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Dating club staff, I actually tried to live as a dad.Part XNUMX

Long time no see.
Today is an article about the second dad.

Anyway, it's squid, I'm scared.

Since the message became a picon, when I looked at the icon, I received a message from a super scary person with an icon of a person who appears in a chivalrous movie.

When I told him about my relationship type A, he readily agreed, saying, "I'm going to dress like this!"And"Call me Papa!” or a pop-up message that can be used as an icon…

No, grab hold!While thinking that, I went to a hotel lobby in Hiroshima city.

disgust on the street

When I met him, he seemed more like a fashionable old man than a squid.

In terms of the image, the icon looks like someone doing a twist dance, but in reality, he has a fashionable atmosphere like Don Konishi. (Hereafter referred to as Mr. Konishi)

After all, I walked about 10 minutes from the hotel lobby to a yakitori restaurant,

Why did you register on the way? There are many scary people on the site, so be careful.

I'm not a bad person, but it was true that I wanted you to stop being on the street.

At that time, yakitori was my boom, so let's go to yakitori without any meetings with Mr. Konishi!I was told that and the tension went up, so after all it's chara.smile

Disgust at the yakitori restaurant

I went to Mr. Konishi's favorite yakitori restaurant and sat down at the counter.

I think that women who are working as dads have experienced it,

At the counter, I was asked why I registered there and the words related to "papa katsu" were spoken in a loud voice.

Monami-chan this time is a "neat and classy girl", so

For the time being, if you don't laugh like 'Gyahaha' and just laugh 'Ufufu', you'll get a lot of compliments,

The yakitori was delicious, so it's chara after all.smile

Papa who transforms from Don Konishi

Listening to various stories about Mr. Konishi's life, I learned that he is fashionable because he buys clothes on mannequins.It seems that it wassmile

About 2.3 or XNUMX times, I get a call that I'm a dad active girl because I'm divorced and still want to be popular.But it seems that she registered on the site because she didn't like cabaret clubs.

"when is your birthday', so I was asked 'just next weekIf you answer

"I'll buy you what Monami-chan likes~ I'll be your papa's girl~'

Perhaps because of the alcohol, I changed into a nyan nyan system.


Don Konishi chayan.Nyan Konishi...

I really thought.smile

"Papa will cut off the girl who is continuing now ~ Monami Chuan only ~ I want to be a dad ~While saying

Nyan Konishi clinging to my arm.

It's an understatement, but I'm not a bad person and I had alcohol, so I'm patient. w

Women are often called actresses...

After that, they told me that they would take me to a sake bar, and then we went to the sake bar and broke up.

After that, I drank beer and sashimi at an acquaintance's restaurant and felt that it was hundreds of times more delicious.

I'm sure it's because I was relieved of my tension and because I felt like I didn't have to worry about it.

Women are called actresses, but for me, who can't be an actress, it's nothing but pain.

As long as you are being treated to rice on top of receiving money,

I have to put up with being entangled in my arms no matter what I say on the street.

I wonder if daddy girls have that feeling.

As for the allowance, he put out his hands with a big smile on his face and told me that I could go shopping with him.

Thinking about how to refuse without hurting the other person, I just use my head.

I was incompetent, so I could only say, "I'll think about it."smile


That was my second dad (^^)

Next time will be the final version, so I'd be happy if you could see it again!

*"Don Konishi" and "Nyan Konishi" appearing in the article are pseudonyms.

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