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I'm planning to go to the host, but I'm married to a daddy! ? P life episode

It's been a few years since the word Papa-katsu was born.I have met various girls who are active as dads so far, but this time I would like to introduce a “rare episode of daddy activities” that left a particularly strong impression on me.

Daddy activities to go to the host are marriage activities!?

First, we interviewed Ms. Saaya (pseudonym/21 years old) who attends a university in Kansai.Mr. Saaya says that he has decided on his course after graduation, and that he hardly attends classes at university due to the influence of Corona.When he started drinking as a host to fill his free time, he needed money and started working as a dad.

"I work part-time at a girls' bar, but the hourly wage is 2000 yen, so I couldn't really go to the host.At that time, a friend from college told me that I could earn money as a dad, so I tried registering for an app. As a result, I was able to get to know several dads, but there were some whose allowances were low, probably due to the impact of COVID-XNUMX.

Meanwhile, there was a dad with a relatively good allowance, but he was 34 years old.He's pretty young among the dads I've met, and he doesn't look that bad.As he went on several dates with that person, he got along quite well...

"Why do you need money? When I was asked, I honestly said that I was going to the host.After that, I lost contact with him.When I was a little worried that maybe I was hated, my dad contacted me again.

Papa called me to a bar with a beautiful night view.Then she said, "I will take good care of you, so let's go out together," and there was no reason to refuse anymore.

By the way, it would be a lie if I said that I didn't have any feelings for the host I was attending, but I haven't been in contact with him much and he wasn't in love with me.

It may be because I am a student and a small customer, but I think it would be nice if you could contact me a little more.In that respect, my dad is a regular and takes good care of me, so it can't be helped that I'm attracted to him (laughs).Now I'm preparing to quit daddy activities and get married to him! "

The father who embezzled the company's money goes missing...

Next, Ms. Akina (pseudonym / 32 years old), a housewife living in Tokyo, told us a memorable episode of dad life. When she was in her twenties, Akina had experience with several men she met at a dating club and a part-time job at a cabaret club.She asked about her dad, who was particularly impressive to her.

"There was a dad who was a customer of a cabaret club and came to the store. At the time, I was living in an apartment that he rented. It's gone.

When my dad went abroad, I couldn't get in touch with him for days, and I thought I'd be able to get in touch with him sooner or later.But about two weeks later, the intercom at my house rang.

Since no one other than Papa would come to this house, I cautiously looked at the monitor and there was a subordinate who had come to the store with Papa.

When I opened the door to see if something had happened, there was another woman, and it was Papa's wife.When she talks to the strange air, she says her dad has gone missing with her company's money.

So, she said that she looked up the girls at the store she used to go to and her friends, and asked about my house.However, I also do not know where my dad is, so I will contact him if anything happens.

A month later, Dad was found safe, but he turned himself in to the police for embezzling the company's money.When I asked him, he seemed to have spent a considerable amount of money on dad activities and drinking at cabaret clubs, and finally he also touched the company's money.

Fearing that the company would find out about it, Dad used the embezzled money to hide with his mistress overseas.I was also asked to pay my rent, so the police asked me a lot of questions and it was tough.

The rent was also in arrears, so in the end I decided to pay and move out of my own pocket.She was indebted to her papa, so she felt more sympathy than she was hurt."

in conclusion

No matter how good a dad is, if he spends all his money, he will eventually run out of money.This time, I heard completely opposite episodes from two women, but seeing through the essence of dads is also the key to success.

I think it's important to assess not only how good the situation is, but also whether the person you trust is someone you can trust and whether the person is a dad who will support you in achieving your vision.

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