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What I heard from my dad about his life as a dad and his partner

Nice to meet you, I'm Bell♪(*´▽`*) 

Before we get into the main topic, let me tell you a little bit about myself. It's been XNUMX years and XNUMX months since I started working as a dad.

I have met many people so far.

A total of about XNUMX people.We've done all the dating clubs, dad-hunting apps, and more.I hope that by sharing my experiences and impressions, I can be of some help. 

Before I started working as a dad, I worked as a hostess in Ginza for about XNUMX years. 

I have been working as a hostess and a dad for about XNUMX years. 

I write what I feel and think. 

As the title says, I'm around XNUMX★ 
To be more precise, I turned 37 this year (°▽°) 

I worked as a hostess in Ginza from the age of 23 to 28 (there was a time when I was away for about two years as a backpacker or on a working holiday), and I have been working as a father since I was around 2. 

The reason I started working as a father was when I became mentally ill and started having panic attacks on a crowded train in the morning.

It all started when I was unable to go to work and wanted to earn a living (´-`) 

I'm sure there are various reasons for people who are active as dads.

I got the impression that many of my parents told me that there were people like me who were desperate to survive, to earn school fees, to pay off debt, and that they needed money right now.

I'm currently living overseas, so I meet up with my dad and friends when I return home.

We meet once every 3 to 6 months, when I return to Japan (*'▽'*) 

In fact, I was able to live my dream overseas because a gentleman I met through Dad-katsu gave me a job that could be completed online, and thanks to that, I was able to work anywhere in the world (o^^o) It varies ♪ 

Well, today's theme is ``What I heard from my dad about his life as a dad and his partner.'' 

Dads also meet multiple women before deciding on a partner.

I asked various questions about what kind of women there were ( ´ ▽ ` )


First of all, what is “Dad-katsu”?

The word ``Dadakatsu'' has become popular and has become a word that everyone knows. 

They get paid and do things that happen between men and women if they both want to, such as going on a date, having tea or a meal, or doing something more. 

At first glance, you may think that you can have fun and earn money. 

For people around XNUMX who are the same generation as me or a little older, it's a subsidized relationship, right?What is the difference?I would think.

(Supported dating is the act of having sex for money. Young people today may not understand it, but it became popular among high school girls about 25 years ago.) 

There is a definition of being a father, and it means being the father of a child and supporting his child's dreams to make them come true. 


Allowances, money matters

Basically, they exchange money for food and adult relationships with their fathers, but there are also women who want connections because they can't do that in their normal lives. 

The amount is decided by both parties, but the idea is to find a woman who can meet the amount offered by the man. 

It's quite difficult when the conditions of the father and the woman are so different, so I often lean towards the father's conditions (゚∀゚) 

As a result, the market price has fallen considerably due to the influence of inflation in dad-katsu.

Many women said, "I don't mind if it's less than the market price, but I want it," and the market price in the dad-hunting market has fallen by 40% to 50% (・Д・)


We asked women about the timing of leaving the nest from their fathers.

 There are various reasons, but rather than breaking up due to a quarrel or getting into a situation.

It seems that they often part ways due to study abroad, job transfers, marriage, etc. 

I had the impression that many men look for another girl after leaving the nest, or start looking again after a short period of time (*'▽'*) 


Be careful of this type of dad

Due to the effects of inflation, some gentlemen sometimes look at women's feet and haggle.

Even though the conversation had already been settled, I thought, ``Is ◯ XNUMX yen enough?''

I can understand why if there are circumstances, but there are some people who just buy things and think that the cheaper the better.

Don't hesitate to refuse such people! !

Because there are men like this, the market price is dropping rapidly (T_T)

However, it makes sense that the market price will go down because there are women who agree.

The market will not return unless everyone is conscious of bringing it back.


And above all, it's rude! !

A man who doesn't at least make me think, ``He chose me because he wanted to be with me,'' is not worthy of being a father.

Say goodbye to people who only choose the cheapest option after haggling! !

I don't think that treatment will change!

I told them, "Don't touch my body again" ( ̄▽ ̄) (lol)


I'm going to be a dad to all women.

I hope that it will be an opportunity for you to make your dreams come true.

Because there are so many difficult things to do, and you can't do it for the rest of your life, so you have to quit at some point.

I think it's inevitable to have to go through some hardships in order to make your dreams come true, but I don't want you to sacrifice yourself.

I don't like what I don't like!You can refuse it.

You can choose this too!

I pray that you all meet wonderful fathers (^_−)−☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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