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Dad Activity Seen by the Numbers ~First Date Edition~

Papa activities in numbers ~offer edition~please use this form.Moth

Well, this time I wanted to make it personal,
I tried to summarize the numbers about [first date].
I would be happy if both men and women could find out what areas have a lot of dad activities and where they often meet.

First date setting area

Please do not miss that the graph notation is an initial offer due to its sloppy personality.
Since I am registered in Tokyo, the date area to be set will naturally be in Tokyo.I made a graph in it.
The areas with the highest number of visitors are the Shibuya area and the Ginza/Shinbashi area, which are tied for first place.There are many restaurants in this area, and the price range ranges from reasonable to high-end shops, so you can imagine that it is easy for men to use.Also, from a man's point of view, it seems that it is easy to use a place located between the workplace and home, and I have the impression that many people living in Kanagawa Prefecture chose Shibuya.
The third place was Shinagawa/Shirokane area, followed by Azabu/Roppongi area and THE Minato-ku area.Most of the men who designate the Minato Ward area are accustomed to playing or foreign companies, and I have the impression that they are frank and easy to talk to.

This graph probably shows my calm area at the top, but I think it's different for young women.
Personally, I think that the restrooms at Shimbashi Station and the restrooms at Ebisu Station are popular areas because there are a lot of women who are going on dates with their dads after work.Many beautiful women are fixing their makeup, so it might be a good idea to stop by if you are wondering what kind of atmosphere you should go for as a dad.

"Auntie's Nagging"

You don't know how to go on your first date.
for now,
Business casual is fine!
Depending on whether it's a weekday or a weekend, it's definitely business casual!A lot of men come out after work or between jobs, so if you're wearing a dress with a full floral pattern next to you, you'll definitely stand out.Even if you look at it from the side, it's obvious that it's THE Papa Katsu.
Students are probably offered by men who like that kind of feeling, so I think they can wear what they like, but I would recommend business casual except for those who are working people and have a special job.It is better to avoid shoes with protruding toes and heels as much as possible.
Whether it's a high-class restaurant or an izakaya, it doesn't feel out of place, and even if you run into an acquaintance during a date, you can make excuses such as "I'm an acquaintance of a business partner".Looking from the side, is it the boss and subordinates of the company, the secretary?You can think (should).
business casual all-aroundI believe in

…By the way, do you all love the two graphs in Chiba?Maihama area 🐭
Maihama has a long transfer line for the Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station, so I recommend wearing low heels that are comfortable to walk in.

First offer meeting place

Next, I summarized where I often meet on the first date.
There are overwhelmingly many in the hotel.This is also tabulated here for hotel lobbies and restaurants in hotels.I choose the first meal only type, so we don't have to meet in the hotel room.It's a mystery whether there are such people in the first place...
And very rarely, let's meet in the hotel lobby and walk from there to find shops in the downtown area together!There are men who say that, so if you put in the assumption that there are such things in the corner of his head, I think you can respond without getting upset if something happens.

Among the restaurants in second place, most of the meetings were in private rooms or semi-private rooms.It is recommended for the first date because you can talk without worrying about the eyes.
I think that some women may be reluctant to use completely private rooms, so it may be a good idea for men to pick up a few semi-private rooms that are easy to use.

"Auntie's Nagging"

It is said that an excursion is an excursion until you get home, but it is no exaggeration to say that in Papa-katsu, dating begins even before you meet your partner.
Few men have registered profiles.Even fewer people have their own photo registered.Women don't know what a man looks like until they meet him,
Men are looking at women's photos and videos, so it's easy to find you among women wearing masks.
Many of the people who met at the hotel were men who were at the meeting place about XNUMX minutes before the woman arrived and checked how long before the woman arrived.
If you arrive early and wander around, you will be seen like that, and later you will be told, "You were walking around ○○, right?" I would recommend that you take

[First time] is the most nervous.I myself am very shy, so even if I go on a number of first dates, my stomach hurts before every date and my breathing becomes shallow, so I take deep breaths many times to relieve my tension.
That's why I go on the first date with the goal of not doing anything negative (rude).This is because the more you want to show yourself well and want to be liked by the other person, the more you feel the pressure and the less you want to be liked.

Daddy activity is originally about building a long-term relationship, so I hope that I can date naturally so that I can meet a man who suits me without stretching myself too much from the beginning and making myself too much.

Good luck to everyone reading this🌟

I'm an office lady who can be found anywhere in your city♪ I will write articles based on my experience dating over 50 men in the universe⭐︎

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