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Dating club staff, I actually tried to live as a dad.final

It's finally the final version!

I never thought that the number of reviews would exceed 1000pv.I'm pretty happy.
It's worth it to click on my article alone every day. (It's a lie)

second date

Second date with Aida after dating with Nyan Konishi.

"I'll take you to a slightly suspicious place."He pulled me by the hand and took me to the hotel town."finished…"I tought.

The place I was taken to was not a hotel, but an ordinary izakaya.

I was so relieved.smile

All I could think about was how I would escape if someone forced me into the room. w

Too much personal feeling and narrow shoulders

On the second date with Mr. Aida, he always enjoys the style of enjoying alcohol while talking at the counter at a store that Mr. Aida knows.

It doesn't matter, but I was too close-minded and narrow-minded.

You don't have to talk to the man so much because the clerk will talk to you (at least), but the clerk will talk about me"Which girl are you?"because you say

The clerk was not bad, but I beat the clerk in my heart.

There are some things I don't want you to hear, even if you're a little girl.smile

at that counter"Have you met anyone since then?"I was talking about a certain site, so I beat up Aida-san in my heart.

aversion to counters

Aida-san and Nyan-Konishi-san speak confidently at the counter.And loud.

But that's a male-only ring, and I'm not in the same ring.

I thought that he was so selfish that he didn't think about my feelings at all.

It's a personal opinion and prejudice, but I feel like those people are self-righteous when it comes to sex.

The counter when eating yakitori, the counter when eating sushi...

I loved it so much that I hated it for a few days.

I really wanted it to stop. .

For Mr. Aida"I haven't met you, I quit the site because I was scared."I said half the truth and half lied lol

I thought that men would be happier because it would be easier to dye like that.

Volume of taste for wine

"What's your favorite drink?""Beer, sake, red wine, highball."And, well, Monami-san isn't cute.

Aida-san likes girls who can drink alcohol, so well Yoshi! w

"Let's go to the wine bar then."and moved to the wine bar.

Although it was a fashionable and hidden wine bar, it was a casual wine bar, so I felt at ease.

The same feeling as the izakaya earlier.and a counter.

It's a bar, so it's natural, but it's a painful situation for me now.

However, it's wonderful that the master is such a nice person that he doesn't ask about how I and Mr. Aida have become acquainted!I thought.

Atmosphere of dissolution after drinking coffee at the end.

Moneo felt that he learned a lot today as well. .


"Thank you Aida-san! Thank you very much for your meal."Monami Han leaves the shop and says a word.

"Okay! You're drunk~! I'll go next time~!!"Hearing this, Monami-han had a lot of questions on her head.

I was so feasted that I could not refuse,

I grew up in the athletic world and am a junior character at heart"Yes! Let's go! It's fun!"and.smile

"Because we didn't have time before~! Let's go~!"It was a monami hand in contrast to Mr. Aida who was in high spirits.

I didn't screw up this time.

After the fashionable wine bar, the izakaya that can be seen from the outside of the first floor is crowded for some reason.

It doesn't matter if you come this far and get caught!That's what I really meant...

I've seen something ~ this izakaya.Aida-san thought"The food and drinks at this restaurant are~"I will explain to you,

I've been thinking that I've heard that explanation somewhere before.

I heard the same explanation, so I was familiar with it, and it was resolved on the way.

"I've been here before"I was about to say it out of my mouth.I was gokkun.smile

And Mr. Aida is having a great time with the staff at the counter.

Moneo, who plays Monami, who is talked about like the first izakaya.

At this point, the number of gigabytes of stress has exceeded the restraint time of 5 hours, to Mr. Aida

"I'm not Monami, and I'm not the elegant woman you think Aida-san thinks, so let's go home."I was about to say it.

I was gokkun.

I'm whispered at the pub counter

Mr. Aida goes round and round with the sake and asks the staff to repeat the good times.

The clerk is drinking so much fun"please take it easy"Speaking of which

sitting at the izakaya counter with a serious face“If Monami-chan likes me, I want to go out with her.”and from Mr. Aida.

We also provided a detailed fee amount. (If you contact Asami directly, I will answer! Lol)

Here, I will only tell you that Nyan Konishi-san looked like a god lol

It was kind of disappointing how the confession was raw without a mood even if it wasn't a normal dad activity. (Even though I don't care)

・Continuing from the last time, the site was talked about more than twice at the counter in a loud voice.
・The hand is pulled suddenly
・ There was no point that I could give up XNUMX steps

I had exceeded the number of giga, but I politely refused, and received 5 yen for 1 and a half hours, and my dad life experience story closed the curtain.

try it for the first timewhat I thought

I used to work at a bar in my previous job, so maybe I'm not a little discerning. (It's impertinent)

So this experience may not be helpful. .

I'm certainly grateful just to be able to receive it, but I honestly thought that if it was 5 yen for 1 hours and a half, it would be much better to work at a bar.I had a lot of emotional pain and

Men still feel that compatibility with women is important,

There are few men (long-term) who don't think about physical relationships at all, and I felt that there are no longer any.

I can only eat.Even though men say"perhaps···"I'm thinking in the corner of my head.

visit the site occasionally"100 million yen for food alone"may not be lying.

But the way things are said"Usually we have a physical relationship, but that day was my birthday and I only had a meal, but I received 100 million yen."even if you omit

"100 million yen for food alone"Isn't that what it means?

I'm the type that doesn't lie and I don't like to be bothered by being honest about what I think (super beautification), so I felt that it wasn't suitable for me.

I have to think about how to say something I don't like so as not to hurt a man's pride.

I think it's very necessary to live and will be useful in the future.

If you don't feel like it's bitter, I think you're suitable for daddy life! !

And men don't like to waste their time.

After I turned my back on Aida-san, he left very quickly.I thought he was a cheetah.

There is no correct answer because it is a man and a woman before being a papa katsu, and people are people,

From now on, let's do dad activities in the universe club!A woman who thinks...!

If you listen to the voices of the Universe Club staff and men and select the correct answer yourself, you can meet your own wonderful dad ♪

Experience yourself, select yourself.It's not someone else who does dad activities, but you!

This time, I was able to understand the tension of women who go on dates and what kind of feeling men come to me, and I was able to have a really valuable experience.

I am grateful to the company for giving me this opportunity.thank you very much!

laterDon't let these two get into the interview...This is Moneo, who is a little nervous.

On a hot day, I'm going to run out of blood... What should I do?smile

Thank you for reading for such a long time!

Finally, I would like to say good bye Monami Chuan.


Momone Asami

I'm Amone, and I want to deliver Amore to everyone. talk to this staff

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