathers these days are saving money for plastic surgery.If you get plastic surgery and become more beautiful, your chances of becoming a father will also increase.I can see that they are motivated to update not only themselves but also their income.

``At first, I saved up money from working in a popular entertainment industry and had plastic surgery on my eyes and nose. After plastic surgery, I started to be selected for dad-hunting, so I saved up more money for plastic surgery. (Female, 27 years old)

``I had plastic surgery in Korea with the money I had saved from my daddy activities.Even if I had almost all the repairs done, it would have cost me around 150 million yen.There is no point in saving money, and I am not interested in brand-name products, so I am only using it for myself. Now that I'm finally able to go overseas, I want to go get my hair repaired soon.'' (Female, 27 years old)


Pushing is something that costs money.It is said that many women choose to be dads in order to spend a large amount of money on their husbands.What kind of activities do you all spend your money on?

``Almost all of the money I receive from Papakatsu is spent on hosting.The total amount of money I spent was about 200 million yen.In the entertainment industry, there are strict specifications and it's hard to make money, but with Papakatsu, you don't have to be beautiful. You can earn some money (lol)” (Female, 25 years old)

``I like 2.5-dimensional musicals and anime, so I buy goods and save money for expeditions through dad activities.I go on expeditions twice a month, so I spend about 2 yen every month. I just don't have enough money from work.'' (Female, 10 years old)

⑤ Others

"I spend money on shopping for clothes, branded items, etc. It's a hassle because it costs me nearly 30 yen just to pay for my credit card every month. It's a pain to meet a different dad every time, so I have monthly contracts with multiple dads. ” (25 years old/female)

"I like traveling abroad, so I'm going overseas with the money I saved from Papakatsu. Before the coronavirus, I often went on overseas trips with my dad, and we went to Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Hawaii. Recently, my dad has also been overseas. It seems like it would be difficult to take him on a trip.'' (Female, 27 years old)

in conclusion

Everyone has different ways of using money, but there were two types of people: those who saved money for their future or to pay off scholarships, and those who spent it immediately after receiving it.When starting out as a dad, some dads want to know what purpose they want the money for.At such times, people who can immediately answer their dreams and goals seem to leave a good impression.I hope you all use the money you earn from being a dad in a meaningful way!


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