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Did you get a lot of money as a mistress?7 scenes where money is handed over

If you fall in love, you will receive money.It certainly is.

In what specific situation?how?

In this articleI will write about 7 ways I was given money as a mistress.
It's not just the so-called "care".Please take a look at it until the end.

[My mistress data]
□Period: 2 full years                  
□ Form: Exclusively for one daddy   
□ Partner: President of a small and medium-sized enterprise     
□ Amount received: 500 million yen in total


■ From Daddy

The amount of money handed over in one month was about 1 to 13.(Except when moving to a new house in the early days of mistress)

Papa was not "a person who would give you hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a lump sum".
I think he was worried about what I would spend my money on if I gave him a large sum of money. (smile)

Here are five specific situations in which money was handed over.


①Regular (10/month)

The so-called "monthly allowance" was 10 yen.Hand over, cash payment.
When I look at all the daddy girls who are making waves now, it seems that there are some people who have been handed a huge amount of money such as "30" or "100 million", but at the time I was modest (?) based on the amount. was 10 yen.

In addition to this, Papa gave various reasonsThey will give you a separate allowance, etc.


② Summer and winter bonus (10/each time)

"Bonuses" are regularly handed out along with "benefits".Are you a company?I would like to say,10 was given each in summer and winter.

It's a mystery why he decided to give him a "bonus", but in any case, every summer and winter, my mistress's bosom was richer than usual.


③ Allowance

Surprisingly, both the amount and the number of times are large here.

the reason he gave the money

・Transportation money charge
 ⇒"I'll take a taxi"
・When you make a big purchase
 ⇒"〇〇, it was expensive, wasn't it?"
・When I am alone on a business trip, etc.
 ⇒"Shop with this"


The taxi seems to have been called "safety on the road at night", but thankfully, I was allowed to use it during the day as well.You may have been charged around 5 or more per month.
When I bought a large purchase such as a new smartphone, a little expensive clothes (such as Grace Continental. I don't buy high-end brands), and a facial massager, I received support in addition to the allowance.

Rather than handing over money without a use,It is safer for him to give cash in the form of compensation after using itwasIt may be.

Later on business trips to local areas"I'm at a meeting, so go shopping."About 5 yen was handed over.I still remember the hour I spent being left alone in an outlet mall in Kobe.


④Settlement of advance payment

When I went on a private trip with my dad, or when I followed him on business trips, I would arrange hotels and bullet trains to stay.At times like that, Papa is always sure"It cost money, didn't it?"ButI will give you the amount + α that I paid for.In a sense, this is also a bit of a “pocket”.

By the way, I'm saying goodbye to the money I paid for my mistress while I was a mistress.


⑤ Initial cost of condominium & purchase cost of home appliances

Initial cost of rental property.This is temporary in the early days of the mistress.
At that time, he paid for all the money for renting an apartment (1R) in Minato Ward. (Contract name is me)
The initial cost of renting a property is quite expensive.I remember that the real estate agent paid less than 50 yen directly, not through me.

After moving into a rental apartment,
In order to make my life with "zero belongings" as good as running away from home,"Purchasing household appliances"I was given 20.

Of the 500 million yen I received during my mistress days, this new house-related amount accounts for a large percentage.


■Other cases

Most of the money given during the mistress period came from Papa,In fact, there were other "investors".

I will introduce two of them.


⑥ From Papa's friend

Among his close friends, there was a man who also ran a business.

I have met with the manager many times with my father,
"Yes, Miki-chan's pocket money."
"Congratulations on your discharge from the hospital. Celebration of recovery."

And so on, I was getting a little money every time.
Was the recovery celebration worth 5 yen?As expected of a manager who owns four Benzes, he is generous.


⑦ From a customer at Papa's reception

I also had this pattern.
When I went to a reception with him, who is the company president, I entertained a couple from out of town.
At a karaoke box headed after eating at a high-class restaurant,“Thank you for today.My wife said, and quietly handed me a piece of Yukichi from under the table.

I received it while being overwhelmed, saying, "Look, it's okay!"It is a form of manners to let the president's "woman" hold the money.It was the moment when I learned what it would be like.


■ Summary


I have introduced the scene where money is handed over while living as a mistress, and the method of handing it over.

Was there something that made you say, "Oh, something like this?"

I would be happy if I could tell you a part of the ecology of a mistress that you don't often see.



In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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