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[Delivered to all girls! ] Measures against digital tattoos

The dangers of sending 'naked photos'

If you're a woman reading this, have you ever been asked by a man to send you a nude photo?
And have you ever sent it?

In today's world, it is quite difficult to prevent 100% information leakage.
It is not uncommon to hear that even large companies, which may have invested large sums of money in security measures, have had their personal information leaked due to cyberattacks.Under such circumstances, I think that the information we have as individuals is like a mass of vulnerability.

"Let me take a picture because I'm just looking at it personally."
"Send me a sexy picture because I won't show it to anyone"
If a man tells you that and you follow his words obediently, when you have some trouble with the man later, you can use it as a trump card.
It's not uncommon to hear threats such as 'I'll spread your nude photos on the internet' or 'I'll send your photos to your parents'.

Do you know the digital sex crime that occurred in South Korea called [nth room case]?
(reference:nth room incident)
For details, please see the link above, but this is also an incident that started with sending naked photos to the other party.
In this way, some things happen intentionally by the other party, and there are also cases where information left in the cloud or the like is leaked and remains as a digital tattoo.
In other words, Sending photos to the other party means that there is only risk.

If you still have to send a photo

But I don't want my partner to hate me...
I don't think he's the kind of guy who would do something like that...
You are kind and thoughtful.Good news for you.
As a countermeasure against digital tattoos, there are some good methods that do not hurt anyone, so I would like to introduce them.

① Take a picture with your smartphone

When we're together, when we're in a good mood, I say, 'Can I take a picture? If you are asked, it is recommended to have them take a picture with your smartphone and send it later.
And don't forget to edit the photo when you send it later.Correct the skin color and check if your face is reflected in the mirror or glass (if it is, crop it).If you have moles on your body, get rid of them.In short, it is important that he edits and sends so that he cannot be identified as himself.

②Send someone else's photo

This is the safest, and a little trickier, method that won't hurt anyone.
First of all, as a preparation, find a woman who can replace you.She can be a so-called Twitter secret girl, but her recommendation is to find a [sexy actress] that resembles your body type.

There seems to be a pregnant woman among sexy actresses these days.It's probably not difficult to find an actress with a similar body type to you.
If you find an actress with a similar body type, you can send the image of the actress taking a selfie on SNS etc. There is a high possibility that you will find out that you are there, so I recommend editing the video and sending it.

The procedure is to search for sample videos of adult videos featuring actresses with similar body types.
Select one that you think you can use and take a screenshot in the middle of the video.An angle that looks like you're taking a selfie is best, but if it's difficult, trim it well to make it look like you're shooting yourself.
Send the edited photo to the man.
Then, the man will be happy, and since you are not sending a picture of yourself, in the worst case, without hurting yourself,
It is also possible to avoid trouble by saying "The picture you sent me before is not me."

Finally ~I think about M men in dating clubs~

When I met various men at the dating club, I thought that there were a lot of men who were masochistic.
Is that not a sexual meaning, but a question box on SNS or this site?It means that there are many men who voluntarily complicate and aggravate relationships with women by cramming them with too much information.Perhaps, this can be said not only for men but also for women, but in a relationship between men and women, whether it is a normal relationship or a relationship through a dating club, you can doubt the other person as much as you want.
I'm writing an article like the above, and it may be strange to say,
If you're a man, don't read this article and do a Google image search for images sent by women.
Even if the image they send you is fake, it's not deceptive or suspicious of you, it's a woman's way to protect herself.

Doubting others is not a bad thing.Doubting is important both to avoid trouble and to protect yourself.
But if you doubt too much, you won't be able to see the truth.
Even if the other person really thinks of you, the relationship will not deepen if they are always suspicious.It takes courage to trust others, but isn't it happier to live a life that accepts things head-on rather than looking at them obliquely with suspicions?

I myself have a minimum of vigilance, but I basically try to trust the other person, whether I meet them at a dating club or not.
And I try not to see much information about other people's daddy activities.This is because I don't want to read the back of the words by putting in strange information, and there is nothing good in comparing myself to others.
Men who continue to be in a relationship are also men who do not use SNS at all.He doesn't compare himself to anyone, he doesn't hurt anyone, and he hopes that the relationship will last.
I think it's good to read a column like this and put in a lot of information.
However, it would be nice if you could cherish your own feelings when dating so that you don't lose sight of the other person due to being misled by too much information☆

Thank you for reading until the end.

I'm an office lady who can be found anywhere in your city♪ I will write articles based on my experience dating over 50 men in the universe⭐︎

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