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Cosmetic surgery is also one method

I'm going to take a little break from my experience as a dad and write about plastic surgery this time.
Even in Japan, 5 in 1 people have plastic surgery.
There was also a drama called Papa Katsu Surgery.

... So this time I'm going to write about plastic surgery.

In favor of plastic surgery?Denial?

I agree.
I can't deny why.


I am shaping it myself!smile


No joke, Asami has plastic surgery.

It's open to the public.

But I can't deny that there are many people in Japan who say, "He's got plastic surgery, right?"

But I think...

I think that photographs are quite important for women who are registered in the Universe Club.

The top picture is the registered woman's life

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that.

But thisIt doesn't mean that the face is better than women thinkSo please leave the photo selection to the staff.

It's an extreme theory, but you're only given 10 yen just to meet a man.

I want to meet a normal man who seems to be anywhere and that there is one person in the top image!

Which do you think is better?

If it were me, it would be K*Taku.And definitely w

That's why the top one is pretty important, I always choose carefully.

Surprisingly expensive cosmetics

As for why Asami had plastic surgery,

From the time I woke up to makeup, when I wore false eyelashes that were very popular at the time because of the narrow double width.

I was worried that it looked like a single layer and a double layer in the back.

I really didn't like the fact that the eyes were asymmetrical and looked bad,

Plastic surgery is scary and I don't have money and it's impossible!So I expanded the double width with cosmetics that make double eyelids.

Moreover, my eyelids are so heavy... I don't listen to what I say with just eyelids,

I feel like I can't have double width for a day unless I use false eyelashes glue + double fiber (2 threads) of mezaiku.

The eyes took the most time to apply makeup.

And the make-up, which was indispensable to me at that time, was insanely expensive.
I think it was 120 yen for 2480 bottles.

If you apply makeup every day, it will take two months, and if you fail to apply makeup, the daily unit price will only increase.smile

I've been worried about double makeup, so I have a little confidence in double makeup!

last resort after hard work

When I went to my grandmother's house at the end of the year, I was seriously doing double makeup that took time as usual, and my uncle saw it

"If it takes so much money and time, why don't you have plastic surgery?I was shocked to be honest.

Then something sparked and I told my friend about it

"picture?didn't you say?Do you have plastic surgery too?I went to cosmetic surgery the next day.smile

Just Silver Week?I used Silver Week for downtime before I started.

I didn't cut it, but it hurt so badly that I felt nauseous.smile

And after a month, my eyelids were too heavy and fell off, but the habit was firmly attached!

Makeup time that took 30 minutes to 1 hour before plastic surgery is 5 minutes to 10 minutes,

You don't have to buy makeup, and you don't have to worry about blinking when you apply false eyelash glue to your eyes!

And I thought I was glad I did it.

Plastic surgery doesn't always make it look better

There is no right answer for "beauty", so I know how it feels to do it all the time.

At the time when Asami had plastic surgery, there was a time when he had to be a "commercial product", so he wanted to "be chosen".

If you want to do it, go here!It's important to decide, and the elaborate homework of the hospital is also required.

What I want to tell everyone here is that AsamiI'm not advocating plastic surgery.

I think that it is good as one means.

I sometimes come to interviews, but "I want my dad to keep me clean”.

Instead, why don't you make an effort to be beautiful, and then get an offer to be chosen and have your dad polish you further?

For example, if there is a 10-yen bag in a high-end store, A is new and has no fingerprints.

If B had sticky fingerprints and a damaged zipper, and the damaged bag was the same price

If you're going to buy it anyway, don't you think you want to buy A?

I think it is necessary to make an effort to make the cost price of 5 yen a selling price of 10 yen.

I love women who strive to be beautiful!

I would like to support you, including men and their posture (*^^*)

*Cosmetic surgery is one way.Please note that we do not necessarily recommend it.


Momone Asami

I'm Amone, and I want to deliver Amore to everyone. talk to this staff

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