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Why did you quit your mistress after two years?2 reasons to quit

A mistress who can get money and live a gorgeous life.
Being given an apartment and living in Minato Ward is the best!

I quit such a mistress life in two years.
In this article, I will tell you why I quit my mistress.

[My mistress data]
□Period: 2 full years                  
□ Form: Exclusively for one daddy   
□ Partner: President of a small and medium-sized enterprise     
□ Amount received: about the annual income of an officer


■ 5 reasons why I stopped being a mistress

There are 5 reasons why I stopped being a mistress.

Some things are a little abstract, but I would be happy if you could understand why I thought "I want to stop being a mistress who can receive money and be luxurious."


① No freedom of schedule

The reason why I started to think, "Mistress, should I stop..." is due to the inconvenience of my schedule.

When I was a mistress, I was working with a full-time employee. She's been working full-time for five days, so at least she wants to get some rest on her days off.

But that wish did not come true,For two years, I always prioritized his schedule, even on weekends and holidays.It was a meaningful time to accompany his business scene, such as business trips and entertainment, but anyway, I don't have free time for myself.

・I can't go shopping when I want to
・I can't go out when I want
・I can't rest when I want to
・I can't move unless I get confirmation from him

Earned by playing his mistress who is the head of the companyFor "luxury experience" and "learning"
When "physical difficulty" and "shortness of breath" win,
"I want the right to use my time freely"I came to think painfully.


② I can't meet my friends

I started dating a year or so after graduating from college.I still want to hang out with my friends from university.

Daddy was very careful about my friendships.
Therefore, I was not told to play freely, and my friendship became weaker and weaker during the two years I was his mistress.The loneliness of becoming estranged from your close female friends is something that no amount of money can fill.

The situation at that time when I could not meet my beloved friendis definitely one of the reasons for quitting being a mistress.


③ I can't stop living a luxurious life


・Get money
・Live in Minato Ward
・Be able to live a luxurious life
・ You can shop as much as you like
・Unlimited taxi rides

…… how happy ♡

That is certainly true.

But this luxurious life depends on Papa, who is a "complete stranger".
No matter how extravagant I am, I sometimes go over my head.Good while he's around, but what if he suddenly says goodbye and can't live on his own?It is impossible to maintain the life at that time when I used around 40 a month.

Lowering the standard of living until then is not easy.If you can't stop living in luxury, it'sIt's like declaring to yourself, "I have no choice but to live with him.".Can you really say that you are happy when someone else controls the main artery of your economy?

I feel like it didn't take long before I felt the impossibility of continuing my mistress.


④ Not worth it



to the other party.In addition

・Schedule is managed
・Friendships are restricted

for suchby-product of endurancewould also be mentioned in my case.

When all these are considered together,
"Will this position of mistress be worth what I have to offer?"I came to think so.

I had a mistress from the age of 25 to 27, and I can enjoy it to some extent even if I leave it alone (I think)Onna no Hana period.

When you get something, you say things like "cospa is good" or "bad", and that's exactly what it is.
Cospa in the position of "mistress" in which I was placed is never good.After thinking about it, I quickly began to think about quitting.


⑤ I lost my identity

When you're a mistress
My title as an "additional" changes.

At the seat of reception accompanied"Company Child"
in the recording studio"Dictor's Apprentice"
There were many other things.

Somehow, I begin to wonder, “Who am I?”

I lived in a rented apartment in Minato-ku, where I was given money on a regular basis.
But I can't meet my friends as I like,
When I go with him, I get a mysterious introduction...

It's okay!Some people may say, but in my case,I became mentally unstable.

Even if it looks glamorous at first glance,In realityA lover is tormented by a feeling of loneliness and emptinessI'm sick.


■ Summary

Here are the reasons why I decided to quit my mistress.

Thinking about it now,When I thought that my life wasn't worth selling by the piece, I decided to stopI feel.

It took me two years to shake off all the glamorous life and the feeling of superiority that I had since I started my mistress.
It's been a good experience so far.

I would appreciate it if you could refer to something for those who are trying / doing dad activities or mistresses.



In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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