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Market Price Raising Techniques Asked by Daddy Katsujoshi

Dad activities have now become a well-established means of earning pocket money for young women.However, due to the long recession, the market price of Papa Katsu has been on a downward trend since the corona crisis.The reason for this is that the number of female sellers has increased compared to the fathers of buyers.In addition, SNS and matching apps may allow daddy girls to easily enter the market.

However, it may be too early to conclude that Papa-katsu cannot earn money.Surprisingly, if you look at the market price of recent dad activities, the market price of allowances is rising.

When I asked a man who was a dad why, he said that the girls who thought they could make money from tea and food had all but left and only the girls who could really earn survived.Now, the dad life market is in a tough era where the price will be raised or lowered.So, what kind of techniques do the women who say their allowances are higher than before use?

Asking Dad Active Girls, Market Price Raising Techniques

①Treasure each and every encounter

"If you judge a dad only by his appearance, you will miss out on a good meeting. Some people get along well after talking to them, so I think the trick to earning money is to patiently find a dad who suits you. (25/IT)

Although the number of papa-katsu-joshi has decreased, there are still many papa-katsu-joshi.You can think of it as a coincidence to be chosen from among the overflowing women.There are times when I meet a dad who I don't like, but cherishing each encounter is a technique for earning money as a dad.

② Don't neglect self-improvement

“When I started working as a dad, I didn’t have any money, so I used to wear affordable clothes when I met my dad. As a result, my allowance has increased.” (21-year-old student)

For men who are daddy activities, it is also a status to get to know women who you can not usually meet.Some people say that amateurish women are popular with daddy activities these days, but in the end, women who want to spend money are envied by those around them.Even if you become a good dad, don't forget to improve yourself.

③Increase conversation drawers

"Before, I couldn't keep up with conversations with my dad, whose hobby was investing, but I thought I couldn't continue like this, so I started studying investing.Then, the conversation became lively, and now I'm receiving allowances on a monthly basis. Now you can get it.” (28 years old / Sales)

Daddy active girls, aren't you properly parrying the conversation with your daddy?To put it bluntly, anyone can do it if they just listen and give back.What Papa is looking for with her high allowance is a woman who can have a conversation suitable for her level.It can be said that increasing the number of conversation drawers is the sales effort of Papa Katsu Joshi.

④ Find your dad in a place suitable for you

"It's normal for dads I meet on dating apps to bargain, so I bargained with them all. I try to look for high-skilled dads at dating clubs to give myself a good price." (27 years old / finance)

With a matching app that allows anyone to register as long as they pay the registration fee, some dads even offer discounts...If you want to raise your allowance, it is better to cut such a man.It is important for a woman who is refining her self to find a dad in the right place for her.

⑤ Do not forget to be considerate

"I always send a thank you message after meeting my dad. That's all there is to it, but the number of repeat customers has increased. It's also effective to give him a casual souvenir when he travels." (23 years old / sales)

People tend to think that dad life is only about money, but in the end it's a connection between people.A little consideration is an important factor in getting your allowance raised, in order to keep the distance with your dad close.Recently, there was a news report that a certain big-name entertainer was moved by a donut gift from a woman who was working as a dad.A woman who can take care of the details will be a valuable existence for daddy.

Make daily efforts to get a price increase with Papa Katsu

It seems that women who are getting price cuts while the market price for dad activities is rising are not making any effort at all.Isn't she sitting there cross-legged just because she got an allowance once?

Daddy activity is originally a tool for women to learn social manners and future plans from dads and grow socially.Papa doesn't want to pay for a woman who doesn't grow up.If you want to raise the market price, I think that daily efforts are important.

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