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"Forgetting the company's payday", that's the daily life of a dad active OL girl!

It's been about half a year since I started working as a dad.The girls around the office have been in a strangely good mood since the morning, and they've been restless...why?I was skeptical, but it was only during my lunch break that I realized that it was my company's payday.
This time,A story about when I was working as a dad while working for a company.


■ Is it hard to be an office worker while working as a dad?

First, I was working as a "store staff" in the service industry, not as an "office office worker" who did desk work.That said, I was a full-time employee, working XNUMX days a week, XNUMX hours a day (plus overtime).The position of "papa active OL girl"I would like to write about my experience.

I go to work in the morning and come home at night.It was around the end of my first year as a member of society that a change came to this ordinary life.I met a man who was, well, older than I was at work, and I started seeing him outside of work.As soon as we started seeing each other, we became close friends, and the conversation progressed quickly.To be honest, I don't even remember being enthusiastic, "Let's do daddy activities!"I was a dad active girl who pushed through the royal road. (Since it is an exclusive papa activity, in short”mistress"was.)

On weekdays, I go to work every day as usual.After I left work, I returned to my apartment within walking distance of my workplace and met with my dad two or three days a week.Sometimes, I would hail a taxi near my workplace and meet him for dinner at a hotel lounge or restaurant.
On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, he would come to my apartment for almost the whole day or stay overnight and spend time with me (hop in a taxi when eating, and then take a taxi home again after dinner), or go to Chinzanso for a change. They spent their time in various ways, such as staying at the city hotel they frequented.Sometimes, I accompany him to dinner and entertain his business partners, accompany him on business trips to the countryside, and I follow him on the Shinkansen and join him only on weekends, so I spend an active time. There were quite a few.I used to go with him to Tohoku in the north and Kyushu in the south.

On weekdays, she does the work of the company as well as the other children around her,7% of his days off are private, and the remaining 3% are his assistant (secretary-like) who works as president..The work at the company varies depending on the time of year, so I can't say that it was "hard" or "it wasn't hard". , I think I was able to do it because I was young, physically strong, curious and energetic.I think.It often changes depending on the position and attributes of the dad you are dating,You can do a lot of dad activities while working as a company employee!I would love to tell you.

■How do you spend your money in a month?

The company's salary was paid on the 15th, closing on the 25th.And it's not the "basic salary" given by him"Basic allowance" 10 yenI remember it being handed out at the beginning of each month.In addition,There were occasional allowances and, in some cases, income from sources other than the father himself..Below is an example.

Example 1)
Him: “I’m sorry I couldn’t come over on the weekend. Did you go shopping?”
I bought a dress at Marui in Yurakucho♡
Him: "How much did you spend?"
I said, "About 4..."
He: “Then I have to replenish it. Is 5 yen okay?”
⇒ said and was pulled out of the walletbe given 5

Example XNUMX)
He said, "I have to give you a summer (winter) bonus."
⇒ said and was put in an envelopebe given 10 yen

Example XNUMX)
* When I met his friend and fellow president (president of another company) who knew my relationship with him.
President: “Miki-chan, did you feel unwell?
I said, "Thank you♡"
President "Then, let's celebrate the recovery."
Me: “(Seriously!?♡) Eh~! Is that okay?♡”
⇒Suddenlybe handed 5 yen

… and so on.No matter how much you use it, you still have money left over.Although I had to withdraw the rent (of course, I received that amount), I eat out with him and eat well, so it doesn't cost much.I was told to come straight back to my apartment after work on weekdays, and my schedule with my boyfriend took priority, so I had limited time to go shopping. Even if I make a big deal about beauty maintenance (only at this kind of salon and clinic, he prioritized my schedule), even if I take a taxi,While my dad was around, I always had an absolute surplus of money..about from himI wonder if I received about 12, 13 to 25 a month.
Ah, when my bank account balance was at its peak. (far eyes)

■ You can live a comfortable life so much that you forget about paydays.

So, when I was a company employee before I met him,"At the end of the month, my wallet and bank account are completely empty! Come on payday! (T_T)"I was living in a super yutori economic environment.Of course, people use their money differently.Of course, double income will increase your take homeAbout.And even at the end of the month, there is a lot of balance, and there is nothing inconvenient. Then the unthinkable event (!) will happen.

By the way, the thing I spent the most money on (although I recognize that I don't spend too much money) was "beauty expenses".The cost is about 140 million yen a year! (More than 10 per month!). If it was only the income of an office worker, it would definitely be an unrealistic dream to live in an apartment in Minato-ku and spend more than 10 a month on beauty expenses.Frequently visited hair salons, spas, a large number of cosmetics, etc. are limited to time and moneyThe days of a lover who fully enjoyed "handing himself ♡"English learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>

The way of life of modern girls is diversified. In addition to the standard selections such as "work hard" and "get a qualification","Working as a dad" is not a bad choice for working girls..In this world where the economy and life are set, it's nice to have money ♡

In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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