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I've never had this kind of money...! For girls who are hesitant to receive "medical treatment"

When I was a mistress, I received a total of hundreds of “Yukichi-san”.

The bundle that was handed out at once was once for "XNUMX people" and several times for "XNUMX people".



The hot days continue, but how are all the cute girls doing?

This is Fujisaki, my ex-lover.This time, I would like to talk frankly about her mistress and dad activity.

I would appreciate it if you could read it comfortably with a refreshing and sweet lemonade in one hand ♡



■Is it okay to receive this kind of treatment? ?



I think that one of the common worries and confusions when I first started working as a dad is "Is it okay for me to get this much care?!"

(Of course, I'm sure there are people who say, "I'm attractive, so this amount of money isn't that big of a deal, fufun.")


Not only students and part-timers who have lived a healthy life, but also office workers who have just started working, generous dads don't mind if they say, "I've never had a real life like this!" I may give it to you.


Well, at first, it's like "doing it" (laughs), and you may be able to enjoy Yukichi's "N XNUMX yen" with the feeling of winning the lottery.It's not easy to get that kind of money.

However, as the number of times increases, I think that there are more than a few girls who feel confused, thinking, "Oh, so much more..." and "Is this okay?"

Even I, who is a mass of greed and boldness, thought so at first.


There is an episode like this.


At that time, I was XNUMX years old, and it had been a while since I became a member of society.

I want to get rid of my hair all over my body, but I don't have a lot of money yet. ).I want to have a proper "medical laser hair removal"!Thinking that, I hinted at the "Medical laser full body hair removal contract quotation" of S Minami Plastic Surgery Clinic to my dad who would become her lover after I met him. Say something like, "I have a request..."Its face value is XNUMX yen.At a certain cafe in Omotesando in the early afternoon on a weekend.


Papa glanced at the quote and paused and said, "Hmm."


"Well, I have XNUMX now, so I'll give you that."


"Seriously?" While I was inwardly surprised, Papa-san took out a bundle of XNUMX new bills from his Louis Vuitton bag and said, "Please count them in the bathroom." So, he handed the bundle to me.

"Complete in XNUMX minutes! Immediate payment". Quick payment faster than loan application.To be honest, a large sum of money that I have never had in my life flowed into me. (I'm a hard-nosed commoner)


I was the one who said I wanted it, but is it okay for someone who hasn't met me for a long time to give me XNUMX yen so easily?


I quietly counted the heavy wads of bills hidden in my mini bag in the private restroom, and thought with sweat in my hands.


I wonder if it's okay...



■ Rich people want to spend money


I would like to say the following to myself at the time.


"Give me a proper thank you, and then accept it."


That's right, "I'll accept it."


In the scene where dad gives me allowance or pocket money, there is a pleading type like me above saying "I want ♡" or "Give me ♡", and even though I don't say anything There are also cases where dads voluntarily offer money such as car expenses and pocket money like "Here, take it."

If it's the latter, it's even better to "receive it."


Each person has their own background and hardships in making money, but dads who dare to take part in dad activities basically have money left over.It is not possible to generalize about the assets owned, but dads definitely have an amount that cannot be used up even after subtracting living expenses and necessary expenses.


By “giving” some of that surplus money to girls, they “gain” satisfaction and stimulation, and cooperating in that cycle is [our role as girls]♡.


Therefore, it is okay to receive it openly.

As long as you keep to the points of properly conveying your gratitude by saying "thank you" and not showing off too much of a "begging type" that is not cute repeatedly, you will be able to "receive" in building a relationship with a trustworthy dad. is a very important step.


(The gentleman who is always stingy and says, "I gave you money, so please do xxxx" will never change your stance, so it's better for you to give up early. For a cute girl like you, there's definitely a more wonderful and worthy daddy out there!



■ Because money makes the world go round...


in the first place.

Just because we receive money doesn't mean it belongs to us girls.


Even if it is a mistress/papa activity with a purpose such as school fees or repayment, even if it is a vague motive such as "I want money" or "I want to make my life easier", in most cases it is like a papa activity Money handed to you by someone can easily flow elsewhere.

It's only for a short time that it enriches our pocket, but in the next moment it's enriching someone else's pocket.Girls who receive money from wealthy dads are just transit points.There is no such thing as a final destination, the money just keeps going.


Money makes the world go round.


Having the opportunity to come into contact with money at an early stage in life, which is normally not possible, is a very good experience in life.

It's also annoying to be side by side with the risk of "drowning in money, losing your sense of money, and eventually being eaten by money."

(*Self-management regarding money is essential. Well, this is quite difficult, but... Experienced people talk. Wry smile)





A society where women dress up nicely and look happy is proof of peace.


With the intention of cooperating with rich dads who want to spend money, Yukichi-san and others will be allowed to hold a little bit and have a rare experience so as not to lose sight of themselves.I think that this is also a form of "person-to-person" relationship if you don't forget to appreciate and respect the other person.


Being a mistress and dad is a monopoly that can only be done during the "season" of life, so I want to be a cute, strong, and smart girl. ♡



In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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